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Brincando um pouquinho #djwal #sqn #top

Por que se formo!! Con #DJWAL en @mokaiofficial #MIAMI #southbeach gracias @erickeml @andresf242 full apoyo!! #COLOMBIA en #usa tremendo festin!

Tomorrow night @søpavillonen gon be litttt🔥🔥🔥🔥 #DjKofi #DjWal #DjErnest
#AfromaniaXmaxparty #BiggestXmaxparty

》Se seu Hobby é sentar !!
》Não vou te criticar !! 》Está de Parabéns !! #DjWal

Dimeloooo @dj.wal Color Party Andes 🎵🎤🍻
#party #DJWAL #COLORPARTY #electro


#TB #SortDistortion 2016 - Had so much fun on stage. If any of you know this guy dancing with me, link me up! I need him in my life.
#Copenhagen #Distortion2016 #AfroDistortion #DjWal #Vesterbro #Yismii #TwerkItLikeYismii


》Se seu Hobby é sentar !!
》Não vou te criticar !! 》Está de Parabéns !! #DjWal

Licalizandoooo .. #DjWal 💃💃

Yes.. it's tonight. @#KingsPlace. With #DjWal.

Unto the next1👉 Sat 22/07/17. #KingsPlace. Alongside #DjWal. Still on #Bcross #FiobodoDanceMovement🔥.

Idk how I am so fortunate for all the wonderfully phenomenal dudes in my world but they would like me to share Your psychic gifts are extremely enhanced at this time. Every intuitive muscle you have is being gently awoken and calming energies being sent at this time for enjoyment of artistic and creative channels as an outlet. At moments when you get overwhelmed, fear starts to creep in, ask Odin or Djwal Khul for help they will guide you. It is your preference on which masculine energy you prefer. Today walking with the pup we were guided off of the paved path and shown a trail that led to a second paved path. Through listening and talking and singing back to the birds they told me when to stop. Then, two of the largest black and white gorgeous Native Hawaiian lake birds came flying overhead when I began to panic. I mean I was at work, I was just intending to let Mahina go for a few minute walk but Spirit had a different plan. I didn't have my phone, I was basically lost in the middle of an overgrown old golf course next to a lake I didn't know existed (side note, next to the lake there was also a huge cage that just seemed so out of place - why would there be a massive cage in the middle of this beautiful spot?) but Spirit had a challenge for me. Get Lost. Really lost. Not gonna lie, I yelled ODIN PLEASE!!! And that's when the two gorgeous swan like birds began to scream at me and circled me until I followed. I doubted only for a second and they got louder when i started going the wrong way. Then, all of a sudden we came out. We were EXACTLY where we started!!!!!!!!! I fell to my knees from laughing and crying so hard because I had come to the realization that I will never be lost again. In moments of doubt, I know my dudes have my back. And so do yours!!!! These guys wanna help. Let them. Heartbreak doesn't exist when Love is truly divine. 🤗 #Paul #Odin #Djwal 💜🌀🦋🌀💙 6|29|2017

Don't stop the music #Djwal

❌ https://www.facebook.com/events/993556130775294/ 💯 ✅ ❌ #naavaclub #partyhard #djcity #leehgoo #djwal #djmyron #djeddyn #djwizy #djstyles #mcdarkflex @ralweb @djeddyn @evanikandrova @tobi_banks

@Regrann from @djwal - #Repost @djeddyn with @repostapp
❎ JAMAICA FESTIVAL @ Naava Club, Melle, Germany ❎
❌ zusagen: https://www.facebook.com/events/993556130775294/ 💯 ✅ ❌
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SA 13/5/2017 SPICE LIVE ON STAGE !!!
❎ JA MAN! IT’S JAMAICA @ Naava Club, Melle, Germany ❎
❌ zusagen: https://www.facebook.com/events/993556130775294/ 💯 ✅ ❌
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SA 13/5/2017 SPICE LIVE ON STAGE !!!
❎ JA MAN! IT’S JAMAICA @ Naava Club, Melle, Germany ❎
❌ DJs-Line Up: OXII (Belgien) | MYRON (Holland) | DARKFLEX (Holland) | STYLES (Arnheim) | WAL (Dänemark) 💯 ✅
❌ ‼ Eintritt FREI !!! | AB 24.00: 8,00€ für Special Drink | Doors open: 23 Uhr ‼ ✅✅
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Más que colega un amigo... nochasa con el loco #DjWAL

#Tibetan #Djwal Khul (also spelled 'Djwhal Khul', 'Djwal kul' etc.), in Theosophy, is a Tibetan Master of the ancient esoteric religion. He is a member of the 'Brotherhood' of Mahatmas, who are the spiritual guides of mankind and the guardians of ancient cosmological and metaphysical teachings. These esoteric teachings form the origin of all the world's great philosophies, mythologies and spiritual traditions. As a Mahatma, Djwal Khul is working mentally for the furthering of spiritual evolution on our planet, using his highly developed powers of meditation, or siddhis. At the same time, he leads an outwardly normal life among ordinary human beings. Members of the esoteric Brotherhood were said to be the hidden founders of the Theosophical Society in 1875.

Role in Neo-Theosophy and New Age

Early in the 1920's, the cook at the American Theosophical headquarters cafŽ, Alice A. Bailey (1880-1949), began writing Neo-Theosophical literature which she claimed to be receiving telepathically from a Master later to be reveiled as Djwal Khul (spelled by her 'Djwhal Khul'). This Master, she said, was the one responsible for the revelation of esoteric truth in our time.

In the past, he had worked through Madame Blavatsky, a co-founder of the Theosophical Society, to whom he had dictated substantial portions of the material presented in her magnum opus, The Secret Doctrine (1888). Now it was the 'disciple' Alice Bailey's turn. Her work for the Hierarchy of advanced beings, to whom Djwal Khul belonged, would help prepare the way for the 'Reappearance of the Christ', and would be the second in a series of three revelations meant to usher in the New Age, the Age of Aquarius.In a preface statement attached to Mrs. Bailey's books, Djwal Khul ('The Tibetan' or D.K.) describes himself as an abbot of a Tibetan monastery and the spriritual preceptor of a large group of Lamas.

He lives in Northern India, near the borders of Tibet. Other than that he seems reluctant to give out any personal details; his books are clearly about the alleged esoteric truth of his teachings and not about his own personage.

Without entering into a discussion of the specifics of this vast teaching, it

In the jungle of christmas#mery christmas to you all#DjObans#Djwal#Smashin#time#Kimietoons#Fedzichals#D.Black..

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