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"If you're happy & you know it, clap your hands", *starts clapping endlessly* 🙈🙈. Kudos to Saba and Hirra @the_glamblog for writing this divine review ❤❤ #thankyousoomuch

Ever wondered about #diyskincare ? Click on the link in bio to read all about Angela’s experience, including this blueberry cleanser
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Double tap if you love nourishing skincare! 💚👆👆 I'd love to know what you love to make at home! Share your favorite DIY skincare products below 👇 This one is my Homemade Whipped Body Butter recipe 💫 Get the full recipe on the blog 👉littlegreendot.com

DIY time with @oliviajeanette_! You can find this Coconut DIY Mask at @ultabeauty! #yesto #diyskincare #mudmasks #naturalskincare #maskmonday

Making Rosewater..cause this skin care game is serious!
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In my kitchen, feeling creative!! Any ideas, thoughts, products you’ve been hoping for? No ideas are too big or too small to consider! ❤️💕🌷😊#bekks_essentials #bekks_skincare #diyskincare #organic #skincarereviews


How well do you know your oils?! I think it's fair to say I'm pretty well acquainted with them after the amount of time I've now spent reading about them 😂 Skin care creation takes a lot of research and testing to make sure we come up with the best recipes. Whilst researching oils I've discovered a key differentiator I wanted to share with you. Generally speaking, oils can be split into two camps based on whether they are high in Oleic or Linoleic acid (there are some that straddle the fence, more on them later 😉). Oleic acid is good for dry skin as it will replenish it. Linoleic acid is great for spot prone skin as it thins out sebum. If you don't get enough linoleic acid from your diet your body may turn to oleic acid to create sebum, oleic is more sticky and can block pores.
Topical use of linoleic acid can counteract a deficiency in your diet. It is found in: flaxseed, safflower, grapeseed, sunflower, watermelon, nigella seed, evening primrose, Barbary fig seed, red raspberry and rose hip oils.
Oleic acid for replenishing skin is found in:
Sweet almond, carrot, avocado, buriti, Marula and shea oils/ butter.
Oils that straddle both are argan, baobab, sesame, kiwi and pomegranate, these can be used for combination skin. Hopefully this has been useful in giving you an idea of oils that are suitable for you based on your skin type 😊🤗

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mask of the day!! oatmeal x rice water

These cute vials are part of a Wild Mix formula, essential plant extract goodness that transforms your skincare experience. Mixing your own product is easy, fun, relaxing 😎 and beneficial to both your skin and wellbeing. 💫 #cleanskincare #mixology #beautymixedbyyou

Turmeric aka haldi is a powerful antioxidant and found in every Indian kitchen
It's anti inflammatory and antiseptic action makes it apt for this Diwali week as pollution is on rise

Aloe vera gel 2tbsp + pinch of turmeric + Marigold flower petals . Apply it on face and neck evenly wash it with warm water

DIY Body Ubtan (soap free body cleanser)
1tsp haldi + 2 tbsp besan or gram flour + 1 black lentil flour (Kali udad dal) + 1/2 tsp ambe haldi + 1tsp orange peel powder
Some products may suit me but not to you.
Please do a patch test before using the DIY product as it may cause allergic reaction to some
You can just indulge in @kiehlsindia turmeric and cranberry mask which also exfoliate


Bhumika Pardeshi
At skincare decoded

Happy Diwali

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Hey friends! I'm teaching an online oiling with baby class right now in my fb "classroom" Let me know if you would like to be added. Posts are numbered so you can hop on at your leisure and catch up. FREE CLASS-no fee, no pressure! Giveaways and fun tips and recipes. Don't miss out! Comment or DM me if you want in! #essentialoils #oilylife #oilybaby #oilykids #calmkids

I am sooo excited about this oil - it is next level pain management! .
I was lucky enough to receive a bottle to try a few weeks ago and WOW! Although I have no immediate pain, this oil makes me feel a million dollars! .
✔️I have lots of energy .
✔️Don’t have that dull headache that hangs around all day (mainly due to being tired) .
✔️Feel emotionally calm and in control .
✔️The pain in my neck that causes a headache has disappeared .
I have also added this to my little Miss’ teething roller and noticed a difference in her pain 🙌🏼
This oil has so many AMAZING benefits for those experiencing intense pain, have problems with nervous system function and/or need help to support their digestive and respiratory system .
If you would like help with how to get your hands on a bottle of this liquid gold - send me a DM today 🖤

Its festive season and I see marigolds everywhere🌸.
Traditionally though marigolds are used for decorating houses and temples in India, did u know they have numerous beauty benefits too?
They are packed with carotenoids, flavinoids,polysaccharides,
linoleic acid and triterpenes.
They offer numerous skin and hair benefits. Will soon share the recipes on the blog.☺
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🔸All in All Health TIP🔸
"Suffering from stress or anxiety? Maca powder might just be the answer!" 🔸
Maca powder has wonderful qualities that help to balance hormones, support mood and eliminate stress. 🔸
You can use Maca powder in smoothies, hot drinks, baked goods and snacks. 🔸
A great dosage is to aim for 1 tablespoon a day to keep the balance and power through your next stressful moment or anxiety episode.
Have a Healthy and Happy Day😍

When I ran out of my favorite laundry detergent a month ago and didn't want to have to go to Costco just for detergent it was time to use my ingenuity. What started as a simple and cheap diy project has led me into a whole other world!
Over the past couple of months I have started a journey to a more plastic and waste free lifestyle.
I could list a ton of benefits here, but the most important thing to know is that It's easier than you think, and it isn't an all or nothing project.
There are mulitple aspects of my life that aren't waste free, and may never be. But it's just about trying, and doing what you can.
I am fortunate enough I can sew, I like diy projects, and have some great shopping options around me (thrift stores, organic food stores).
Unfortunately most of the limitations I face are that of businesses, and what they provide for bulk items and what packaging they will let you use.
For example, #planetorganic won't tare jars! I have also yet to find a place with bulk cat food for #sythesiamese.
And sometimes you can't find a cucumber NOT wrapped in plastic, even though they had them last week (I <3 cucumbers). If this interests you, swipe left and see what I have been up to lately! If you have questions or want more details let me know!

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Sabun Kayu Mamis dirumus khas 100% herba semula jadi iaitu formulasi bunga cengkih, kayu manis, kolagen dan vitamin C. Selamat digunakan dan bebas dari bahan kimia berbahaya. “Manfaat Sabun Kulit Kayu Manis.” SUPAYA wajah anda bebas dari masalah JERAWAT yang TERUK.  SUPAYA wajah lebih licin. Dan Muka dah tak berminyak.  SUPAYA menghilangkan parut jerawat yang dah bertahun-tahun ada di muka.  SUPAYA Muka lebih Putih dan berseri

KELEBIHAN SABUN KAYU MANIS: € Menghilangkan Jerawat Batu € Menghilangkan Parut Jerawat € Menghilangkan Kesan Jerawat € Memutihkan € Mengecilkan Pori-pori Kulit € Menyihatkan Kulit(vitamin-c) € Menyegar Kulit Muka . € Mengawal Minyak Berlebihan € Mengekalkan Kelembapan Kulit € Menigkatkan Keanjalan Kulit ( Org Berusia ) € Kulit Lebih Licin , Cerah Dan Berseri-seri € Membuang Toksin Pada Wajah € Mengahalang Blackhead Dan Whitehead #slimingsoap
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