Aubrey Zaddy & The Three Amigos big 2018 tour announcement 🤯 Ya dun kno! #doesitlooklikeimleftoffbadandboujee

Ya boy is auditioning for the @migos I’ll bring sex appeal to the group. #gnomethemusician #doesitlooklikeimleftoffbadandboujee

Takeoff is het laatste Migos lid met een solotrack in de top 100. 🔥 #doesitlooklikeimleftoffbadandboujee

[CJizzle]: Dear @facebook there was once a time when you were utilized every day i actually couldn't live without you. Its funny how naive one can be in middle school. Facebook should be named "invasion of the parents" and these days grandparents as well. What happened to being for the kids. No offense (prepare for death) but im not about to post about a crazy weekend when Jennifers mom is gunna like it causing Thomas's dad to read it and tell my mom whos gunna snap on me for not being at the movies like i said. So this is middle school me saying F U for ruining such a great thing. Only thing facebook good for now is seeing when the bdays of ppl i no longer care about are and making a conscience decision not to wish them anything (God im such an ass). Also F U for ruining my @tinder age and giving me 100000 interests i dont even remember. #RoastMe #ZooThink #MiddleSchoolRevenge #NeverForget #LastLaugh #doesitlooklikeimleftoffbadandboujee

Wishing you all a safe holiday & Happy Thanksgiving 🍁 #doesitlooklikeimleftoffbadandboujee #migos

#mood AF Grindmode do work chyeaaa💪 #doesitlooklikeimleftoffbadandboujee

Saw some Chicago Rappers try to our name today .... this here the Original HeadAss Gang!! #HeadAssGang #Repost #HAGgang #ogHAGS #doesitlooklikeimleftoffbadandboujee

👈🏽👈🏽👈🏽 #doesitlooklikeimleftoffbadandboujee

They started building our new home on May 11th of this year .. We visited the site every few days just to watch the progress on the house 🏡. It has been an exciting journey seeing the house turn into our dream home . House should be finished by oct 31st . My sister and realtor @alainachavez helped me repair my credit and guided me through the entire process . Thank you sis ! Me and @maritzafig are so excited for this and can't wait to close and move in !! OUR NEW HOUSE FOR OUR FAMILY ! #giantbackyard #partyatmyhouse #doesitlooklikeimleftoffbadandboujee #blessedbygod #newhome #thankyou #workinghard

My guide around Phucket, Thailand is coming soon. #DoesItLookLikeImLeftOffBadAndBoujee

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