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Morning coffee @coast175ettalong 🍍

¡Las bases de #UnaFotoXdíaX28días ya están publicadas!
Lo primero que queremos hacer es agradecer a nuestros patrocinantes por confiar por segunda vez y a los nuevos por creer en lo hecho en Venezuela, ¡gracias!
Ahora visita robertomata.net [ enlace ⬆️ ] y en la sección actualidad encontrarás las bases.
Lee con detenimiento y cuéntanos por acá desde qué ciudad y país piensas participar.
¡Ya falta menos!

Foto por Beatriz Marcovich @beatrizm189 durante el Photowalk en Hollywood Beach. Cámara Sony a7R / Lente 24-240

From the series Elukhanyisweni "Place of Light"
The Elukhanyisweni settlement, like many, was the product of the enactment and strict enforcement of the 1913 Land Act and the Group Areas Act, laws that legitimized forced removals of people from their land and segregated residential areas according to nationality and race. These acts created a system of land tenure that deprived most Native South Africans of the right to own land. Africans were forcefully removed from their ancestral lands in Tsitsikama near Port Elizabeth in the 1970s and dumped in what is now known as Elukhanyweni (Place of Light) Township. Wooden structures were later built as temporary housing. It was not until 2017, fifty years later, that the democratic government started building two hundred new homes. The number of houses being built seems unlikely to significantly dent the backlog and alleviate the demand for land and housing. Image © Thabo Jaiyesimi Jan 2018 To view series click on the link http://thabojaiyesimi.co.uk/PLACE-OF-LIGHT-1 #LandReform #ApartheidRegime#LandExpropriationWithoutCompensation #reportage #documentaryphotographer

The Way of Justice

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