The Lord blessed me with a 08 #dodgeram1500. You can't tell me the Lord don't send down blessings and if you do say he don't I will say you are a lie. #dodge #moparornocar #dodgeram #dodgefamily #beblessed

Poor #reba She's going have to see the doctor. This #azheat was too much for her today. #red #overheated #radiatorfluideverywhere #dodgeram1500

She may have a few miles on her and a few dents but she ain't for showin, she's for playin and have fun #dodgeram1500 #mopar318 #dodgepower #magnumv8power #dodge #liftedlife #partyonwheelswithstyle #2genram

I own 2 vehicles. A 2003 Dodge Ram 100,100 Miles & 2007 GMC Envoy 160,000. Hoping to balance the miles on these two vehicles and get a few more years before I buy a “newer” replacement. How many miles do you all have on your cars, SUVS, & trucks? #savemoney #drivetillthewheelsfalloff

This is what she does now but soon she will make the transformation back to a top quality pavement princess. So check out the link in my bio please like and subscribe to my youtube channel hosted starting out. I will be fixing the front spider gears and starting the repairs to make her pretty agian. #dodge #dodgeram #dodgeram1500 #dodgeram15004x4 #ram1500sport #ram1500 #4x4 #mudtruck #offroad #mudbogs #pbir #truckporn #racing #budgetbuild #budget #dodgemudtruck #dodgemuddin #liftedmudtruck #liftedtrucks #reddodge

De-badged my truck looks good next headlights #dodgeram #ram1500 #secgensociety #ram #dodgeram1500 #truck #trokiando

Have you ever thought about becoming an online coach influencer and turning the opportunity into a career?
Neither had we 4 years ago. Never had heard of this, we’re working way too hard for other people so we decided to jump at an opportunity. The exact same one as this.
We are Jamie and Kim Fitzpatrick and we just made history becoming the FIRST and ONLY 2X Elite Couple in the company. We're two people working hard and chasing our dreams every single day as we share our passion for serving and supporting others to become the best possible versions of themselves.
We're a mom and dad to two awesome kids, and we've both been able to leave the corporate world to make this our full time focus as we continue our mission to help others see what is possible through this opportunity and mentoring relationship when you're aligned with like-minded, goal-oriented people.
We’re looking for 10 influencers to join our team that we can mentor and begin helping you build your business!
Registration is open for our upcoming 3 Day Coach Influencer sneak peek where you'll get to hear from us and more from our team.
You can sign up by clicking on the link in my bio 👆👆👆👆👆 o find out how you can join Crush Nation, one of the fastest growing teams in the company, and have access to our Top 10 Training Program where we share our resources and tools that have helped us both climb to the TOP 30 coaches in the company.

Join us if... --> You're motivated and you dream big --> You're willing to put in the work and are coachable --> You're ready to see what is possible for you and your family

Trust me when I say this, we had no clue what we were doing when we started this business. We were new to social media, new to being an entrepreneur, new to being an online influencer, but we were able to create and recreate resources and tools along the way that will assist you in building your online empire.

Interested in more info? You can also drop your e-mail below without the .com


Little red big red. #f150#dodgeram1500 @idarnelly

Got her a Badass Truck! But it’s really for me, lol!! #shesspoiled #happywifehappylife #dodgeram1500 #shelovesit

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