Her face 😍 She was blinking and I still think she’s the cutest ever ☺️

Have always LOVED spending time in cafés! And Christmas cups, of course! Currently reading about greeting our own moods, feelings and “shortcomings” with the same genuine caring and understanding you would offer your best friend. It is then , and only then, that anxiety and fear will drift away. .
Be gentle with yourself today, you are doing your best 🌿
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Their love for each other is without doubt the best thing EVER. 💙💙 #thoseandrewsboys #doubletrouble

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Happy birthday to my favorite nephew! We love Pierce so much and Karabo is counting down the days until we get to celebrate with him next week!

Happy Friday ✨

This is for me.

For my daughter.

And for EVERY woman.
I love my body and I want to remind others to love theirs. We are more than a body or an image. My body has grown 3 lives and continues to provide nutrients to my 10 months old. This body has survived unspeakable things. This body is strong and it is mine.
Every woman is an angel.

Every woman deserves wings.
It’s ok VS. I don’t need your runway AND you will no longer have my money. #everywomanisanangel

In response to recent words spoke by @victoriassecret exec. Thank you @knixwear and @thebirdspapaya for your inspiration, encouragement and this movement. ❤️

I just couldn’t help myself 🤷🏻‍♀️

Needles, ugh. But, these guys are my reason. I need to stay healthy for them, and I want them healthy all winter too. So, flu shots it is. .
I totally understand that not everyone is for flu shots, or even vaccines, and definitely support any family doing what is best for them. For us, flu shots work and keep us all well and going. .
If you are a flu shot family, you should head to Walgreens this year. Not only are the pharmacy staff super knowledgable and helpful, but they also have a wonderful pay it back program. Get A Shot, Give A Shot is an amazing program that provides life saving vaccines to those in need! How awesome?! .
Are you all ready for winter weather or dreading it?
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Just thinking about all the fun things we can do this weekend... happy Friday!

Oh how wonderful it is to love and be loved. Happy Friday, friends!

Well, even though we woke up to weather in the 50’s this morning Florida isn’t going to see any snow ❄️Channeling our inner Anna today! • BLACK FRIDAY sale starts Monday 11/19!! •

This boy walked up to the edge of the water and started singing... 😲 ‘I’ve been staring at the edge of the water, long as I can remember, never really knowing why’ - How Far I’ll Go - Disney’s Moana.
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Ok, so from now on his wardrobe will just be nothing but oversized sweaters 🖤😉😂
This one is handmade from @rukeofficial

Three years ago my very unplanned child made his appearance into the world.

Unplanned, but so wanted, and so much more needed.

This one is my mini. The annoying little brother. The ball of energy. The social butterfly. The one that will go to anyone anytime. The one who whines about everything. The one who loves learning and school! The dramatic one. The one who makes a mess and does not clean up after himself. 😂😂 This is the one that my mom always told me I would have. 😂😂 Happiest of birthdays to this little nugget. I hope this year brings so much adventure, love, encouragement, and fun. You deserve all of it and more.
I love you Finn!!!

“You’re always going to wonder if you’re doing things wrong. But that’s what it means to be a mom. To care so much about someone else that you just want to be as perfect as possible.” - Naya Rivera @richardphotolab @filmsupplyclub #contax645

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