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From the age of 18months to 18 years old, a DK Dancer has the opportunity to performs and learn the art of Jazz. With a range of qualified and experienced teachers, our Jazz students will receive top quality training .
For further information about our Jazz classes or any other classes in 2018 head to our website WWW.DANCEKINETIC.COM.AU/ or join us on the 24th of January and the 1st of February for our DK Enrolment Days. You are also able to Enrol online NOW!! Be part of something special in 2018... THE DK FAMILY❤️💙 #dkalltheway #dancekineticalways #DK2018 #DKTurns20 #SutherlandShireDanceStudio

Our very own Capri has been enjoying her holidays and has captured her #DKPHOTOCOMP18 entry all the way from Luna Park Sydney ✨❤️ I’m glad to see you’re continuing your stretching throughout your time off, Keep it up!! #dkalltheway #DK2018 #DKSeniors

The Incredibly Talented @sienna.cox sent in these extraordinary shots for the #DKPHOTOCOMP18 ✨💕 Keep up the good work miss!! #dkalltheway #dkfamily #DK2018

Dance Kinetic thoroughly caters for dancers who wish to experience performance opportunities. Our EISTEDDFOD WORKSHOP PROGRAM allows dancers to learn and experience the challenges and successes of the Eisteddfod experience. This program teaches students Teamwork, Discipline, Work Ethic and Sportsmanship. DK Eisteddfod workshop students will be given multiple opportunities throughout the year to perform on stage and to represent Dance Kinetic at other events. To Enrol for this program head to our website WWW.DANCEKINETIC.COM.AU/ or join us on the 24th of January and the 1st of February for our Enrolment Days!!! Be a part of the DK Family for 2018✨❤️💙 #ENROLNOW #DKFamily #DK2018 #dkalltheway #dancestudio2018 #sutherlandshiredance

JOIN THE DK FAMILY AND ENROL NOW✔️✨ Visit our website for details about the range of classes we offer in 2018 OR join us in the new year for our DK Enrolment Days. .
▪️Enrolment Days: 24th Jan + 1st February .
#DKfamily #EnrolNOW #DK2018 #ClassesForAll #DKALLTHEWAY

STRETCHING & STRENGTHENING are so incredibly important for a dancer to uphold throughout their training. For both Junior and Senior students at Dance Kinetic we offer classes that are aimed at improving flexibility, strength and stamina. For dancers aged 12 years and under come and join our Junior Technique class next year, and for those aged 13+ a Senior Stretch lesson is perfect for more mature dancers.
Head to our DK Website WWW.DANCEKINETIC.COM.AU/ to find out more and to Enrol in classes For 2018
OR Join us on the 24th of January / 1st of February for our Enrolment Day!! 💪🏼❤️✨💙 #DKENROLMENT #dkalltheway #2018Classes #DKFAMILY #DKPRIDE #StretchAndStrengtheningClasses

DK TAPPERZZZ✨🖤👯 From as young as 18 months any energetic dancer who loves to tap can Come Along and Join our DK Tap Classes with our Highly Educated and Knowledgeable Teachers. Our classes include: Twinkle Tot Tapperz, Junior Tap, Intermediate Tap and Senior Tap for both Boys and Girls. Enrol online TODAY or Join Us on the 24th of January and the 1st of February for our ENROLMENT DAY @ our DK Studio!!! #DKTAP #DKALLTHEWAY #DanceKineticSchoolOfPerformingArts #TapClasses #DK2018 #DKPRIDE

From our youngest Twinkle Tots to our DK Seniors, we encourage each students personal style and CREATIVITY. As we are a close network here at Dance Kinetic our teachers have the opportunity to NURTURE each dancer individually. There are many aspects of our DK Classes that challenge each students abilities to be creative. Some of these creative experiences include:.
▪️ -DK Choreographers of the Future Competition .
▪️ -Improvisation within Classes. . .
▪️ -Group Work within Classes..
▪️ -Our Eisteddfod Workshop Program. .
▪️ -Private Lessons. ..And many more.
ENROL NOW for our 2018 Classes via our website www.dancekinetic.com.au/ OR Come Along to our Enrolment Day on the 24th of January and the 1st of February at our Dance Kinetic Studio ✨💪🏼❤️ #DKFAMILY #DK2018 #DanceKineticways #DKALLTHEWAY #DKPride #TwinkleTots #DKSeniors #SutherlandShireDanceStudio

Our beautiful Grade 4 Ballerinas 💗 A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to each and every one of you on your incredible Ballet Exam Results receiving DISTINCTIONS!! ✨ WOW!! What a SENSATIONAL achievement. 👏🏼 We are SO extremely proud of each and every one of you. ✨Your continuous hard work, dedication, commitment and determination to your Ballet studies has well and truly paid off. 🌟 A BIG thank you once again to our magnificent Ballet Teachers Miss Nicole and Miss Leanne for your ongoing hard work and support you provided our Grade 4 Ballerinas with in the lead up to their Exams. These fantastic results are a true testament to your passion and dedication to our students. We love you both. 😘😘 Congratulations to our gorgeous Grade 4 Ballet Student, Jenaya for completing your first ever Ballet Exam with OUTSTANDING results!! 💕 #dkalltheway #dancekineticalways #DKPRIDE

CONGRATULATIONS are definitely in order for these adorable and talented little Ballerinas who all received DISTINCTIONS for their Grade 1 Ballet Exams!! ✨ For some it was their first ever Ballet Exam. We could not be more proud of each and every one of you. 👏🏼 You have all worked SO very hard, shown great determination and an absolute love for Ballet in the lead up to your Exams.💗 Way to go gorgeous girls. Another HUGE thank you to our beautiful Miss Leanne who put her heart and soul into preparing these little Ballerinas for their Exam. 🌟 #dkalltheway #dancekineticalways #DKPRIDE

Another BIG CONGRATULATIONS to this gorgeous little Ballerina who also received a DISTINCTION for her Grade 2 Ballet Exam!! ✨ Sierra performed her Ballet Exam as a soloist, which is an achievement all of its own. 🌟 Your Ballet Teachers are SO proud of you Sierra and we could not be happier for you. 👏🏼 WOOHOO!! 💗 #dkalltheway #dancekineticalways #DKPRIDE

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to these absolute beauties!! ✨ They underwent their first ever Major Ballet Exam and all received DISTINCTIONS with incredible marks!! 👏🏼 I am absolutely over the moon for you. You deserve every bit of success. 😘 A HUGE THANK YOU to our wonderful, passionate and dedicated Ballet Teachers Miss Leanne and Miss Nicole who worked extremely hard preparing these beautiful girls for their first ever Major Ballet Exam. We think the world of you. 🌟 #dkalltheway #dancekineticalways #DKPRIDE

THROWBACK ✨🌟 To this time last week when our talented Miss @samturpin1 held an Open Lyrical class for all of our DK Seniors!! Our girls left this lesson feeling so incredibly inspired and motivated after learning from Miss Sam💕✨ Here is the Combo that they learnt... #dkalltheway #DKSeniors #DanceKinetic2017 #DKPRIDE #DKDancers

So lucky to have had Miss Angelique teach all my kids dancing this year. Never have i seen a dance teacher with so much love, support & encouragement toward her students. Her positive vibes shine on all who meet her. dk2017 #dkalltheway #bestdanceteacher

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to our gorgeous and talented 2017 Dance Kinetic School of Performing Arts Scholarship Recipient, Scarlett Milne!!! ✨ From day one her talent, passion and love for dance was very evident. She has improved out of sight this year and is continually working hard in every class. 🌟 Scarlett has absolutely blossomed throughout 2017 and I cannot wait to see what she achieves in 2018!! 💫 I am SO proud of you beautiful Scarlett. ❤️💙❤️💙 #DKPRIDE #DK2017 #dancekineticalways #dkalltheway #DanceKinetic2017ScholarshipRecipient.

FLASHBACK FRIDAYYY✨🌟 This weeks flashback comes all the way from 2010!!! ‘Inertia Creeps’ was one of DK’s most memorable pieces❤️💙. @lisabow #FLASHBACKFRIDAY #FBF #dkalltheway #DK2017

Our absolutely gorgeous Level 1’s!!! ❤️💚❤️💚 #DKChristmasDressUpWeek2017 #DKPRIDE #DK2017 #dancekineticalways #dkalltheway

Primary Thursday Cuties!! ❤️❤️❤️ #DKChristmasDressUpWeek2017 #DKPRIDE #DK2017 #dancekineticalways #dkalltheway

OUR FINAL DK SENIOR JAZZ COMBO FOR 2017✨🌟 There was no other way to finish off an amazing year with @_alexanderdimitri than with a HEELS CLASS 👠👠 We have been so lucky to have had you this year ALEX, Thankyou for such a phenomenal year!!! #DKALLTHEWAY #DKSeniors #SENIORJAZZ2017 #alexstragalinos #JazzDancers

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