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Filling out a DD Form 1380 (Standard NATO Casualty Card): One thing we notice time and time again is the inefficiency of medics and combat lifesavers filling out this card. A casualty card is designed to give the receiving medic a "snapshot" of what's going on with the patient. A good turnover and a good casualty card can go a long way for patient care during transport and ensure that the provider is equipped to give the best possible care en route. Take the extra time and treat this card with more care, like someone's life depends on it. #tacmed #turnover #medevac #document

That saying: "If it were easy, everyone would be doing it," is so true to where we do not fully understand the magnitude of the statement.
There are quite a few that seem to believe entrepreneurship is glamorous; well, yes and most certainly, no. There are long grueling hours in the day to breathe life into your business(es). Think of your business as a small boat. First goal is getting it afloat. Second, it's keeping it afloat. Third, it's adding details to make it better and more efficient. Eventually, you create a grand ship but need a crew. Eventually, you'll have several ships, etc.
Hi! I'm on the first the goal. 😊 Everyone starts somewhere. Firsthand, there are a lot of discouraging moments, but when those highlights happen? Mannnnnn, it feels great!!
Those discouraging moments are when you learn not only about your business, but also, yourself. I will forever be a student remaining open to lessons that may not even be mine to learn. Ultimately, I do not want to be a boss; I want to be a LEADER. With everything I'm going through, I know in my heart of hearts, I am just that. I also know for some of you, you're a LEADER too! 😁
#giveyourselfpermission #GYP

Talk to me about our model of care. Do you feel supported? Do you feel safe? Do you feel like you can trust the system?
How can we say that we are offering continuity of care when we have willing and able midwives yet a system that lacks compassion and trust in the woman.
How can we say that we are offering continuity of care through all these various programs, yet when you call your midwife, she’s “exhausted her hours” and if you give birth, you have to go to the hospital and don’t have a single other midwife that can attend your homebirth. (Also not demonstrating continuity of care model.) How can we say that we are offering continuity of care when you see 6 different midwives some in the program, and others that you’ll never see again in the hospital?
Did you know that offering TRUE continuity of care research suggests that there are better outcomes for mother and baby including a 24% reduction rate of premature births?
What the actual eff are we doing? Why are we herding women into a common area to birth like cages animals? Why are we not equipped with the staff, the beds, and the facilities to accommodate mothers. Why are women birthing in bathrooms as they wait for a bed to become available.
When will we give the power BACK to the woman? More importantly HOW can we give power back to women?? .
#mumandbaby #birth #thisisbirth #birthphotography #laceybarratt #document #documentaryphotography #melbourne #melbournebirthphotographer #justborn #thisisnormal #givethepowerbacktowomen

20171018 | For those of you who’ve followed me throughout the summer, you’ll all know how much traveling I did. What you might NOT know, though, is that I documented a good 70% of it, and I’m now finally turning the footage into actual videos!
For the first video, I’m throwing it back to traveling from MTL ➡️ NYC with the family for a couple of days. As usual, #LinkinBio.
I’m also going to start uploading these videos on my personal channel, so make sure to like and subscribe to not miss out!
I’ll try to upload one video every two weeks (I’m a student too 🤓🌟) so stay tuned✌🏻

Due to scheduling and a new found discipline for demanding quality over quantity...my Whitetail season has consisted of two sits in the stand since the opener almost a month ago. The first was the lowest of the lows. Dropping my camera 20ft and hearing that crunch was a living nightmare. Yet the second was a dream. The temps had dropped just a hair and I had the perfect wind so I gave it another go in the same tree and connected on my #1 target buck less than a week later. If I knew dropping $5k worth of camera out of your stand would cause you kill a buck shortly after...I’d do it every time. (My wife does not agree with that stance). Shot on iPhone 7s

#Grateful _ #MathewsHalon _ #HeartShot _ #SitkaGear _ #SickForIt _ #BowHunting _ #AlwaysSearching _ #SonyA7Rii _ #CanonPhotography _ #Whitetail _ #Buck _ #Hunting _ #BuiltForTheWild _ #Document _ #VortexOptics

Tho it doesn't feel like an ounce of fall in LA 😭I'm gonna pretend anyways #scnovember

Loving this little checklist from @stickiiclub September Pop Pack ! Finally getting to play with these adorable stickers 💜 happy Monday ☔️


Pinch and zoom in to see the phrases that @bananafishstudio created for the @kellypurkeyshop 10.28 release! I love my @artifactuprising prints, couldn't quite get the nerve to stamp directly on them 😀 #nerd

Complicité renouvelé!
Quand un courtier de Montréal et de la Rive Nord s’unissent pour de belles collaborations. Autre beau immobilier projet en route! #remax #lemieuxpourvous #jimmylemieux #work #newlisting #collaboration #mtl #montreal #rivenord #realestate #courtierimmobilier #avendre #document #immobiliermontreal #courtierimmobilier #business #meeting #profesional #teamwork #resultat


We actually didn't spend a huge amount of time at the beach while in LA. Buuuutttt I sure took a lot of photos when we did go, sooooo that's what I have to post. Haha.

Quiet time is the best time #sunsets #document


Detail itin : https://goo.gl/XaGiAv *DEPT 28OCT'17 - IDR 9,880,000,-++*
*DEPT 11NOV'17 - IDR 9,480,000,-++* *Harga sudah termasuk*
*_Tiket penerbangan economy class dengan Asiana Airlines_
*_5x makan pagi_
*_5x makan siang_
*_3x makan malam_
*_Akomodasi hotel bintang 3 atau setaraf_
*_Exclusive bagpack dari KIA Tours & Travel_ *Harga belum termasuk*
*_Airport taxs dan fuel surcharge_
*_Visa Korea_
*_Tips Tour Leader,Local Guide dan Supir_
*_Asuransi Perjalanan_
*_Pengeluaran pribadi_
*_PPN 1%_
#Korea #tour #group #travel #travelling
#roundtheword #asia #airplane #hotel #fit #mice #international #domestik #visa #passport #document

It's been a long time coming, but we finally got around to launching our podcast! @chadnutter and I have some pretty cool plans for it and are super excited to share our journey with everyone. It'll be on iTunes shortly, but you can listen on SoundCloud right now! Link is in my bio 👌🎙🔥

"Luminous Beacon of Knowledge and Wisdom" - The Public Library of the City of Boston / Photograph from the Impressionist Series Of Boston " The Call of the City" #bostonpubliclibrary #library #symbol #wisdom #knowledge #impressionism #impressionistart #fineartphotography #fineart #architecturephotography #cityarchitecture #romanarchitecture #homage #luizarduiniphoto #rawphoto #longexposure #exploretocreate #archive #document #life #citylife

this is the first day in over a week that i feel like i can stand without falling over. 🤤 took my boy on a short walk before i had to sit back down and rest. i was so sick this past weekend i had to go to the after hours clinic to get meds + shots. getting better everyday! (thanks to one of my best friends for being there + taking care of me) 🤧🤒🤢

Excited to announce that we will be highlighting in 24 hours at 5 EST @blake_velazquez ‘s story themed around Overcoming the Fear of Failure. The link will be in our bio to go right to the full video, and watch the story. Enjoy the teaser and as usual feedback is always welcomed, LOVE! Will be available on YouTube & FB.

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