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On the real this was my set of reactions when I found out how Jesus Christ was conceived... I can't be the only one that's jealous!! To come into this world and to not have been a part of that vile act we call intercourse??? To be honest, it is a thing of dreams for me. It's no secret that I hate sex and I always will, and that includes any sex act over the pants or under them. Reconciling the fact that I will have to touch women in order to get through this life is something I've always struggled with. Even if it's just a handshake, it makes me think in my head, "I'm going to sin soon." Back in high school, my parents actually used to call me Dobby (after the house elf in Harry Potter) because I would go punish myself if I ever somehow got sexually excited around a woman. Admittedly it was not often, as I have very strong willpower and refuse to be seduced by Lucifer's Sins of the Flesh™, but it happened a few times nonetheless. I wish I never had to think about sex and the fact that I exist because of it. Even a baby born through in vitro fertilization is not safe from the taint of sex. I just don't understand how God would have someone sin every time someone needed to conceive a child, it makes no sense to me. As much as the secular world tries to play it down, sex is a sin. I'm just doing my best to rise above.. #JustAnotherChapterInMyHornyLife #DivinelyConceiveMeMommy #PapaDoesPreach #Sexless #VoluntaryCelibates #JesusChristIsMyNavigator #TheVirginMaryIsMyBackseatDriver #ImJustInTheDriversSeatTrynaLearnHowToDriveStick #HollywoodIfUrReadingThisPleaseSiceMeWithARoleInAnUpcomingHarryPotterFlick #TheEasterIslandHeadsWereConstructedByBigPharmaToDistractYouWhileTheyJackThePricesUpOnYourBloodThinningMedication #dmmëgirls_السعودية_قطر_الامارات_العراق_مصر_الجزاير_ج_شفشفه_تفريش_جماعي_ساحق_اغتصاب

Nezno roze 😊
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