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✌🏻 Hello! Comme vous êtes nombreux à me le demander : J'habite en Belgique dans le Brabant-Wallon. Et le blog n'est pas mon métier, à côté je suis employée graphiste 👌🏻Mais j'ai la chance d'avoir un jour par semaine à consacrer au blog 🖥! D'ailleurs je vous conseille d'allez lire le dernier article de la belle @milkywaysblueyes qui parle du métier de blogueuse. Je ne suis pas encore à son stade, mais je peux déjà vous dire que tenir un blog ça prend un temps de fou! 😅 c'est une passion! 📋
Je vous souhaite une belle journée 💚

¡Buenas noches a todos!⠀

Hoy he llegado a Madrid y hemos estado de paseo. ⠀

He ido comodísima con mi falda handmade. La tela es de @kokkafabric y ¡me encanta!⠀

¿Cómo habéis empezado la semana vosotras? ¡Contadme en comentarios!⠀


Good night everyone! ⠀

I arrived at Madrid right now, and we've been roaming around the city a little bit. ⠀

I've been really comfy wearing my handmade skirt. The fabric is from @kokkafabric and I love it!⠀

How has your Monday been? Tell me about it!

Armed with MDF, my feisty staple gun, my @spotlightstores bozoku cotton duck fabric, and some scrap batting, and whole lotta "I think this is how you should do it", my new sewing set up is now complete with this mini ironing board!
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I've been wanting this desk for a few years now but always talk myself out of getting it. No space, too much money, do I really need it? 😩 I think it's time though 👀

A delicious Orange Butter Cake thanks to Alex Herbert's recipe in the new The Great Australian Baking Book. Like an old fashioned orange pound cake with an orange glaze icing and packed with orange butter goodness. The sort of cake that reminds you of your childhood. Yum!

Emily wanted a mudroom. More to come, but for now here's my awesome wife sitting on a bench. #diylife

Back porch finally fit for good time! *Gremlin not included*

#ItsDone #Finally #DIYLife


One of the biggest things I have learned along my fitness journey is that it was ALL in my head.
Let me explain...
I never thought I could actually enjoy working out.
I never thought I would truly love my body.
I never thought I would be comfortable sharing my journey.
I never thought I could help other women get healthy.
I never thought I would be proud of my strength.
I never thought I would be more than shy and insecure.
Those are all thoughts that have gone through my head more times than I am willing to admit, but this last year has been huge in changing the way I see myself and think about myself.
I've learned that growing your mind and making sure to take care of your mental health is SO important and goes hand in hand with creating physical health and wellness.
You might THINK that you can't workout, follow a program, eat healthily, follow a meal plan, lose weight, or get those abs and that booty that you've always wanted, but guess what... you CAN!
YOU and your BODY can do amazing things, you just have to get your MIND on board.
I've realized how KEY that mental health piece is in your health and fitness journey. So I have decided to add that key piece of self love into my accountability groups!
I'm so excited to get together a group of women who ready to take on their health and fitness goals and also learn to really love themselves in the process. If you've never been a part of an accountability group for support and love along side you as you work hard to reach your goals, you are missing out! Why not join us!?
The form for September group is in my bio. Click on it and take a look. See if this is something that could transform your life right now! 💗💗💗

#crepes ! When I make crepes, it's time to make #bread . I only make #spelt #sourdough bread , and I only need to make it occasionally. I am #bloodtype B, and spelt is my happy bread grain. Johnny doesn't like the taste of spelt, but he's an A and can eat wheat at will.
Back to the crepes. I make them because I need to feed the #sourdoughstarter a couple of times to get it up to bread making strength when it's been resting in the refrigerator for awhile. I use the "low energy" starter as the base for the crepes so I don't need to discard any to make room in the mason jar for fresh flour "feed". Here's how it works: I take the starter out of the refrigerator, stir it, feed it, and let it sit loosely covered for about 8 hours (though I could use it for crepes right away). Then I stir it again vigorously and use a cup (plus 3 beaten free range chicken eggs, 3 tablespoons of melted raw dairy or nondairy butter, 3 pinches of pink salt, and a little raw dairy or nondairy milk to get the batter to the right consistency) to make about a dozen or so 6" crepes. When they're done, I feed the starter and let it sit again for several hours. If it's bubbly enough, I'll start making the bread dough. I not, I'll feed it again and wait again. Usually 1-2 feedings are enough. But it's been chilled for at least 3-4 months this time.

I love the crepes, and sometimes make them into tortilla chips. They are great as wraps for sandwiches, filled with sweet cheese or fruit fillings, topped as thin dough pizza, or as simple flat bread.

#diylife #foodismedicine #foodfromscratch #bloodtypediet

Free PDF Sewing Patterns: Learn how to sew, and create easy sewing projects and tutorials with our F…

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Aspen Free Knitting Pattern for Tote Bag…

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Halter bra and boyshort pajama set made from a tshirt #diylife #crafting #tshirtrefashion #handmade

Copper details are all the rage! Add a little industrial flair to your living room by building your own DIY copper side table. Click the link in our bio for materials and steps #DIYproject

As much as I wanted to come home from training, sit down with a glass of wine, and celebrate my first day on the new job, I knew I owed it to myself to #NeverMissAMonday!!
With a lot of sweat and a lot of shaky legs, I got through today's workout and checked off another mental win for the day.
Sometimes working out isn't so much about seeing the weight drop off or seeing the muscles develop, sometimes it is an accomplishment enough in itself to show up and get it done!
So if that was your victory today, showing up and getting it done, be loud, be proud, and don't be shy in telling the world of what a great accomplishment you made today!!!

Emily wanted a mudroom. More to come, but for now here's my awesome wife sitting on a bench. #diylife

Back to #school tip! #Meleleuca#essentialoil keeps hair, scalp, and overall skin smooth and healthy. If there is an outbreak of pests at school, add a drop of #Clove to shampoo as well. If you want to know more, join my Facebook education group (link in bio) for classes, recipes, DIY projects...all searchable.

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$5 Lamp find today! This is the "after" photo & SWIPE to see the the original. I was excited to find this lamp. Its been a couple years of waiting..but well worth it! .
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Make These 69 DIY Cleaning Products For Pennies

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Loving my eclipse photos from today. Made a badass projector with reading glasses that I broke for SCIENCE! Best $4 I spent. Since you know the glasses got sold out everywhere! Check out the clouds being reflected in the one image! #awesomeness #sciencenerd #eclipse2017 #whenthemooncoversthesun #apocalypse #diylife #ducktapesolveseverything #staringatthesun

Personaliza tus gafas de sol y sal a divertirte! Hazlo tú mismo en https://goo.gl/AVxRpu

Para más información sobre smoothie, visita https://goo.gl/zYEWk6

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36 Sewing Project for Women’s Fashion – DIY Joy

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Got done with training a little early today and got beat out the rush hour traffic!
Today definitely showed me how much I have grown mentally since I started my fitness coaching endeavor.
A year ago, I would have day quietly and absorbed everything, I would have been shy to speak up, and I really wouldn't have been the first one to reach out to build relationships.
But today I asked questions, I spoke up without being forced to, I made new friends, and I learned so much about the company and myself as a person.
While coaching has definitely given me a beautiful physical transformation, the transformation that has happened in my mind is my biggest accomplishment so far!
Feeling so thankful for my crew, a large list of books, and the fact that I finally learned to be comfortable just being me!

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