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Victoria Terminus
Booking Hall, North Wing
Victorian Gothic Revival Architecture
Bombay, 1888
Vaulted Ceilings of mint and gold, embellished with stars.
Arched hallways bearing the royal crest of the Great Indian Peninsula Railway.
Marble columns, stone arches, mythical gargoyles and a chamber of secrets.
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Photo & text @anushkagupta5

Sisters and their mother in Mumbai, India

Tattoos. Babies. Nudity. This is the stuff I literally wake up for every.single.day. 😭😭😭😭 .
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Lady in green

“People don’t care if it’s hard to make a bracelet like this. When they go to the market, they want to pay a very cheap price and if I refuse they simply go to another tent. But that’s ok because with the weaving machine I can produce much more than I used to. But I need to wake up at 4am to have enough time. I do this so my kids can have a better future”. ⠀ ⠀
Quechua indigenous Maria Virginia used a microloan to buy a weaving machine. It used to take her hours to make just one bracelet by hand.
⠀ ⠀

Now she is able to produce 12,000 bracelets per week. With the money she can help her son and daughter to study. Her daughter says she wants to be a doctor and her son is trying to get into university. He says he wants to do humanitarian work in Africa. ⠀

This month @lendwithcare will share the stories and photos I've taken while on assignment in Ecuador last year.  Five women who are entrepeneurs in their communities have been photographed - I spent days with them, living at their houses, with their families. It was a fantastic humbling experience and I sincerely hope that this will help more families to get funds for their projects.⠀

⠀ ⠀ "As pessoas não se importam se é difícil fazer uma pulseira dessas. Quando elas vão à feira, querem pagar muito barato e se não dou desconto elas vão para outra barraca. Mas não tem problema. Agora tenho uma máquina de costura nova e posso fazer mais pulseiras que antes, mas pra isso tenho que acordar às 4am. Assim meus filhos podem ter um futuro melhor".
⠀ ⠀
A indígena Quechua Maria Virginia usou microfinanciamento para comprar uma máquina de costura. Costumava levar horas pra ela fazer só uma pulseira, mas agora ela pode produzir 12mil pulseiras por semana! ⠀ ⠀

Com o dinheiro ela pode ajudar nos estudos da filha, que quer ser médica e do filho que está tentando entrar na universidade e quer fazer trabalho humanitário na África quando se formar.

Esse mês a @Lendwithcare irá compartilhar histórias e fotos que fiz em assignment no Equador no ano passado.


I drank out of a creek for the first 19 years of my life. We watched electricity come on, and the phone. Back then not everybody had cars. A lot of folks still used horses round these parts to get around.
People didn't spend more than they made. My grandfather had this thing he would say... If your tub has a 2 inch inlet and a 1 1/2 outlet, you'll be alright, but if you get those two swapped around, it might take a while, but when your tub goes dry, you're in trouble mister. Don't get me wrong we didn't have much, but we had everything we needed. Now a days people can't get enough of the everything they have." #ThroughOgdenEyes #photography #bandw #blackandwhite #photojournalism #documentaryphotography #ogden #indieogden #thisisogden #ogdenreborn

¿Quien no jugó bolita uñita o canicas pequeño? Yo creo que de aqui nacio hace mucho tiempo la mamadera de gallo o llamada bulling, jodaaaa es que cuando los psicologos se dedicaron a renombrar una costumbre de antaño aca en la costa ya estabamos graduados todos hasta con honoris causa de bulling, de este juego empezaron las primeras frases de " todo al hoyo ", daa!!!! te podías imaginar las riñas y derivadas que de aqui se desprendian....no existía celular ni, wii, ni play, llegar casa lleno de bolitas ganadas en franca lid y sucio era lo mas reconfortante, eso si, al dia siguiente como espantajopo de hoy sacando pecho te las dabas de tener una excelente puntería y la fama te iba cogiendo peso, al punto de vetarte o colocarte otro nivel de retador, una que otra trompa se daba por el inicio del conocimiento sano del ego, pero ajá era una disputa sana por el dolor de perder un juego.... —lo sencillo de la vida se siente con sabor a pueblo—.
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'The Fish Master'
— elderly local of Minas De Oro in Vigan, Philippines, works early morning to feed his cultured fish as well as maintaining his several fish pens.
© Richard Balonglong
* Pentax K-01 + Tamron 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5
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Rocks & Gifts, Herne Bay 2017.

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