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Invisible 'Chapter 4', an EP by Fre4knc // Division 'Partial #4' Razat, Samba, Signs & Sotilas, HØST, Dub Head & M.Justa and Anti.Negative // Muskox & Assembler . "When Noisia asked me to do an EP for Invisible I instantly wanted to make this a special one, trying to give every track a different kind of vibe/theme and experimenting with various new methods of making music." Read the interview and review at dnbunited.com link above☝

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War is the alias of French producer Samy Ponsar, a producer with an entirely fresh perspective on stripped down futuristic drum patterns combined with dusty, organic funk-infused breaks. Son of Rémi Ponsar – a well-respected and influential sound engineer in the 80’s French punk scene – his influences span the history of drum and bass across to dub, techno, and hip hop, with his unique fusion of styles resulting in an inimitable sound that manages to be both forward thinking and timeless. His breakthrough into releasing came with the track Rafale, which he made at age 17 and featured in Breakage’s BBC Essential mix in 2010, later to be released by Trace’s highly influential DSCI4 label in 2012. Following this he formed Arma with Overlook and Mateba in 2011, which saw them releasing on Samurai Music and Demand Records, and starting his long-running collaboration with UK-based producer Hydro – a pairing which has seen them release on respected labels Dispatch Recordings, Utopia Music, Horizons Music and Blendits. In 2015 War joined Serbia’s Metnem label, finally releasing the long-awaited 7th Circle and catching the attention of the MethLab collective. With 2016 bringing further releases with Hydro and Mateba on Horizons, as well as War taking the lead in delivering the 2nd part of MethLab’s BNKR series with his Invisible EP, also featuring a remix of the title track from Djrum – things are stepping up in a big way for this young artist with a significant vision.
Written credit bt DNB Vault.

Streaming – 27.03.18
Bandcamp – 03.04.18
Worldwide – 05.04.18

Soundcloud – @wardnb
Facebook – www.facebook.com/wardnb





Catch my #dnb songs on the original music mixx rudeboy @CynicalRudeBoy @CynicalHussl @Jhussl_mc
put out with the United State of Dnb. 🔥🎧 SPECIAL CONVOY : THE D'n'B COMPILATION

Jungle Drum'n'Bass Culture in Full-Scale

A Selection Of D'n'B Pieces Of Art

Oi oi oi DnBHeadz !!! It's time for Us to Unreveal The Next Chapter of The Drum'n'Bass Web Project called SPECIAL CONVOY ... We Include 50 Fat DnB Tunes and we share 35 Heavy DnB Mixes as usual !

This compilation is a selection of Drum'n'Bass Pieces Of Art Produced by Creative Artists who want to express themselves and share their Passion of the Drum'n'Bass Sound through Track Production [ MAO ], Vinyl Spinning & MCing Sessions... SPECIAL CONVOY 3rd Edition cross different sub-genres or styles of Drum And Bass Music.
To All The Artists, Labels, Crews and Team Members who collab on this International DNB Project : Special Convoy DnB ! Underground and Ceftified DnB !!! #Newmusic

In Silence by the amazing Etherwood is nothing short of a musical masterpiece,composed and produced by our DNB mate Woody, released on Med School Records. Showing the evolving sound of well-composed, musical liquid DNB that pushes the boundaries of electronica and atmospheric soundscapes complete with beautiful lyrics. This release leaves you with the actual temperatures that result from the environment in which Woody wrote and recorded this wonderful listening experience, in a remote cabin in Finland. As you listen, the snow falls and the chill in the air grips you. I recommend curling up with a snifter of your favorite spirit and an herbal enlightenment, while you allow the sounds drifting through your headphones take you on an auditory journey to the gorgeous place where Woody created these tracks while immersed in solitude and a wintry wonderland. This artfully combined with the place inside of him that he has chosen to share with us. Thank you, Woody. Thank you for sharing this chapter of your life. Brilliant work once again! - Jason Bakes - Founder of DNB▪United Records / dnbunited.com

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Well, here we are! Year number TWO for DNBUNITED.COM and the United State of Drum and Bass podcast…a dream come true for founder and CEO Jason Bakes, a/k/a BC#9 @dnbunitedrecords In the last year, both the website and the podcast have continued to reach tens of thousands of DNB fans and producers alike, through our home website DNBUNITED.COM as well as industry partners like Tune In Radio, Soundcloud, Beatport, SpliceSounds.com Upsound.com, and NativeInstrumentssounds.com 2018 promises to be a blockbuster year, with plans already in the works to not only continue our relationships with some of the most impressive sources for producing and sharing DNB and all of its diverse sub-genres, but forging new and more interactive packages and experiences for our listeners as well as our fellow DNB producers. BC#9 has an exciting collaboration in the works with Upsound, which is an incredible resource for sharing knowledge and for learning all aspects of music composition and production, but also mixing, mastering and many more aspects of creativity and innovation in the form of one-on-one lessons and tutorials. BC#9 also has plans in the works to begin selling his own producer packs, a series of DNB bass producer packs designed for creating DNB exclusively. These producer packs will carry the brand of DNB United and will include presets specific for creating DNB. DNB is the most sophisticated of all electronic music genres with its obscure sounds. Learning about synthesis and how to use LFO’s to get that sick bass sound to ultimately create your own exclusive patches is every producers quest using Serum and the entire line of Native Instrument plugins, such as Massive, Fm8, Absynth and more, this technology opens up yet another avenue for creativity and integrating talented people with the tools that they need to continue to create DNB in all of its spectacular range and sub genres long into the future. ▶http://tun.in/timZlC


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Out now!🔥🔥Check out Xtene Sixteens exclusive interview with Koven @ dnbunited.com

Q: Your partnership has spanned several years and a lot of success…how did you meet, and decide to begin working together? 
A: We were both making music separately before we started working together, and were fans of each other’s work. We’d also bumped into each other a few times at different club nights, which I guess was cool because we knew we had a similar taste in music. Max was looking for a full time singer after working with a few different girls, and he contacted me (Katie). I was so excited to be part of Koven because I knew what a talented producer Max was.

Q: Can you share with our readers a bit about how you decided which songs to put on this release? 
A: I suppose we wanted to revisit the tracks we loved the most, tracks from our back catalogue that some people may have missed. Also the tracks other people are remixing as the ones that smash it most in our sets, it’s nice to get some fresh ears on them and give them a revamp so we can continue to play them out. The ‘Muzzy’ remix of ‘Eternal and You’ has been opening our sets for awhile and it goes off!

Q: The word “diverse” is often used to describe your body of work, ave with good reason. With the range of styles that you are able to produce, can you tell us who some of your influences are, both in the genre and outside of it? 
A: Within the genre, we both love listening to artists such as Memtrix, Joe ford, Muzzy, Camo & Krooked and The Prototypes (just to name a few). Outside the genre we enjoy listening to acts like Radiohead, Bonobo, Jon Hopkins, Arca, Odesza and Clark. So quite a varied selection of genres which influence us when writing. Read the rest @ dnbunited.com

1. London Elektricity Remix (Mitekiss) Just one second.
2. S.P.Y. Love Unlimited VIP 1 
3. Etherwood Climbing (In Silence
4. Logistics Cold light of day 
5. BC #9 Liquid Blue
6. BC #9 Phase Us Remix (London Elektricity)
7. Came & Krooked Good times & Bad Times 
8. Goldie Inner City life (Rebuild) feat. Dian Charlemagne 
9. Etherwood Souvenirs Feat. Zero Kershaw
10. Dimension Black Church
11. Cod3X Feat Sublimation
12. Lockjaw With you ( The sneak remix)
13. Hypnosis feat. MC Subliminal
14. Hush Hush Simon
15. High Contrast Wish you were here Feat Selah
16. Ulterior Motive I Adore you (Remix) 
17. Reso Sungaze 
18. Logistics Cold light of day (original mix)
19. Turno The Invaderz
20. Disphonia Disinagrate
21. TapHo AMC Remix
22. Invasion Illicit circus 
23. London Elektricity BT054 COD3X & Micron 
24. Balang Beng Mystic Pulse 
25. Hookshot DJ Edit
26. Metrik Worldwide feat. Th Ragga Twins
27. Danny Byrd Devils drop
28. Danny Byrd Ill Behavior Feat. I-Kay 
29. Technimatics Bristol 
https://soundcloud.com/jason-bakes/bc-the-united-state-of-dnb-2-year-retrospective-mix-2018Closing comments at the end of the podcast due to less talk more rock policy.

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One year ago T & Sugah blessed dnbunited.com with an exclusive guest mix for Viper and DNB United podcast THE UNITED STATE OF DNB climbing to the number two most played mix with just under 12k listeners we at DNB United our proud to announce our two year anniversary kicks of this month.We would like to invite T & Sugah once again to creat an exclusive guest anniversary mix to help us celebrate our two year anniversary. We have had the support of all the major DNB Labels and artists joining in from Jaguar Skills, Full Cycle Records DEADCODE, Dieselboy, Hospital, Ram and the list goes on...please accept are warmest wishes and join us in bringing your most wicked mix to us once again and we will give you a front page full artist spot

We are celebrating our two year anniversary of our monthly dnb podcast THE UNITED STATE OF DNB by posting some new guest mixes as well as some of the previous.Check out our anniversary post at dnbunited.com.if you love dnb then you’ll love what we put together.BC⚡︎➒ This an exclusive mix produced for The United State Of DNB Radio & dnbunited.com by Viper Recordings T & Sugar. Vipers Summer Slammers release just dropped and is smoking hot ! 35 Tracks of pure upbeat DNB Love. Just off the stage at Let it roll the energy from the worlds largest DNB fest ids defiantly captured on this explosive, melodic, colorful and feel good release. Enjoy the full review and special feature with the exclusive interview with T & Sugah at dnbunited.com Tracklist T & Sugah Mix for DNB United
Ekko & Sidetrack – Hold it Up
T & Sugah – Stones 
The Prototypes - Pop It Off VIP (feat. Mad Hed City)
Delta Heavy - White Flag (VIP Mix)
Culture Shock – Protection
Moko - Your Love (Culture Shock Remix)
Ivy Lab - Pepper (feat. Emperor)
T & Sugah – Change
Liz-E – Synchronize
Ulterior Motive – Tape Pack
Dossa & Locuzzed - Banana Split 
Metrik - Want My Love (feat. Elisabeth Troy)
Axon – STTR
Getaway (feat. Angel Taylor) (Koven Remix)
Smooth – Drone
Blaine Stranger - Chat Shit, Get Banged
Insomniax - Longest Night
#dnbhead ▶https://goo.gl/jjoRNA

Artists // L 33 & Cooh
Release // Broken EP
Label // Othercide Records
Release Date // 09.03.18

Towering above them, the planetary shards of the blast site splayed open like broken petals, vast in scale and overwhelming in the destruction they represented. They looked on in quiet awe as the now separated segment of the planet spun on the edge of the gravity horizon, the last remnants of atmosphere clinging to its rugged shape tenuously. The weapon had been more effective than they could have ever imagined, this was a beginning - the promise of their fate in the ruins of this freshly broken planet.

A pair of legendary Bulgarian producers unite, with COOH & L 33 bringing their full array of audio manipulation weaponry to bear in the creation of BROKEN and POWER SOURCE. Drawing on the rich history of both artists’ sounds, the outcome is a set of tracks that deliver both fearsome sonics and an intense dose of funk, wound in a deeply futuristic sensibility. OTHERCIDE RECORDS delivers once again, proving itself to be the dynamic label animal that fans of a specific cross section of drum and bass can really get their teeth into right now.

He perched upon the barren ledge, high above the valley beyond - the place where his people had resided for an aeon of peace, withdrawn from the overwhelming technologies of the outer rim, hiding in the obscurity of tranquility. The habitat below was a mere dot against his retina, his imagination doing the work in constructing an image of the bustle of the many lives within. He carried with him the sacred resin, and carried within himself the rite of his people, handed down between generations for as long as their history could remember. His sacrifice would ensure the peace of a generation more - his torment would be their strength. Civilizations that had come before tore themselves into pieces - times of peace held the unspoken lies of restrained savagery, the bitter truth of which came frequently, and bloodily as brothers and sisters set upon each other with unbridled hatred. That dark ferocity was within him now, carefully extracted from the minds of the populace by the ancient methods, he was the vessel of his peoples’ catharsis. He hesitated a moment more, looking out to the distant peaks that had touched the heart of his eye since childhood, the gravity of the setting sun drawing his soul to the gold-crested radiance of their summits. With a fluid motion he poured the resin down his gullet, felt it snaking through is entire being, searing the illumination of universal history deep within him. The staggering truths towered beyond him, twisting up in harmony before splitting, the many faces of darkness emerging, the true face of nature erupting in blackness, the unimaginable horrors that inhabit plains untouchable, the fiends that feed off life and light and invisible, that grow in suffering… they felt his sight, knew they were exposed, their eyes turning inward to his psyche - tearing him apart, pushing through his body and erupting from within. The resin did its work… as the creatures unspeakable feasted on him across dimensions, roots burst from his ruined body, branches spiraling up trapping all in their path. Read the rest @dnbunited.com


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