It’s all so clear now.
I used to be so hard on myself when I was making paintings - what does this mean? what if people hate it? why have I used these colours? what am I trying to show? who even cares? I’d paint for no reason other than to make me feel content, which, to be honest, is what I needed at the time. No regrets.
Now, my practice is a means for me to strengthen my relationship with the world- a world that I had previously despised and actively avoided. I paint, I draw and I write to nurture this new relationship and to fully appreciate nature, society and culture - wherever I am.
Now, my practice all makes sense - I’ve learned this new language and I’m mostly fluent. I say ‘mostly’ because who knows what else is out there that will steer my work in another direction?
My paintings are adventures - let me show you where I’ve been. #arttalk

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Here’s part of the #buildcrew checking out the new section on the #BikiniTop line, which was built whilst the machines were working away at the bottom.
Thanks again guys!

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So I went to Boston a couple months ago and came across this little fruit and vegetable marketplace. Don't just watch this video but listen to it. When I say that this may have been the most hustle I have ever seen...I truly mean it. •

You can just hear the hustle. Fruit salesman from completely different countries selling their product with the only English words they know being "one dollar" and "strawberry". •

You could see it in each and every single one of their eyes that this is their passion, to us it is selling fruit but to them it's so much more...it's an opportunity. It's an opportunity to make it in America, it's an opportunity to get out of their current situation, it's an opportunity to finally experience what people have been telling them about the "American Dream". •

You wanna see hustle? Watch this video anytime you are tired or anytime you don't feel like it, or anytime someone tells you that you can't. Every minute of every day they are there. Working. Hustling. Selling. No matter what the situation, no matter how hard it is, no matter how tiring it is...they wake up every single day knowing that the only way they are going to feed their family that night, or the only way they are going to pay their rent, or the only way they are going to make it in America....is if they hustle...•

This is your reality check. Stop complaining and realize how lucky you actually are. Hustle and see the difference that it makes in your life...now go make it happen.

I know I haven’t been posting on a regular schedule. I’ve been busy.
Besides the rest of the stuff I do, I’ve put an extra focus on nutrition & exercise this past month. I’m logging my meals, keeping myself accountable, I’m putting in the work, I’m staying consistent, I’m blocking out time & committing time to exercise instead of “whenever I get time”. I’m ok w this now but I’ve got a lot to still go.

Water Bodies: School of Evolution - Critical swimming. Here is a selection of photographs I took at the weekend. I tried out my underwater light and as you can see the Whitstable sea is rather murky but an interesting result! .
Water Bodies​ is a collaborative project created by Zoe Czavda Redo and Tuuli Manninen. Water Bodies has expanded to become a collective endeavour.
During the weekend, workshops such as Rise Tiding, SkyBodies and Critical Swimming were initiated, developed and led by artist Zoe Czavda Redo.

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Best friend x bath bombs ✨

The summery weather we've been having has been pretty handy for outside photography. More pieces to photograph tomorrow before the rains return, hope we get some of the lovely thunder storms forcast ⚡😀
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I still don’t understand this graffiti! Someone broke into site and spray painted this on the walls . Trust me , in this house there so much room to play, even outside !

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I wanted to post this a few days ago but I’ve been too busy. So have this from when we were recording the voice over for my newest project.

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