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New Year Eve with paps n sisters 😊☺️😘
#newyeareve2017 #instafamily #fatheranddaughters #divorcedparents #divorcediaries

When you have 4 families, Christmas lasts for awhile #DivorcedParents #MerryChristmas

Dios nos permite vivir el amor en muchas facetas. Ser padres de este tesoro es una de ellas. Mi hijo es feliz cuando ve a sus papas poder compartir junto a el. Hoy dia seguimos siendo familia pero de una forma diferente. Aun asi compartimos juntos en las fiestas, vacaciones y dias importantes de Ricardo. El sabe que mama y papa no estan ya juntos, pero sabe que eso no es sinonimo de desunion. No saben lo mucho que esto ayuda la seguridad y la autoestima de los niños, pero sobre todo el amor que sienten. Gracias a Dios por este angelito hermoso. @hairbyangel_r Gracias por carretearnos estos dias
#ourson #divorcedparents #alllove #friends #family

My parents' divorce was finalized today. I need to keep this in mind. #divorcedparents #divorcesucks #everynewbeginningcomesfromsomeotherbeginningsend

Joking around with my dad with a Betty Crocker cookbook from about the 50's! 😂 #father #fatherandson #divorcedparents #divorce #fitnesslifestyle

Dad picking pastrami out of moms teeth after eating at @frankelsdeli #divorcedparents

Thanks Dad, for reminding me of the strength inside of me after that painful lunch with mom #graduationforcesfamilytogether #divorcedparents

ما هي الأسباب التي تجمع المطلقين تحت سقف واحد من جديد؟ وما هو شكل الحياة #الزوجية التي تجمعهم؟
احصلوا على عدد زهرة الخليج واقرؤوا هذا التحقيق
#Divorce #Divorcedparents #DivorcedLife

We're shipping happy today! Sending some #CoParenting love to some special littles today! #CoParentingCalendar #divorcedparents #eLittles


Your ONLY warning. You will NOT like this mama bear. (I'm also a Taurus and a dragon, not that it REALLY matters...)
Don't put me in your needless petty drama or my children in your path because I don't think any of you are truly prepared for that...
#coparenting #divorcedparents #drama #needlessdrama

Experiencing problems with the other co-parent? Read Improving Co-parenting Communications at the #KidsNeed2 blog and turn things around! You say one thing and they hear another? After one sentence, things get stuck and all hecky-poo begins? Link is in the bio - get started on the PALS way of communicating and create a different co-parenting experience. #divorcedparents #positivecoparenting #communicationskills #peacefulcoparenting #coparentingworks #urbndads #hiphopdads #fatherly #singlemom #singledad #singleparent

"...she also told them that my daughter from a previous relationship is just their friend and not their sister. We keep telling them they have 2 families now: the family they have with their mom and the family they have with their dad. BM even wrote in court docs that "despite our differences (between her and DH) we are still a family and I want the girls to feel reassured in that." Has anyone else dealt with something similar? Am I wrong to be annoyed that she keeps referring to them as a family? I truly feel that it's confusing for the kids because none of us are on the same page. She has not moved on from the marriage and I think that's what the issue is."
Dear #Millennialstepmoms and #stepmoms this is a post from one of our lovely fellow Stepmoms, @tiffany.myhre . Please give her your #guidance #feedback comments, etc. on this #discussion and as always, PM or email me: info@millennialstepmom.com to post a question, vent, or talk privately about your current issue! Xox - #MillennialStepmom

"So much was brought to the surface and healing occurred.” -------------------------------------------- "I asked Jesus into my heart when I was 9. When I was 17, my parents divorced. With a lot of bitterness and unforgiveness buried down deep and being the only one in my family still attending church at that time, I thought I had it altogether--I became very prideful. It wasn’t until I came to the IGNITE Program with Potter’s Field Ministries (PFM), that I realized I am nothing apart from Christ. He broke me, humbled me, and stripped me of myself. I learned what it really meant to deny myself, take up my cross, and follow Him. He really set a fire in my soul, and I pray it be one that I continually can’t contain or control, because there is no place I’d rather be than in His love. *

He showed me that His past faithfulness requires my present trust. PFM has simply been a tool the Lord has used to grow my walk with Him. I am continuing to learn to trust in Him and die to myself DAILY in doing what is my reasonable service as Jesus gave His life for me, spreading the gospel, ‘Til the Whole World Hears!- Brittani

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Millennial Stepmom: 🗣❤️
#Candid photos are my favorite, this photo was taken randomly I think by a wedding guest, and I love it! I also love that our wedding photographer is in it too! Do you have a favorite candid wedding photo? .
On another note one of my favorite fellow #millennialstepmoms and I were discussing a question she recently posted on a stepmom fb forum that got a lot of buzz (she always has great ideas 😊) and I wanted to share it on here to get your #feedback: Biomoms who keep your husbands last name, does this bother you? To give you some perspective, BM kept my husbands last name (now mine). I never thought about it bc SS9 it makes sense. But now she is remarried with another child and still has my DH last name...what are your thoughts #stepmoms? Is this weird?

"Deep down, despite everything, something inside me wanted love." ● Ginnie writes about why she didn't give up on love after witnessing her parents' rocky relationship. (link in profile) #relationships #relationshipgoals #beating50percent #ibelieveinlove #divorcedparents #lastinglove #marriagegoals

Recently, Sebastian Whale recalled the night that his parents announced that they were splitting up. Here are his 3 key pieces of advice to make it as easy as possible for your children:
• Take the burden out of their hands where possible
• Encourage family members not to bottle up their feelings - reinforce the concept that having a chat about your feelings is a good thing
• Put things into perspective for your children
If you need to seek expert legal advice regarding a divorce, send an email to enquiries@pablasolicitors.co.uk or call us on 0161 446 1122!

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