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Going through a tough divorce and tired of looking at her old ring so we changed it up and added a lotus and some designs. Will add more to the other fingers eventually “Like a lotus flower we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of darkness and radiate into the world”
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Day 760. A transformation of spirit. I often relied upon a few drinks under my belt to effectively engage with my son. When the troubles of the day disappeared inside, beneath a shiny veneer of inebriation, I'd be more apt to enjoy rousing game of Snakes and Ladders or Candy Land. It felt easier to relate to him once my worries had been converted into liquid vanish and temporarily disappeared.
It's #transformation Tuesday. Among the many things that changed in my life as a result of sobriety, was my relationship with my son. To him, I was always a fun loving caring father. I've grown to accept that regardless of my predisposition to vilify myself as a drunk, I was in fact, always a good father. That's not to say that I was perfect. Based upon my level of dependency on alcohol, I could have been a lot worse. However, when I got sober, I found that I had to get to know my son all over again. Immediately, I discovered that my newfound, sober, child-like wonder was mirrored in him. It was almost as though we were experiencing so many things in life, for the first time, together. As a result, our already strong relationship transformed into one of genuine authenticity. I'd go so far to say that our relationship is stronger because of my addiction to alcohol and resulting fight. Not only did we bond because of a collective curiosity, but also because he's been my right-hand man, in the battle against my addiction since the day I chose to fight it. I wouldn't be here without him.
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Want to up your relationship game in four and a half minutes? Read today’s blog post, “How to Be a Great Partner.” Most of my writing in this space is focused on changing your thoughts, your perspective, your patterns, ultimately giving you permission to be you: straight up, unabashedly, authentically awesome you.

A huge part of being you is knowing what your needs are, and how to get them met. When you do feel that flow, you probably feel a true connection with people around you.
People talk about relationships being a lot of work. For most relationships, of any nature – and especially those of an intimate nature – “the work” really means achieving and maintaining the right connection, be it emotional, mental, spiritual, and with an intimate partner, physical. Most of our connection is based on communication, and it’s the communication that becomes the work.

Dr. Gary Chapman writes about this in his book, The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts. And it’s amazing. Like give-it-as-a-wedding-gift amazing.

The idea is that when it comes to love, we all speak a unique language; we have the tendency to communicate our love for another in the same way we best receive love.

Simply put, if you want to be a great partner, learn the language of love that your partner speaks, then learn to speak it. Because in the absence of that, your partner will feel unloved.
This is a learning process, and requires both people to do the work. When two people are communicating their love for each other in the way they both need to receive it, your relationship will be a beautiful thing. Pretty spectacular right?

Link is live in my profile, and includes the short quiz for you - and your SO, if you have one - to find out which love language you speak, and how to speak it.
Trust me, this will make a difference in your life, and especially in your intimate relationships. You can go ahead and thank me later 😘
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It has a bottom note of what the founding fathers smelled like thousands of years ago, tho the body of the fragrance is more of a geriatric writing a check at Wal-Mart. The unseasoned nasal pallet will interpret the scent as the aged leather couch of their therapists office. 😷 📃
😭 😢 💧
Tearing asunder what God hath wrought, now in patchouli, cinnamon and sandalwood. 📰
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Radja bukan nya tidak py seorang ayah,Dia hanya lahir dari sebuah pernikahan yg kurang beruntung

The following traits exhibited while in a codependent and narcissistically abusive relationship are almost always present:

External frame of reference – Focus attention on what the narcissist is or isn’t doing.

Dependency on the relationship the way that some may addicted to drugs. You feel addicted to the narcissist and believe you can’t function independently without the narcissist.

Difficulty defining psychological and emotional boundaries. You don’t know where you leave off and the narcissist begins. You take on the problems of the narcissist.

You are likely a people pleaser who makes it your number one priority: Attempting to please the narcissist. You quickly become the doormat and Yes man to the narcissist’s demanding and needy personality.

You don’t trust your own judgment, perceptions and warning signals. You have a hard time expressing your feelings, needs and beliefs.

You bend over backwards making yourself indispensable to a narcissist. You knock yourself out doing things for the narcissist that they can do for themselves.

You become an unknowing martyr. You often learn to suffer gallantly and gracefully. You put up with intolerable treatment because you begin to think you have to. The narcissist insists that you also “deserve” it as well.

We become out of touch with our own feelings. When we express genuine emotions to a narcissist they are wrestled from us. We LEARN to avoid such unpleasantry by denying what we genuinely feel, in favor of behaving the way the narcissist has trained us to behave.

We lose touch with our spiritual selves and worship of a higher power, because the narcissist steps into our lives, expecting to BE that higher power; there’s really no room left for anyone, including ourselves when we allow a narcissist to remain in our lives.

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@mrsbrittanylouufit reached out to me about being apart of a new blog post she was writing and I was flattered✏️. Its an amazing read📓! (links in her bio📱) So thankful for the other mamas and soon to be mamas for sharing what they did🤰🏻💕💙! #mrsbrittanylouufit #pregnancy

Two years ago today, I decided to leave a marriage I thought would be forever because I wasn't happy. I didn't know who I was. I didn't value, much less love myself, and was in a marriage that was killing me. We were killing each other. On October 15, 2015, I left with the hope that I would thrive, heal and possibly set the world on fire 🔥I'm getting there ☺️ I'm so grateful I left and looked inside at my lack of self love that made me choose a relationship where I just got back the fear that I put out. Thank goodness for reflection, second chances and new beginnings. I look back not to dwell but to have reverence for where I've been and celebrate where I am now. 🎉💥👌🏼🎊 Thanks to all my angels for their support.


It was an honor to present to the members of the Trio Program at UCF. Join the Vision Board movement! If you are interested in hosting a Vision Board Workshop for your staff, students or clients to increase clarity and intentional goals contact me directly at Cherlette@lifecounselingsolutions.com #therapy #women #blendedfamilies #coparenting #divorce #angermanagement #orlando #wives #marriage#expert #depression #breakup #engaged #dating #abuse #counseling #photooftheday #Orlandotherapist #FLtherapist #healing #intimacy #couples #mentalhealth #growth #family

Presenting to a group of Millenials at the University of Central Florida on being intentional and to accept the fact that Fear is apart of the journey!

#therapy #women #blendedfamilies #coparenting #divorce #angermanagement #orlando #wives #marriage#expert #depression #breakup #engaged #dating #abuse #counseling #photooftheday #Orlandotherapist #FLtherapist #healing #intimacy #couples #mentalhealth #growth #family

I do not mourn the loss of love. I mourn the dreams of what I believed love to be. What is dead is not my relationship but the dreams of what I thought it would be, what I was promised it would be.
I was promised forever. I was promised always. I was promised nevers. And each and every one of the promises were broken.
Am I sad for what isn’t or what never had the ability to be? I’ve known for many, many years that it was over but there was still that naive 14 year old girl who still believed in the promises. She believed that she was irreplaceable. She believed she was enough. She believed in forever.
My heart doesn’t know how to handle these emotion.
Love /Hate
I still wake up at night and wonder why. Why did my dreams not become reality?
I dreamed of a husband who would be there for me and always protect me. I dreamed of a partner in parenting. I dreamed of a father for my kids who would be present and engaged.
Tell me how does one come to terms with these feelings? I hate this man who has crushed me but I love the man I hoped he could be. I hear the songs that no longer stoke a positive emotion in me and this saddens me. For 29 years of my 43 I was wrapped in the packaging of this relationship and now the strings have been cut free and I am exposed to the bitter reality that even the death of the ugly still hurts.
I write these words in order to heal. I refuse to silence my feelings and pretend that his sleeping in another woman’s bed doesn’t hurt, that his commitment to someone other than me isn’t shattering. Believe me I wish I could deny this truth because the last thing I want is to flatter his already inflated Ego. But don’t you see? It’s not the loss of him I mourn, it’s the loss of my belief and hope of who he was supposed to be.

Continued in comments or go to blog in link in description for full series.❤️

No matter what the goal, the effort you put in to improving means everything.

Even if the outcome isn't exactly where you want it to be right now, you continue to put in that effort because,
Consistency + Commitment = Success 💯

Regram @hoegivesnofucks 🏆😂😂ty
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@zeitmagazin captured @itsoverasy founder #LauraWasser settling in for another day at the office #sheworkshardforthemoney

👌 El compromiso por nuestros clientes nos caracteriza, si necesitas un servicio jurídico puedes contar con nosotros.
Felíz resto de la noche 🤗

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Domestic Violence Awareness Month:
I was honored to be the survivor speaker at the Harbor House luncheon today sharing my story to over 500 people including judges, mayors, commissioners and people like you and me who can help save lives! I'm thankful God turned my pain into my passion.
#knowledgeispower #helpsomeone #helpyourself
#domesticviolence #abuse #marriage#divorce #dv #verbalabuse #physicalabuse #sexualabuse

Goodnight 🌙 - - #luxurylistings #luxuryrealestate #listwithwolf 🙋🏽

I talk and write openly about my divorce a lot, but it’s not my biggest heartbreak. I’ve had others that at this point I almost never refer to directly. -
I talk and write openly about my divorce a lot because I think it will help people. Because my experience going through divorce at age 27 was that I was THE ONLY ONE, and I want to be that person who “gets it” for anyone who needs that person.
I also do it because it allows me to investigate a heartbreak that I can make sense of - one that I’ve had nearly 5 years now to process, one that I got professional help to deal with, one that I owned the shit out of because there was no way I could hide it.
I’ve got stuff that I haven’t even casually alluded to in any of my work. I only just started sharing some of my more “negative” writing. I have stuff that I struggle to even privately write about.
No one asked, but I needed to make that confession. -
Some people think that I use overly harsh language when it comes to talking about men and dating. I think my language accurately reflects the harshness of my experiences. -
I don’t think my language is the problem.
#writing #poetry #lovepoem #divorce #recklessness #recklesslove #heartbreak #creativehealing

#Repost @grownzone
We are so TIRED of people (including many relationship experts) automatically (and incorrectly) pointing to communication as the all-purpose fix for relationships, including dysfunctional marriages. If a relationship is inherently unhealthy (as many marriages are, even those that have lasted for decades) better communication won't fix it. (For example, a relationship with a person committed to a lifestyle of infidelity, financial irresponsibility or intimate partner violence can't be fixed with better communication.) The following characteristics are necessary for healthy, sustainable, loving relationships: respect, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, fidelity (trustworthiness) and safety. If these relationship sustainers are present, effective communication is inevitable; if they're not, it doesn't matter at all.

If these relationship-sustaining characteristics are not present in a relationship before the wedding, they won't magically appear after the wedding day. Marriages cannot fix or cure unhealthy relationships. Marriage is the house; the relationship is the foundation. Whether you build a hut or a palace, if it's on an unstable foundation, it will be inherently unsafe and likely to collapse. #GrownZone #RelationshipEducation #marriage #divorce #relationshipgoals #relationships #wedding #weddings #weddingseason #LovingintheGrownZone

Try to spend some time reflecting on your day and thinking about the ways in which you stretched yourself today.

If you know anything about life by now, you know it's completely unpredictable and what existed yesterday can be gone today. Tomorrow isn't promised so all we have is right now.

Then you begin to question everything and wonder if any part of it was real, if any part of it really meant anything at all and your mind races around with these thoughts into sheer exhaustion.

So, if you can relate to this, try to quiet your mind down and reason with it. You can't change or control anything that has happened you can only control how you respond to it.

If you can control how you respond to it, then that means you can choose to learn and grow from it rather than be destroyed by it.

Take what you need, take what you can use and move forward, stronger than you were yesterday because everyday you grow. 🌱

Sending Love 💖

#Purpose #Perspective #Motivation #MindSet #PayItForward #Recovery #Power #Influencer #Altruism #Therapy #Entrepreneur #Relationships #Inspiration #Depression #Truth #Anxiety #Ana #Divorce #PTSD #SAD #Depressed #FunnyMemes #Marriage #Suicide #SocialMedia #MentalHealth #RelationshipGoals #Fitness #Gratitude #DefiningMoments

Just what I needed!🛀 #cbdbathbomb from @agapeblends_ made by @cannabombz 😍💖💚 this one is lavender dream 🌌 #cbd

A #Relationship is a fragile thing; even more so is a #Marriage when you commit to a partner and introduce #Children into the equation to form a #Family. You should dedicate your all to that #Child as their #Parent because they never asked to be in this #Life . Never let a #Divorce or #Separation prevent you from doing right by your child. They deserve your best and deserve your all. #TheChildrenAreOurFuture #LifeLessons #ZalgoCometh #Jamaica #WisdomWednesday #Message

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