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• Longnecks & Long legs, Newtown, Sydney •

@maniawomensfighting founder and coach, John Brotchie works on his protégé's fighting technique at a gym training session.⠀
Photographed for a feature on the gym written by @joannawane for the May 2018 edition of @northandsouthmag .⠀
– “We entertain, but we’re not entertainment,” says Brotchie. We’ve got an amazing bunch of women who are really tough, really strong and really focused. If we keep looking at women as sweet, gentle and innocent – not that they can fight and that they can stand up for themselves and that they can survive... unless you change the mentality, the thought patterns, you’re not going to change anything, right? I wouldn’t say women’s power has been kept from them; they just haven’t discovered it yet.” ⠀
… “I’m up for anything that promote women’s confidence and women’s strength. And it’ll work because it gives them the chance to believe in themselves and be accepted for who they are. Our female fight look is any weight, any shape, any way. That’s the way it is, yeah.” ⠀
… Small and wiry, a pixie of a man with his white goatee and a handful of missing teeth, Brotchie turned 68 in January. His body might be slowing down a bit, but he still averages eight training fights a day at the gym – and wins most of them. Born in England, he holds a black belt awarded by the International Martial Arts Federation and set up his first female fight club in London in 1975." ⠀ – excerpt from Ready to Rumble in North & South magazine by Joanna Wane.⠀
I post from a set of 9⠀
Photographs by @adrianmallochphotography.⠀
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From the Lost & Found Archives. The amazing and King of Weirdos Gary Wilson in his first show in Tijuana. October 2015. I am honored to have been part of the making of that show. Gary Wilson is a pioneer and musical genius along with a fascinating story. He’s been a great influence to great artists such as Ariel Pink @arielxpink Black Lips, Peanut Butterwolf (Founder of Stones Throw Records) @stonesthrow Beck, Tyler the Creator, and the list goes oooon. Check out The Gary Wilson Trio will blow your mind. #garywilson #tijuana #tb #music #musician #musicphotography #musicphotographer #band #bandphotography #photographer #portraitphotography #portraits #portraiture #documentaryphotography #musicdocumentary @weirdo_music_forever

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