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Galway you were fab ❤️ #galway#boyfriend#nightaway#love#docks

I love reflections.
I guess I could have got a pic of the pretty red boat, but I preferred the reflections of it on the water.
Wikipedia starts its definition of 'reflection' as '...the change in direction of a wavefront at an interface between two different media so that the wavefront returns into the medium from which it originated.' Fascinating!
I was always taught that if you can't explain a concept in simple terms, then you don't really understand it properly yourself. So I'm gonna assume that whoever wrote that load of shite didn't understand what a reflection is.
But I shouldn't judge. I'm not gonna define it. That's why I got a picture. Cos a picture is worth a thousand words supposedly. Imagine reading a thousand words by whoever wrote that definition!? It would be a masterpiece of magniloquence! Btw magniloquence is my favourite big word - you should google it, it's a great word! It's almost ironic in itself cos it's a big word, that means using big words and sounding like a wanker. An awesome word to throw around at parties. I can't tell you how many chicks I've picked up by using that word. Ok I can - none. But it's a great word.
I digress as usual.
Wandering around the waterfront at Hobart looking at reflections - a great way to spend your lunch break ☺.
#reflection #watersurface #magniloquence

Just helping the tourists park their boat 💪😉
Welcome to Bermuda and have a Bermudaful day!!

Pessoal na próxima terça feira vou fazer o meu BDAY na discoteca DOCKS e está toda a gente convidada! Enviem-me os vossos nomes para GUEST por mensagem privada 🎉🎉🎉 reservas de privados e garrafas 📥 ELAS free com 3 bebidas e ELES 8€ consumiveis até 1:30h #Docks #AsTuasTercas #LadiesNight

Not a bad view of Belfast from up here!

First stop on the #ChicagoFoodie Tour...#Docks Seafood and Fishwich Wednesdays!!!


"It feels like we are moving!!!"| Reactions to being on the dock were priceless. 🙌🏼😂#explore #sanantonio #instaview #views #instakids #happiness #summer17 #getoutandplay #momlife #living #docks

I love living in a city with a beach!! So relaxing and an amazing time to catch up with friends💕🌊 #beachlife #mukilteo #lighthouse #docks #lularoe #lularoeleggings #lularoepromosweatshirt

Spoiler alert: I'm not much of a photographer. Lol. Enjoyed being out of the house and exploring the great outdoors. #docks #beautifulskiestoday #maybeillpaintthissomeday

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