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With the Legendary AndrewTkatch.
# ontodocumentarymaking now in a few months

Putting your right hand on your chin shows you care about what's being said. True story. •

Cheeky candid pic from One World Media's international reporting training with Julie Noon- ideal for anyone making documentary footage in under reported territories and conflict zones. •

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National Award-winning director duo Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh is pitching their film ‘Writing with Fire’, a heart-pounding story that will leave you reeling. Experience and be a part of a movement for change. Check link in bio.
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**New Work!** Final spot vs storyboard and scouting photos: see how it all comes together!⠀

Read on for details on how we prepped, on-set adaptations, and post-production decisions to bring this powerful spot to life.⠀

A true story about the power of human connection, and how a cup of coffee changed the direction of a homeless man's life forever.⠀

Pre-scouted a church to identify exact angles and how to augment the already amazing natural light, and scouted a few locations #downtownla for a great reveal of the city at night, landing on the iconic 6th street bridge. ⠀

We would then utilize spots just outside the church for the brick wall + roaming shots, using shallow depth of field (f/1.4) to accent the blurred sense of belonging.⠀

Throwing on my director hat, I prepared a few scenarios I wanted to put @roywilliamsjr through for the VO, with the most powerful one being an on-set collaboration. ⠀

As we blocked the scene, I initially had the nurse @milinellium shaking Roy's hand as an introduction to show a human connection - but as she was a real nurse for QueensCare, she mentioned she's very careful to respect each person's space. So we tried blocking a soft hello instead, gently breaking Roy out of his internal reverie - and it clicked sooo much better!⠀

From the start I knew the soundscape of the city at night needed to be featured - the unknown sounds, the lack of direction, the cold...when you have no home, the city is a scary place. Huge props to @relishediting 's Niko for bringing those details out (and @sophiebruza for the light!)⠀

Created in collaboration with PROVE for their client @queenscarela - a charity that provides healthcare to low-income and homeless families in Los Angeles. Learn more at queenscare.org.

Wow you never know who you may bump into at a public rally🎥😎👍🏼 #geraldorivera was so nice and jumped right in like a photo bomb while we were covering the interviews on the streets! Awesome day #documentaryfilmmaking #rollsoundcameraaction repin #newyorkcity #bestdayever #cameraman #soundmixer

I'm starting a new project.
The point of this new initiative is to create a space / platform for individuals to express their opinions in a respectable manner.
I wanted to start off light, as tomorrow is my sister (@baabyfatz) birthday.
The questions posed in the future will be more thought provoking and controversial.
I'll be looking for individuals to help participate in this project so please reach out in the comments or on DM.

Here we have @moniszahira

I'm so happy to share that my film @douwantit_film has won its second Audience Award, this time from @sfindiefest! Thank you so much for showing up y'all. And if you were there, please do me a favor and go to the film's FB page and write a review of the movie in the review section. ❤️ •

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So thankful to @bigskydocfest for the opportunity to spend time in the great city of Missoula and present ‘The Aria of Babyface Cauliflower Brown’ and represent and support the upcoming film currently titled ‘The Funeral Home’ at the Big Sky Pitch (dir. @fourthline pro. @ttrumbo co-dp @blueskyhill). Great work to all those behind the fest! @rg_mt @michaelworkman @dawghousedavis @kennethmontana @jcsher Sarah Briggs + many others! Hope to be back soon.

We’ll be back at it again this weekend! 🎥🎥
Photo credit: @cucumberapocalypse

Flowers and hair grow everywhere. The recent award-winning documentary film SOVIET HIPPIES drags you into the Soviet psychedelic underground and exposes the amazing legacy of the Soviet underground music, which often comes as a great surprise. The Soviet kids weren’t actually any worse than their Western peers in loving and making rock’n’roll, but to get something recorded was a real miracle. Here comes a beautiful colored vinyl illustrated with archival photos and more - to keep their legacy alive and rocking. See for more information: www.soviethippies.com @soviet_hippies

SOVIET HIPPIES | A documentary film directed by Terje Toomistu @fridahhhh

SOUNDTRACK Vinyl on Indiegogo:

TRAILER Full Length: Check the link in bio


Huzzah ‘Duo Impacto’ is confirmed for opening night! Can’t wait to check the festival out!! #documentary #leedsqueerfilmfestival #filmfestival #documentaryfilmmaking

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