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I can barely contain the excitement that I have about this gorgeous sign from Jen @harpergrayce 😱😍 I love her signs so much! The originality of how she actually glues each letter to the sign to give it the look of the letters standing out is just amazing!! AND she uses reclaimed wood!!!! I’m. In. Love!!! Swipe over for a close up of her sign. And don’t miss out on all of the designs that she has to offer. Head over and show her some love. She is definitely #onetofollow ❤️🙌🏻 If you missed it, I added the tutorial of how I made these snowflakes in minutes for my elf land. The tutorial is right up there in my profile👆. Have a great night my friends!

Happy Sunday! We're cooking a yummy breakfast 🍳 and I'm going to finally finish up my 🎄decorating . And yes, we only have two stockings up currently for 5 people, that's what happens when you don't buy enough and then they are sold out. The struggle 😬😫! Have a lovely day❤️. #christmastree #flockedtree #christmasdecor #entrywaydecor #buffaloplaid #buffalocheckthisout #farmhousestyle #diyhome #homedesign #entryway #bench

I’m definitely itching to go full force with my Christmas decor. For now, I am spreading the Christmas joy to the nooks and crannies that aren’t filled to the brim of all my boxed up decor. I have a feeling I’ll be able to get my furniture arranged fairly soon. We’re getting down to all the details and fine tuning of our kitchen remodel! This process has been waaaayyyyy better than I could’ve ever anticipated! To all my local friends, if you need a contractor, be sure to contact Josh at Top Shelf Construction! Feel free to DM for their info. #notsponsored #justappreciategreatwork 😉😉
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It’s always a good idea to test the fit of a dado in scrap before cutting it on your actual workpiece. Don’t ask me how I know this..... 😆😜🤦🏻‍♀️

Ich bin nicht die Erste mit Christmas-Spam! 😝 Also haben wir uns schonmal einen Schwibbogen gebaut, die Idee dazu kommt von @bildschoenesdesign und stand schon letztes Jahr auf der christmas-diy-to-do-Liste 🎄♥️ habt ihr auch paar DIY's für die Weihnachtszeit geplant?
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Cooking organic pesto spinach pasta on the bus because: Bus life chef.


Some hammock time before another rainy week 😴

🌿P L A N T H A N G E R S 🌿 Meet Ebony and Ivy! We are slowly adding more green into our home. We need low maintenance greenery as we have a tendency to kill plants...but these ivys are super easy to take care of! Our goal is for them to grow all across the white space above our curtains. Theses shelves are super easy and cheap to make and perfect for any plant that dangles down!
•[SUPPLIES] 1 cedar fence board, 1/4 inch rope, steel strapping, drill, and screws.
•[STEPS] 1. Cut cedar board to desired length (measure top of planter, not the bottom).
2. Drill holes into wood for the rope to go through. Measure the rope to desired length for hanging. One side will need to be a little longer if you are placing it against a wall. Tie a knot at the ends of the rope once fed through the holes.
3. Find a stud in the wall, use the steel strapping to loop around the rope and drill into place

Sabe aqueles itens de cozinha que você já não utiliza mais? Eles podem ganhar uma nova função, como prova este gracioso suporte para panos de prato.
#diyproject #diy #artesanatos
#diyhome #reciclagem #decoracao

The hot cocoa bar is a go! If you ever need a little bit of warm sweetness in your life stop by!
This year I added cider mixes, for variety. All sorts of tasty mixins in this little spot.

Man did cell phone cameras SUCK 9 years ago!

I had a dream last night that got me thinking.
The picture below is my kids and I on my 30th birthday. I had just lost ALL that "baby" weight (75lbs) using Turbo Jam. Shortly after this pic was taken I was struck with Lyme. A few months later a herniated disc, then another and another...I was so bad that they thought I had MS before diagnosing the discs. In the midst of all that I was still cleaning up from my 2 oldest getting sick everyday. Can you imagine being told for 5 years "it's just a virus, let it run its course". I was a crazy lunatic and my kids health always came before mine.
I am FINALLY in a position where I can focus on ME! My kids are healthy, thriving and able to help around the house. I have become a MASTER at making 4 different dinners AND have them finished at the same time so we can eat together.
I am not the same person in that picture. Remembering that day; I wanted a pic with my kids, but I didn't have the confidence to be standing holding them. I still thought I was fat (didn't help that my horrid step mother was telling me that!) I was in a size 6! I was TINY! But I still cared what others thought of me... Fast forward to the 2017 pic...I am NOT the same person I was 9 years ago. I might have a ton of weight to lose (stupid menopause!), but I am emotionally stronger, more confident, not giving a crap what others think anymore. My goal is to retake this photo on my 40th Birthday, October next year.
People ask me all the time "how do you keep going?" Simple: love and Shakeology. When you surround yourself with positive people you have a positive life. Shakeology gave me the nutrition I needed when I couldn't walk to put a meal together.
I have since found a coach that gets me! She created a lifestyle of eating that took away my inflammation, bloating, joint pain and I am able to workout every day! I am FINALLY losing weight and healing!I would like to pay it forward. I am starting my own accountability group of 5-7 women using the methods that I used to help me through all the physical pain I went through.
Drop your email below for info!

Loving the fabric on these two pendant lampshades 😊 Created by @colormequilty from scrap leftover. 💡❤ #repost @colormequilty ・・・
@ilikethatlamp 2 new pendant lights for my sewing room. Made the shades from I like that lamp kits and green cord/lights from @homedepot . The fabric was a scrap leftover from a quilt. ● ● ●
#ilikethatlamp #diylamp #diylamps #diyproject #diyblogger #diyprojects #diyfurniture #diycrafts #diyhomedecor #diydecor #diyideas #lamp #diylighting #diylight #lamps #lamploversoftheworldunite #lightinglovers #lampdesign #diyhome #doityourself #doityourselfproject #diydecorating #lamplove #lightfixture #lightfixtures #lampshade #diylampshade #pendantlamps

Nowa, własnoręcznie uszyta podusia dla męża😍 #diy #diyhome #lowickiewzory #poduszka #didmyself #dobrażona

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