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Who can concur? 😄💯🔥#dnbculture #getwet #drumandbass #dnbunitedrecords

Sometimes my friends in Bristol know just what I'm feeling.#dnbnation #dnbunitedrecords #dnbmusic #neurofunk #dnb #dnbnation

Beautiful photo of DNB United Records Dallas Texas office. #dnbunitedrecords #dnbmusic #neurofunk #dnbnation #dnb


Music is a drug and this shit has me lit! 👽✊🔥Please go to DNBUNITED.COM and read all about this release! #Royalston #PopularMechanics #MedSchool #MedSchoolMusic #HospitalRecords #newmusic #newrelease #DNBUnitedRecords #DRUMANDBASS #dnb #dnbnation #dnbarena #dnbculture #drumNbass

Its that time again. Cast your vote for the best in Drum+Bass from artists, producers, websites and more. Just simply click the above photo and make your voice and vote count. It’s going to be a big one: this year has seen a groundswell of changes as the genre appears to have returned to its underground melting pot roots. There’s been a lot less commercial chart-chasing and a lot more boundary bashing as artists across the scene have been collaborating and cross-pollinating more than in previous years. And that’s before we get to some of the incredible parties and festivals we’ve experienced this year. Whoever you vote for, the results are going to be really interesting this year.The ceremony itself will be held at Brixton Electric on December 5 and will once again provide a unique moment for fans, artists and industry to get together on a night off, kick back and enjoy the music that defines, soundtracks and supercharges our lives. The event will include tributes to three significant losses the scene has suffered this year Marcus Intalex, Dominator and Apex and will be hosted by Jenna G and Foreign Beggar Pav. The event will also feature a range of live acts and DJs and, once the trophies have been handed out, will turn into a dirty old rave until late (standard) You can get your tickets here.In the meantime, let’s vote. The first round of the Drum&BassArena Awards 2017 votes are open until October 23. Once the votes have been counted, a second round of voting will commence for the top 10 nominations in each category. As always, the Drum&BassArena Awards are 100% voted for by the real life drum & bass loving public. If you don’t pledge your support now, you can’t complain when the votes are in. BEST NEW LABEL :DNB◉UNITED RECORDS
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DNB UNITED RECORDS is a website dedicated to the art, culture, and evolving sound of drum and bass. DNB UNITED RECORDS was launched in March 2015 by Founder and CEO Jason Bakes, also known as artist BC#9.
DNB UNITED RECORDS also features album reviews, artist interviews and exclusive mixes from todays most influential DNB artists and labels worldwide. DNB UNITED RECORDS receives advance releases from Hospital, Med School, Metalheadz, Methlab, Terminal, Otherside, Bad Taste, RAM and Viper, Invisible Recordings, and more, to help promote to their audiences.
Tune in to DNB UNITED RECORDS monthly podcast, THE UNITED STATE OF DRUM AND BASS, produced and hosted by BC#9 via Sound Cloud, You Tube, Mix Cloud, Tune In Radio as well as directly on DNBUNITED.COM.
Follow DNB UNITED RECORDS on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo and You Tube for more drum and bass news and content.
We are always looking for writers and contributors who want to donate their time and talent reviewing the latest drum and bass.
With both offices in the UK and the US, including our Los Angeles office managed by Jaymee, also known as MC JHUSSL, who is also an artist and contributor. Editor Xtene16
Jason Bakes aka BC#9.

I included several photos you can use as you feel appropriate for the layout.
Links-YouTube Video teaser https://youtu.be/j4fp-XC8zGw
Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/dnbunitedrecords/
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/dnbunitedrecords/
Twitter- https://twitter.com/jasonbakes1
Soundcloud- https://soundcloud.com/jason-bakes
Vimeo -https://vimeo.com/user43550269
Mixcloud -https://www.mixcloud.com/DNBUNITED/
Tune-in Radio -https://tunein.com/radio/THE-UNITED-STATE-OF-DNB-RADIO-p891182/
#dnbunited #dnbunitedrecords #dnb #dnb4life #dnbculture #dnbgirls #dnblife #dnbarena #jungle #junglemusic #neurofunk #neurofunkdnb #dnbforlife #dnbhead #fdnbforever #dnbforlife #dnblove #dnblover #dnbparken #dnbstep #liquiddnb #liquid #breaks

From the depths of drum & basses underbelly, artists like the seminal DJ Hidden are created, spending years on their meticulous craftsmanship to pave their way throughout DJ sets worldwide. And the style of DJ Hidden is a varied one; from the very beginning, he’s prided himself in selecting the most prototype-breaking, intricate soundscapes to display across each one of his records. This has ensured his success as an artist, meaning that his music has been given a platform by the most exciting imprints this genre has to offer. With every darkly delicious cut he’s unleashed onto its audiences, his profile has grown. And with that, he’s peaked interest from the likes of Othercide Records, a label who have collectively displayed producers that are equally as sonically aggressive, on an ever-widening roster.

The growth of independent labels has only exploded creativity within the drum & bass scene. DJ Hidden’s forthcoming single on Othercide is a testament to that. Featuring two fresh selections, new listeners and longstanding fans alike are about to be realigned with the sounds which made him so notorious when he first hit the circuit.
As ever, DJ Hidden’s engineering is unadulterated and meticulous. With rumbling bass notes, furiously paced drum patterns and an unwieldy composition, ‘Gone’ goes for the sensory jugular. There’s a melodic underpinning throughout the track’s intro which throbs ominously beneath the mix. Robotic, diced up samples begin to make themselves known before you’re built into a drop with halftime beats. The record then cascades with fury, hitting harder and harder with its devastating bassline. ‘This World’ is just as progressively intimidating, throwing itself forward on lightly stepped, elevated atmospherics. Pulling you into a false sense of security, ‘This World’ suddenly unwinds itself with the upmost strength, following a sultry, vocal-lead detonation. Moving the tempo to a lower level, whilst losing none of its impact, you’re exposed to DJ Hidden’s weighty levels. Together, both tracks pedestal versatility seldo3
Dj Hiden
This World & Gone
#dnbunited #dnbunited #dnbunitedrecords #dnb #dnb4life #dnbculture #dnbgirls #dnblife

I was feelin bored and low on creative mojo until Mr. Supreme ak dj BC9 hit me up to remind me to listen to the very first podcast he put out after he launched
DNB©United Records #TheUnitedStateofDNB and yes I feel revived and focused again. It's a masterized podcast, entertaining as hell, feel good vibes, and I love how he drops knowledge of the artists he plays. Not shy of a world class dnb podcast I'm proud to promote it right here right now!🔥✊🎆🎉 #DNBUnitedRecords

Artist Spotlight
Podcasts and Mixes
October 16, 2017
Jason Bakes, Founder DNB◉UNITED RECORDS
It’s time for America and the UK to bridge the pond that separates them with an awards event that shines a light on both drum+bass and the artists who create the music that we love so much. DNB is now more global than ever, and it’s time to lend a voice to all the DJs and artists, as well as the regions they hail from. The Future Sound of DNB had a series on vinyl that was released in the late nineties that showcased the emerging artists as well as the countries represented. Fast forward to 2016 and Hospital Records re-started the series, introducing such groundbreaking newcomers as Ownglow on The Future Sound of America. Ownglow was signed to DNB empire Hospital Records after submitting a three track demo. Following Ownglow being signed, he relocated to Bristol and applied for an extended visa in order to start work on what would become his first major release in 2017, “Inside The Silence”, featuring “Angels Sing”. I guess you weren’t in Phoenix anymore! Phoenix,Arizona is where Ownglow had been living with his family when he started creating DNB. Receiving notice that Hospital was interested in his sound, he packed a backpack and climbed onto a plane. Next stop-Heathrow airport. You can see the interview between Hospitals co-founder Chris Gossand Ownglow as he expresses how he was first heard outside of the US on the The Future Sound of North America release. Read the rest @dnbunited.com #dnbunited #dnbunitedrecords #dnb #dnb4life #dnbculture #dnbgirls #dnblife #dnbarena #jungle #junglemusic #neurofunk #neurofunkdnb #dnbforlife #dnbhead #fdnbforever #dnbforlife #dnblove #dnblover #dnbparken #dnbstep

📣🎆 Legion & Logam have been pivotal for bringing the Ram Records sound transatlantic. Becoming the first US act to break into their renowned roster, the trio have time and time again delivered hard-driving riddims and melodic rollers for Ram’s sought after compilation series and their genre defining sister label Program. However, this time they’ve recieved their first standalone single on Ram, which is set to establish them as an even more integral part of drum & basses expansion throughout America. From the tearaway success of ‘House of Cards’, their first single on Program, to the release of ‘Coming Home / When Stars Fall’ on Ram Records, Legion & Logam are continuing their meteoric ascent. Following the same carefully strung melodies and voice overtures which has become a signature for the production outfit, ‘Coming Home’ takes you on a heartfelt journey underpinned by its tightly knit composition. A wavering bassline pitches between each signature of eight, helping to create a more driving force perfect for the dancefloor and bolstering the mix, whilst keeping its softer touch with ‘House of Cards’ Adam Wright returning on vocals. This is your reintroduction into Legion & Logam’s sound and it’s one which will soon become a staple in sets this festival season. On the flipside ‘When Stars Fall’ featuring Wendy Johnson follows the same vibe, with intricately layered instrumentals helping to set out a journey which flips between more percussive elements and well-orchestrated breakdowns. Each segment builds on the next until you’re once again left with a record which exemplifies the producers’ stellar song writing ability. Together both tracks help to pedestal an act whose versatility can be seen across each addition to Program, and now Ram’s, vast back catalogue. Legion & Logam’s story on Ram has only just begun – with more releases scheduled for the coming year, it’s an exciting time for US drum & bass and its growth. #LegionandLogam #ComingHome #WhenStarsFall #WendyJohnson #RamRecords #newmusic #dnb #drumandbass #DNBUnitedRecords #drumnbass

Please go to https://awards.breakbeat.co.uk/2017 and vote for #DNBUnitedRecords for best #newlabel as we are working hard to promote the full spectrum of drum and bass and have a solid website dedicated to the best new music reviews, links, artist interviews, and world class dnb podcasts! Thanks! #drumandbass #newmusic #dnbarena #dnbarenaawards #dnbnation #junglemusic #drumnbass #liquidfunk #jumpupdnb #neurofunk #neurofunkgrid #newreleases #dnba #dnb #drumandbassawards

🎆🎆Banger!🎆🎆 #BrookesBrothers #FlashingLights #Shezar #BossmanBirdie #OrangeLane #ViperRecordings #NewMusic #drumandbass #DNBUnitedRecords
Pre-orderthe new Orange Lane album from Brookes Brothers @ Viper.Ink.to/OrangeLane

Artist Spotlight
October 14, 2017
|Delivering a steady source of fast beats, layered synths, and that trademark sound that I have come to love and expect with every Hospital release. The lyrics tell a story of arriving at new day where the promise of love is all that is needed. Lyrics (The new days ahead now, going to live what I believe, It’s gonna move us along now, we won’t stop trying, there’s nothing more we need). Pow! Maduk hits the gas and the song takes off !
I’m left with a commitment to “Live What I Believe” as the songs mantra and my personal take away. Beautiful, well composed and modern. Maduk is an urban poet singing his story of hope and love from the heart. A man who can show his emotional connection to the world through his art has the sand to be the man.
Listening to the rest of the album, it delivers a driven sound of a continuous uninterrupted vibe of modern day Drum and Bass. Maduk has clearly evolved over the last year. Like any good producer of the times, Maduk is able to take many organic and electronic sounds and incorporate them into what is becoming his own signature style. I feel that this album has such a young and driving force behind it but doesn’t lack the strong grounded foundation that often can be absent from younger producers. I believe this release has the legs to crossover beyond the Drum and Bass genre and will touch and inspire new listeners.
Lastly, Drum and Bass is not underground anymore. The very reason is because of artists like Maduk and record labels like Hospital. Together, they are ushering the sound of a new generation into the world. One thing is for sure, we at DNBUNITED.COM will be listening and promoting Maduk’s “Nothing More” for the days ahead. Long live Drum and Bass! *Reviewed by BC#9 DNB◉UNITED RECORDS Jason Bakes DNB◉UNITED RECORDS DNB◉UNITED.COM
Read the interview at dnbunited.com.
#dnbunitedrecords #nevergiveupp #hospitality #liquiddnb #liquid #breaks #dnbstep #electronicmusic #edm #futurebass #ukgarage #bass #ukf #dnbparty #dnbradio #dnbfamily #dnbgirls

#AdamF #MindVortex #MusicIsMyLife #newmusic #RamRecords #drumandbass #dnbnation #DNBUnitedRecords
Since he first began producing music under his pseudonym Adam F, Adam Fenton has remained a pillar of drum & basses original foundations, as well as creating countless award winning film scores and making music with the likes of LL Cool J, Redman, Method Man and De La Soul. And alongside Mind Vortex, a duo that has become a definitive part of the twenty-five year strong Ram Records roster whilst dropping their recent Transformation EP, Adam F brings a track which will continue to push forward a sound that has developed over decades across the genre’s most prominent record labels, with Breakbeat Kaos, Metalheadz and more. Having previously received support from Radio1 tastemakers such as Annie Mac and Mistajam, and with Adam F’s groundbreaking single Circles breaking into the Top 20 UK Single’s Chart, the threesome return for their collaboration Music is My Life. Whilst Mind Vortex moves their tell-tale bass notes through the mix with a contemporary production flare, Adam F adds the jungle-breaks which have made him so notorious. The fresh cut also features snipped up female vocals which add to the record’s humanistic elements, moving through the composition and giving the track an uplifting overture. The merging of Mind Vortex and Adam F is a formidable force, proving that both dance floor appeal and musicality remains a pivotal power within the Ram Records’ catalogue. Having already broken new ground across the club circuit, including essential nights at Fabric, Tranz-mission festival and London’s seminal SW4, both Mind Vortex and Adam F return with an offering that’s remained a focal point in sets from one date to the next. And with their combined experience, it’s a welcome addition to Ram Records’ twenty-five year, authoritative discography.

Pure 🔥
One of the most widely respected names in Drum & Bass, the Brookes Brothers are gearing up to release their
second album, ‘Orange Lane’, a 13-track LP filled to the brim with upbeat and soulful production.
Since releasing their first single in 2005 on Danny Wheeler’s W10 Records, the Brookes Brothers have become a
staple in the drum & bass scene and made their Viper debut all the way back in 2006 as the 8th single ever released
on the label with ‘Someone / Promise’. In 2008, this was followed hotly by their chart-topping single ‘Tear You Down’
which spent two weeks atop the UK Dance Chart and 15 weeks in the Top 20.
After signing exclusively to Viper in 2013, the Brookes Brothers released more chart-topping singles, including ‘Carry Me On’ which was dubbed the ‘Hottest Record in the World’ by Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1, and ‘Anthem’
which made it to BBC 1Xtra’s ‘A’ List.
Now, six years after their first album was released on Fresh and Adam F’s Breakbeat Kaos label, the Brookes
Brothers have returned with their long-awaited sophomore LP, ‘Orange Lane’, another masterpiece that showcases
the brothers’ unmatched musicality and diversity.
The album features a variety of vocalists, including: ShezAr’s soulful vocals and Bossman Birdie’s smooth rap
breakdown complementing the empowering sounds of ‘Flashing Lights’ – while industry favourite Charlotte Haining
lends her grace and charm to ‘Waiting Right Here’, and Pierre Da Silva adds a warmth to the acoustic sounds of ‘Times Of Trouble’, as well as the album closer ‘We Got Love’. Tracks like ‘Movin’ On’, ‘All About You’ and ‘So Many Times’ give us a taste of classic Brookes Brothers funk and
soul-driven Drum & Bass, while the opening track ‘The One’ (featuring ShockOne) engulfs us in a wall of bass and
steel-pans to start the album off with.
Combining soul, funk, disco and a whole lot more in a way no one else can, the Brookes Brothers have truly reached
new heights with this LP. ‘Orange Lane’ is destined to be a modern classic. #BrooksBrothers #OrangeLane #ViperRecordings #newmusic #drumandbass #DNBUnitedRecords

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