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That's Gen X in 39 years..shit..lol #drumnbass #drumandbass #year2056 #dnbunitedrecords

2 damn cute not to post. Benji & Aiden are #dnbkids #dnb #Spline #drumandbass #dnbunitedrecords

Benji with his signiture move! #dnbdance #dnbkids #dnbunitedrecords #drumnbass


BC⚡9's very own sexy song #PlatnumbNightCrawler can be seen on Vimeo or purchased on #Juno or #Itunes. Link will be up soon. Pushing the boundries for time lapse meets music & art. #drumandbass #dnbunitedrecords #futurednb #dnbculture #newmusic #drumnbass #dnbartist

Such a hot pic of DNB UNITED's cheif editor #Xtene #dnbunitedrecords #BC9 #dnb

Various Artists - Hospitality In The Park 2017
(Promo 1)
This promo contains the exclusively signed tracks only.
In 2016 we grew our high-energy club night into a true drum & bass celebration, Hospitality In The Park. The 10,000 strong party drew together DJs, fans, listeners, singers, live acts and MCs together to showcase every shade and style encompassing a 174 heartbeat. As the Finsbury Park fun continues and round two promising even bigger stage takeovers and a myriad of artist weaponry, we present an equally bursting drum & bass double disc, the ‘Hospitality In The Park 2017’ LP.
In the same vein as our all-day summer special, this huge 70 track mash-up spans across a full 360’ perspective of the genre; representing the established, up and coming, soulful, obscure, liquid, innovative, dark, techy, neuro, jungle style and everything in between.
Included are over 30 brand new exclusives from reputable drum & bass titans Danny Byrd, S.P.Y, Makoto and Keeno, there are VIPs from Metrik and Nu:Logic, remixes from Hugh Hardie, Total science, Camo & Krooked and Calibre, and a ‘Bullet Proof’ banger from Krakota.
Across two mixed CDs we’ve drawn for this year’s surefire summer weapons with Fred V & Grafix, The Prototypes, 1991, High Contrast, The Upbeats, Breakage in the mix. With this year’s Incubator stage pulling artists that are rising through the ranks, up and comers’ Whiney, Unglued, GLXY and Kyrist bring exciting new offerings to the compilation.
Both fans and artists came together from all over the globe last year and we expect no less in 2017. Equally, this compilation gives an international perspective covering all corners of the globe from Japan’s Mountain, the USA’s Flite and Ownglow, the Netherlands Black Sun Empire and New Zealand’s Shapeshifter.
Drum & bass is stronger than ever and it’s here to stay. See you at the park! #junglemusic #dnbunitedrecords #dnblife ##metalheadz #dnb #neurofunk #neurofunkdnb #dnblife #dnbnation #dnbfamily

Goldie - Inner City Life 2017
‘Inner City Life’, the ground-breaking single from Goldie’s seminal 1994 debut album ‘Timeless’, has been remixed by Burial. Previously available only as part of a Record Store Day exclusive package, the release also includes a 2017 Rebuild of ‘Inner City Life’ by Goldie himself.

Released July 28, 2017 on Metalheadz #junglemusic #dnbunitedrecords #dnblife ##metalheadz #dnb #neurofunk #neurofunkdnb #dnblife #dnbnation #dnbfamily

Fred V & Grafix - Colours Fading
Fred V & Grafix present ‘Colours Fading’, taken from their forthcoming album ‘Cinematic Party Music’. Bringing more of that uplifting, euphoric drum & bass they’re loved for with Fred’s vocal talent fully showcased alongside soaring untouchable production.
Their latest offering whisks away into dreamy landscapes drowning in melancholic vocal rasps. This laidback lullaby-quality is what sets them apart in drum & bass, those already finding sanctuary in their sound are the likes of DJ Target and the Friday night BBC Radio 1 resident DJ Danny Howard.
Fred V & Grafix are as assured as ever with their new live show transforming their atmospheric, indie-electro inspired drum & bass waves to the stage. Since supporting D+B highflyer Wilkinson on his UK tour, Fred V & Grafix have secured hot spots at V Festival, EDC, Let It Roll, Mysteryland and Secret Garden Party plus their debut live performances at Lockdown Festival and Hospitality In The Park.
Released July 13, 2017 on Hospital Records #junglemusic #dnbunitedrecords #dnblife ##metalheadz #dnb #neurofunk #neurofunkdnb #dnblife #dnbnation #dnbfamily

For twenty five years, Ram Records’ ground breaking roster have stood at drum & basses forefront. Time and time again, they’ve delivered some of the most definitive releases which have helped to shape the genre’s roots, becoming a prized part of its antiquity and huge back catalogue of releases. But alongside their primary artists, they’ve also welcomed guests to bring their refined production to Ram’s ever-growing discography. Their next addition is from Smooth, an artist whose spent years refining his craft, from playing instruments in his formative years to turning his hand at metal, hardcore and finally drum & bass, where he landed himself on its most revered imprints. He continues this ascent with the ‘Resurrection EP’ on Ram, featuring four fresh cuts to add to an already stellar succession of releases.

First from the new batch of records is ‘Trajectory’, a steppy, snapping whirlpool of clattering bass rhythms and fluctuating note patterns. It pulls you into Smooth’s dreamy soundscape, whilst still channelling a bassline which pulsates steadily underneath each flurry of beats. Up next comes ‘Disco’, with a more cascading, jazzy appeal, one which gradually builds into uplifting pads and clattering drums, helping to flesh-out the composition. ‘Disco’ points to Smooth’s streamlined musicality, which features a huge repertoire of sound. ‘Device’ follows with a cinematic intro, which begins to grow steadily on a quick succession of sonic stabs and heavyweight drums. Amongst old-school breaks and rattling percussion sitting underneath the mix, the track is tribal yet crunches with grinding LFO. It’s fierce in its delivery and channels more contemporary production standards. ‘My Feeling’ finishes the EP on a completely different vibe, drawing out keyed arpeggios and elevating synths. Smooth flexes his creativity one more time before the Resurrection’s close, stringing together shimmery vocals and an emphatic climax. Alongside its predecessors, ‘My Feeling’ gives the perfect end to a stellar release. One welcomed by Ram’s decorated history. #junglemusic #dnbunitedrecords #dnblife ##metalheadz #dnb #neurofunk #neurofunkdnb #dnblife #dnbnation #dnbfamily

Flowidus - No Matter / Zulu
Aspiring Australian based duo Flowidus burst onto the scene and the Ram Records landscape in 2016, with their debut Program release, the From The Storm EP, which exhibited their smooth production, variety and evolving style. Now, the budding production partnership made up of Spillage and Dealt Fairly are back for an even an even bigger 2017. Already having tracks featured on the Ram Records compilation series and having supported DC Breaks on the Australian leg of their worldwide Different Breed tour, Flowidus are now set to unleash their sophomore release on Program, in the form of No Matter / Zulu.

In a departure from the mainly liquid vibes of their last EP, the duo are now ready to further delve into a heavier side of their production, something that has been consistently featured throughout their songs but never fully explored. No Matter opens with the same atmospheric, layered composition that has become a staple of Flowidus’ young sound. However, as it drops it reveals itself to be a roller with a heavy bassline, repeated vocal sample and overlays of their signature melodies, resulting in a dynamic piece of production.
On the B side comes Zulu, which lives up to its name with a tribal inspired build up complete with African drums, the sounds of jungle animals and a ragga vocal sample. After growing, the tune drops with a growling synth and crisp drum pattern creating a certified dancefloor destroyer, as well as a testament of the duo’s ever evolving style. Having now established themselves as a Program staple, the question is how far Flowidus’ style will evolve, and where it will take them. #junglemusic #dnbunitedrecords #dnblife ##metalheadz #detboi #dnb #neurofunk #neurofunkdnb #dnblife #dnbnation #dnbfamily

RAM Records
Loadstar - Give Yourself
Loadstar’s ‘Give Yourself’ is the kind of signature d&b tear-up that Nick and Gavin are laying waste to festival soundsystems with this summer, and the next track from their second album, which will be released this autumn. ‘Give Yourself’ follows recent singles ‘Diamonds’ (feat. Takura), and ‘I Need The Night’, the lead track which was also accompanied by ‘Guerilla’, and a storming house rework of ‘INTN’ from Dismantle. These album tracks have so far been hammered by the likes of Target, Friction, Danny Howard, Annie Nightingale, Julie Adenuga, and many more, setting a great precedent for their long-awaited sophomore release.#dnb #dnbunitedrecords #jungle #junglemusic #ronisize #dnbarena #dnbnation #dnblove #dnbfamily #dnb4life #dnbmix

Nothing like getting to watch an all female set with la's very own #djRoxanne mashing up with #Gta #Girlstakeaction on #Roughtempo live at 9-11gmt. Big ups to all the #dnbfemcees and #ladyVdubz as well @djroxanne happy mad vibez to ya'll and show dem boyz we woman is what make this crazy world go round!🌎👊😆💥🔥🎤😘⚡💎🇬🇧🇺🇸🎶🎶🎶🎶 @gtagirlstakeaction 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
#drumandbass #drumnbass #dnb #dnbunitedrecords

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