Simple meal tonight—#grassfed cheeseburger with our #diybacon and some super tasty potato wedges with #farmfresh potatoes. (1/4 cup Parmesan, 1TB oil, salt pepper, garlic and onion powder in a bag and toss wedges before baking for 30 mins.) #grillingseason #grassfedburger #eatlocal #csalife

BACON!!!! (swipe for full effect) The first of our new bacon series drops today in all the regular places. We are working on developing the ultimate DIY bacon cure… taking into account all of the methods of curing, variables such as smoking and Prague powder, as well as flavour agents. A lot of time spent on this one!
#bacon #homemadebacon #testkitchen #kitchenlife #porkbelly #diybacon

Doing my usual early winter sausage making session. Waitangi Bangers and a spicy Chorizo like brew. The Waitangi Bangers are our take on a classic British Banger that we first made several years ago on Waitangi day and the name stuck. They're heavy on the mace and sage and very very moreish. We always use pure lamb mince because that is what we have from our farm and they are none the poorer for it. I always work with natural casings from @thecasingboutique because they are flexible to work with and don't crack when you cook them and I know what they're made from. Would anyone be keen to come to a nitrate free bacon and sausage making workshop in spring?

#grassfed, #nitratefree, #freerange, #sausagemaking, #naturalcasing #diybacon #waitangibangers, #homemadechorizo #charceuterie

Perfect meal for a rainy, chilly spring day! Irish Lamb Stew tonight using @northstarsheepfarm lamb, our #diybacon & corned beef broth, and carrots & potatoes from our never ending #csalife abundance. Thanks to @waldenlocalmeat and @farmerdavescsa for this #eatlocalma tastiness! 🙏🏼😋🐑🥕🥔🥓🙏🏼 #stewweather #irishlambstew

Busy week over here! But we still managed to do some cooking. Here’s Wednesday’s #capeannfreshcatch haddock baked and topped with breading and our #diybacon. #latergram #eatlocal Our thanks to Captain Joe and Farmer Dave for the tasty dinner.

#TIL: Making bacon is time consuming, but cutting it by hand is definitely the hard part. Pretty tasty results though! #diybacon #homemadebacon #sundaybreakfast

Achievement unlocked: we cured and slow-cooked our own bacon!
#diybacon #homemadebacon #baconlife

Home made cold smoked bacon. Only three ingredients, sea salt, 100% pure canadian maple syrup and brown sugar.
I wish I could get wild pork in Iceland, not factory farmed pigs.
Recipie for 1kg pork belly:
1/3 cup sea salt
1/3 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup 100% pure maple syrup.

Rub brine on the meat.
Place the meat in a ziplock bag or some other container.
Place the bag/container in a refridgerator for 6-12 days turning the meat every day.
After 6-12 days rinse the brine off with clean water and then place the meat in water bath for 30 minutes. This will even out the saltiness.
Tap dry the meat with a towel and place in the refridgerator on a rack for 12-24 hours.
Cold smoke for at least 4 hours. I use beach wood for smoking.
Let the bacon hang for at least 1-3 days for best results.
#bacon #homemadebacon #diy #diybacon #smoke #smoker #smoking #coldsmoke #coldsmoked #coldsmokedbacon #food #cleanfood #meat #cooking #iceland #reykjavík

Jowl Bacon fresh out the smoker. Brined 10 days and hickory smoked all morning.
Ultra smokey, with hints of cinnamon and cayenne. Can't stop taste testing this. Quality control is very important folks!

What's your favorite wood to smoke with?

Latest batch of bacon cured,smoked,sliced and packaged. Maple bacon smoked with apple and hickory. Had some good help on this batch.#bacon #diybacon @baconraiderbbq #smoke #bbq

With three litters in seven days and 30 piglets total we were bound to have a kitchen pig #pigsforsale #DIYbacon

Curing some pork to put on my fork. #diybacon #myonlybaeisleaf

Fun things to do, Sunday edition. Make bacon! This is the last, and most fun, step. But two weeks ago we started another batch of taking a raw pork belly from @hopcottfarms and curing it to make our own bacon. We used a simple rub this time of curing salt and brown sugar. Then today setup the little wee smoker...only to find drat! The element was broken! Perhaps not broken per se but constantly blowing beakers in the GFI outlets left us with less than happy feelings about having it sit there lest we become the BBQ meat inside the house...
Luckily I had built the @altonbrown flower pot smoker years earlier, so we took the element out of that (As an aside...please please please bring something Good Eats-ish back Alton. The world needs you.) and got the smoker back in action. For about 4 hours the neighborhood smelled like a gorgeous cross of alder and sugar maple until the inside hit 150. Which was our cue to slice and fry to GB&D. A little salty, which we think was because we over-cured it. We'll just have to make it again...and again...and again.
#homemadebacon #flowerpotsmokerftw #diybacon #bacon

When you strike out finding a compliant bacon in your travels, and your hubby is a carnivorous genius, you make your own. It is freaking freezing here and hubs andI couldn't muster up the strength to go to another store with the holiday hoopla. We picked up some pork belly at @costco and Steve seasoned it and has it curing. In about a week we will know if it is a success or a bust. #diy #diybacon #bacon #makinbacon #makinthebacon #whole30 #januarywhole30 #meat #pork #carnivore

There comes a time in a mans life when just eating bacon is no longer enough so he decides to study the art of creating such goodness.🥓🥓🥓🥓 🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓 #diybacon #bacon #bacon #bacon #bacon #bacon

Not sure if I’ve got bacon or just smoked pork belly but whatever it is smells and looks really good. Gotta cool then time to test it out #diybacon #bacon #smoke #kamajoe

What better way to spend a snowy Christmas Eve eve morning than smoking some #diybacon #kamadojoe #bacon

Three generations of bacon makers at work tonight.
You can do this to. Bacon is easy!

Send us a message to reserve your half hog from the next processing day, so you can fill your freezer with chops, ham, sausage, and pork belly for making homemade bacon (or you can let the processor turn it into bacon for you if you're not feeling that adventurous yet). #makinbacon #threegenerations #familytimeoverthefamilypig #diybacon #skillbuilding #preservetheharvest #forestraisedpork

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