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Yeah nah no races for me today thnx ✅

The husbandman is the first partaker... 2 Timothy 2:6

I came to 'do' others but now, I'm the one being done.

On one of the occasions where I was invited to speak, a young girl asked me an intelligent question,- "Why did you get married at age 19?" It wouldn't be the first time I'd be asked that question but it would be the first time I'd receive it constructively; and that began the search.

I made the decision to get married, no doubt(I wasn't forced). What informed that decision? What led to my making it? I started asking myself series of serious soul-searching questions... sending my conscious mind on a journey and yet, nothing!

The first step to solving a problem is to recognize that it does exist- Zig Ziglar.

At this point, I knew I needed professional help. If I do not find it, there's every likelihood that I'll watch it repeat in my children and not even recognize it.

And so, during a tête-à-tête at an event with @iamambyounganyanwu , I brought it up.

Young Anyanwu (YA)- How can you not know?
Me: I can't seem to remember. You think I do know it?
YA: Of course, you do.
Me: 'I'd like for you to tell me, please', I pleaded.
YA: (With a confident smile) I won't be the one to tell you. During my session with you, you will be the one to tell me. It will come out from you.
Me: (Intrigued) How soon can we start?

By the first session, the events unfolded... My eyes welled up in tears as the story flowed through me. ...I must have been 17 at the time, in secondary school, i remember it all so well. It was a Sunday- a normal day that started off well but unfolded into,... well... This is one story that is sooo long gone it shouldn't matter anymore but apparently, it didn't need my permission to. It just did.

Further research on this taught me that the unconscious mind continues to influence our behavior and decisions, even though we are unaware of their underlying influences.

Awareness starts the process of change. Awareness, however, is NOT change. Hence, I'll be attending the Family Systems Engineering Course where I'll be doing a lot of 'breaking' and 'fixing'

What better time to be alive than such a time as this!

Finally free ❤️ There's so many things I want to say but what really matters to me is my family and my friends who have supported me and how proud I am of myself for everything I've accomplished in this last year and a half of hell and heartache. I have a dug myself out of the deepest hole and worked so hard a bettering myself in every aspect of my life. The peace I finally have in my heart is everything I have ever wished for. ☺️ #Divorced

~~Happiness trumps all else~~ ~~Is it more important to be happy? ~~Or to be married?

I don't want to toot my horn but "toot toot" motherfucker, I'm a catch. I'll be off the bench with fresh legs when the merry-go-round of bullshit that you traded your youth and sanity for you for finally spits you out. I don't mind being the rebound marriage as long as you dumped all your crazy on your starter one like you were supposed to. We'll have all the kinks worked out and last twice as long as your first and spend the rest of our lives happily divorced. | follow @wittyidiot, hopeless romantic |

#tbt like a fine 🍷... we get better with age. A 12 year before and after of @akwyer and I. #UD #divorced #marriedagain 👫


Be present. Be intentional. Be you and rest well.
For support during and after divorce http://bit.ly/MajorMarkInspires
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Divorce is one fight you don't have to do alone. You've tried that, now get coached...
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There is no "good time" to start. The days are going to pass anyway, so why not choose today?
Choose today and choose you. I always thought as a mom I was meant to put myself last. It's selfish to do things for me, right? I now realize how WRONG that thinking was.
When you put yourself first and fill your own cup, you have MORE to give to your kids and the others in your life.
Not sure where or how to start? That's what I'm here for. I'm always just a message away ❤️

I've been through a divorce, I've lost the wonderful privilege of being a step-mom to a beautiful boy, I've had many other 'failures' in my life, and I'm definitely not where I thought I would be at this stage of my life.
But...My hope, my peace, my joy, and my worth is in my loving, gracious, and powerful Savior. The ideas of who I am or should be that are of this world do not control my life (even the ones that come from my own stubborn brain). That knowledge is so freeing and so healing. I love that I am loved by such a wonderful King.
Remember today that you are so incredibly loved. The King of the world wants your heart, He wants you to know who you are in Him, He wants you to draw near to Him, He loves YOU! Don't forget that! .
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More art? How lucky are you? I call this piece ..
" The Lone Taco "

Today I'm feeling a little sad, but I know I gave it a shot and that the divorce was the only thing left. I hope that my new beginning is good. #single #singlelife #divorced

This goofball makes me laugh every single day. He sat like this for over ten minutes 😂 Haha, weirdo.

How To Know When To Begin Dating After Divorce...⠀

If you’ve wrapped up your divorce and you think, “it’s time to find a relationship…” beware: your healing is just beginning. You don’t know what’s going to happen moving forward. Okay, sure, you like yourself the way you are - (I love that) - but have you shed the fight? the daily antagonism? the feelings of shame? ⠀

You’re going to want to heal those broken parts before you decide to pair up with someone new.⠀
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