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I never really saw myself as the kind of person who would have a rules post, but here we are 😂
I just guess I found myself explaining a bunch of things everytime I started a new RP, so this way I'll be easier. It's not really important that you read them, just some basic stuff to ensure we both have a good time. I know it's really long, but if you want that insurance then read away.

1: Literate RPs only. I've tried to adapt to other RP styles, but it doesn't seem to work. RP messages should be read like it's a book transcribing the past or present, and should use third person pronouns, like "He" or "His" instead of "I" or "My". It's not that important, if you want to use first person pronouns it's okay, but the first part is still valid.

2: If I drop off or go AWOL, please send at most two messages to see if I'm still there before accepting I'm gone. This account is secret, and sometimes I have to leave abruptly. I've added a status indicator in by bio which I promise to keep 100% accurate. I should be able to change it before hiding my phone, so please refer to that if you wonder where I am!

3: I reserve the right to cancel any roleplay. It may sound a little cold, but if a roleplay is going terribly enough for me to want to end it it's probably because the person I'm roleplaying with isn't doing good at all (IE: One line replies, illiterate messages, bad grammar or spelling)

That's really it, just three rules I suppose. Again, they're not the important, just some basic stuff. I mostly wanted to mention my new statud indicator in my bio, which I will kept updated and accurate.

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Leon was a close friend of yours, mostly only because the rest of his friends pushed him away when Leon came out of the closet. It of course annoyed him but he was happy to at least have one good friend who didn’t seemed bothered by his sexuality. Leon was extremely athletic, being on the schools basketball teams, tennis team, and even swim team! Probably the one thing he enjoyed the most was surfing in the ocean near where he lived. Although you never went and always gave him the reasoning that there were sharks in the water. Leon would just laugh. One day, it was late, you were walking by a park, seeing someone playing basketball alone. When you saw the pink hair, you instantly knew who it was, Leon! You ran over to ask what he was doing out so late, your sudden voice scaring him causing him to jump a little. He looks back seeing you and instantly smiles “ahhh my dear friend! I’m playing basketball, wanna play. Not too chicken, are you?” He questions teasingly as if this would get you to play with him “only one game! Then I’ll walk you home, I promise” he nods chuckling, bouncing the ball between the two hands (( He’s Seme, Uke needed #OpenRp #AnimeRp #OpenAnimeRp #YaoiRp #AnimeYaoi #RpForBoys #RpForMales #MalesOnly #LiterateRp #DmRp #SemeRp #UkeNeeded #UkeMale #openRoleplay #AnimeRoleplay #Anime #Rp #YaoiRoleplay #RoleplayForMales #AnimeYaoiRoleplay #Roleplay #DmRoleplay ))

is there secrets that i don’t know? is there mysteries that are left as a mystery? not knowing hurts me on the inside ✨
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⭐️✨Yerin Byeol✨⭐️
19 years out of the womb//5’3//clingy asf//weirdo//alien//just wants friends//can be a bitch//smoker//a bottom/sub//think I’m straight could be bi//into gore//a living meme//masochist//sensitive//awkward//virgin//dm to be a friend!!
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⠀-- Those who accompany the princess of the night blade --

⠀Hyde had awoke the next day to the sound of heavy steps. As he slowly came to he began to recall that the girl had said "'We'll explain later" he shot up and looked around, seeing linne and a mysterious old man moving items into his house. ⠀
⠀"What the hell is going on?!" He exclaimed "And wait.. Who's he?!" Linee proceeded to chuckle as she began to explain "well, this is an old pal. His name is waldstein." The old man then grumbled in a deep and powerful voice "I can introduce myself linne.. I'm not that old-" linne interrupted "anyway.. we're moving in with you! We need to be able to explain all of this hollow night stuff to you and who else but me and the man who has been through many of them!" ⠀
⠀That marked the day hyde's training began. He had to be able to unlock his full potential and wield the power effectively if he hoped to defend the princess through the night. His ability became known as "The EXS Of jet black: "Void Red". Now being able to wield the weapon "Indulgence of Rending, The Insulator"

⠀Finally, the day of the night had arrived. After he was done with classes he went home, meeting with Linne and Waldstein. They waited as the sun fell. For tonight was⠀
⠀--The Hollow Night--

James was a spoiled prince of the West. Since he was born into royalty, ever since he was born, everything was handed to him and a silver platter. So to say he was spoiled was a little bit on an understatement. But as most royalty, James was being made to become married, however he had no desire to do so, especially since he had no idea how to tell his father he didn’t like women. Girls are...needy and just annoying to home, much like dogs or cats. But as his father was growing older, James figured he could at least play along to his fathers plan until he actually died. James didn’t think it hard to run a kingdom on his own. So, one night, a ball was held, royals of all kind were invited, men and women. Women for potential queens, and men for pacts of friendship. James quickly got irritated with the ball, women throwing themselves at him, he just wanted to go to bed already. He leaves the dancing hall, onto the balcony outdoors, the cool breeze blowing and felt soothing. His head was lowered until he heard something off to the side, he raises an eyebrow, jumping over the rock and landing on the ground “hello? Is someone there?! Show yourself now!” He shouts demandingly standing in one place, looking around the darkness that was his large garden/backyard. ((you can be a butler, village boy, or another prince! 🌙HES UKE!!!🌙 #Anime #AnimeRp #OpenRp #YaoiRp #AnimeYaoi #MaleXMale #Bl #RpBL #BLRP #boyxBoy #LiterateRp #OnlyRpAccs #DmRp #AnimeRoleplay #BoyLoveRp #OpenRoleplay #DmRoleplay #YaoiRoleplay #Roleplay #BoyLoveRoleplay #BLRoleplay #KingdomRp #SemeNeeded #SemesOnly #NeedSeme ))

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