Mindful today that the COLOUR tour is still going strong, still marching on, placing value on women, changing one life at a time to impact families,
communities, and the world over through the love of Jesus Christ.

It is not normal yet it can become familiar for those in it often but should never be taken for granted - open our eyes and hearts to know Jesus what it is we get to steward, be planted in, to water and bring in the from the field.
I love Jesus, I love these ladies and their hearts towards Jesus & their passion to share Him and what He has to say to His daughters.
Praying for you all, for renewed strength, renewed passion and deep joy as you refresh, inspire and love on others, the one.
May Jesus be seen in it all.
Los Angeles you don't even know what's about to hit you - don't miss out - show up, come hearts open - you are the one and we are better together 💜
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#nocaloriesatcolour #doesitcountifimthereinspirit ;)

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