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“Everything in nature invites us constantly to be what we are.” - Gretel Ehrlich

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F O L L O W➡@miraclesmagnet⬅To Free Your Mind

I'll tell you a secret, lovelies. Look around you and make a list of all the things that you adore and keep you ecstatically excited about life. This is who you are. What is it that you love? What is it that motivates you to get out of bed everyday? Even on your lazy days, what is the barest minimum thing that you need to do and everything else including the laundry can go hang? Don't forget to drop everything else that drains your energy.⠀
Bearing in mind that we fall in love with new things all the time. It's okay to flit from one thing to another, but notice the essential pattern that binds them all together. At the moment, I've rediscovered my love of reading novels. In my teens and in my twenties I'd devour books in days. I once read the Lord of the Rings trilogy in ten days on maybe three hours of sleep per night, lol. Pre-netflix and the binge tv era, I was binge reading books by the dozen. There's something about creating whole alternate worlds in your imagination with the details gathered from a book. I know that this love is what fuels my visualisations when I take across this skill in my healing sessions. This vivid fertile imagination is also part of what gives me fuel for my paintings. It also gives my vocabulary and my writings (here, on the blog and on my emails) a bit of new energy. And because we're constantly expanding, we're trying out new experiences all the time...adding to our arsenal of tools to make the loving of this life fuller, expanding the container of our being and enriching the way we define ourselves.⠀
So focus on what you love in your life. Give that your energy, embrace it so that it grows and flourishes with you, as you allow it fill your life. Make that list today, gorgeous ones. Hooray!⠀
Grab my meditation audio to open up your throat chakra. Click the bio link to download. Thanks so much!

10/18 Daily #guidance #oracle card! Help From Above~ Your positive intentions and heartfelt prayers have been heard. You are loved beyond your wildest dreams. Divine beings are working on your behalf to create the perfect circumstances for you to heal and open your heart. There is a Higher Order and timing to all things. You are being asked to work on your self-worth, so that you can receive your greatest good in the form of incredible love, life transforming opportunities, healing, abundance and Divine inspiration. Keep asking for higher help and intervention in any area of your life. Then follow your intuition and lower your barriers. Let go of any notions of how Divinity will bring about your deepest heart's yearnings. It may not be in the package you would expect but it will be life altering. Your heart is about to be challenged to open wider than ever before. Do not run away from this experience. Take steps forward with faith that your greater good is coming. 💙✨ #helpfromabove #higherpower #divineguidance #divinelove #angels #spiritual #support #help #love #trust #havefaith #beopen #listen #intuition #inspiration #opportunities #change #blessings #gratitude #divinetiming #positiveenergy #positivelife #healyourselfreadingcards #northeasttarot #loveandlight #oraclereadersofinstagram

He's always been in your field.
His whole life was set up to meet you and you meet him.
Even though you dont know what he looks like or where he will come from. You can feel him now and forever.

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Photo by @hope_hartley33

This one goes out to everyone who has been sexually harassed, abused or assaulted; a topic that is all over social media these days. I want to let you know that i see you. You are not alone. I am right here with you.
During my journey into healing i have asked myself who i would be without the pain from my past? I realized i needed to be fully present to stop reliving my experiences. I started imagining the girl i thought i would be, the girl deep down i knew i was, let her in and embraced her. Gradually i became the most powerful and loving version of her. Today i am grateful to offer guidance in someone's healing process; in a way it still helps me to heal on a deeper level as well. Although there is a lot going on in the world, it is an amazing time to be on this planet. We are entering a new phase of the feminine. And those who still see us as preys, and think they have all the power, are the ones who make us even more powerful. Love & light to you! ♥️#metoo


Today, I received a photoshoot with a #hawk #natgeoyourshot #divinelove #lovemeans #juneteenth memorial monuments #freedomplaza #messenger #foreverblessed #thankyou

Into your heart space, into your mind, into every layer of your auric field. Into each cell of your physical body and into the depths of your shadow self.
Breathe it in, feel it. See it in yourself and in everyone around you. Live it. Let light guide you, let it be your mantra. For light exists in every thing for those that are willing to see it. ✨
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I am running my first WomanKind Business Training in collaboration with my soul sister @clancyallen today and tomorrow! And like all of my work, this is not your usual business training. This one is all about Feminine Leadership and what that means and looks like... what that FEELS like. We will be commencing this evening with a New Moon Circle - connecting into the soul centres and unearthing intentions. Saturday will start with Yin Yoga and then dive into how each woman can bring her big dreams, the ones that lay within, to life with ease and spaciousness. And of course - grace and gentleness at her pace. The pace of her heart. We will be releasing all that is holding us back, and each woman will leave feeling inspired, strong and clear. Oh and of course... there will be flower crowns! With part of the proceeds from each Flower Crown from @the_grateful to be going to the John Hunter Hospital to help those less fortunate. We are so happy and grateful to have partnered with @the_grateful (check out their beautiful flowers in the image - sooooo pretty)! And allllll the gratitude that's for sure! 💐

Happy Diwali, everyone! 💛 Om Sri Maha Lakshmyai Namaha 💜A perfect time to illuminate and gaze at such a beautiful piece of sacred art by @faithstoneart ❤So divine. So alive. So luminous. 💛 Sending Love and light to you all! 🙏🏻❤ #happydiwali #festivaloflights #lakshmi #goddess #sitaram #faithstoneart #chicagoyoga #chicagoyogastudio #chicagomeditation #shambhavayoga #edgewaterchicago #rogersparkchicago #andersonvillechicago #loyolachicago #sacredart #woodblockprint #divinelove #divinebliss #lovelovelove #shantishantiom

The Goddess doesn't enter us from outside. She emerges from deep within. She is not held back by what happened in the past. She is conceived in consciousness, born in love, and nurtured by higher feeling and thinking 🦄
Photography: www.sicerow.com @sicerow #gowheretheloveis #yourheart #enlightenment #soulforce #spirituality #universallove #universalenergy #lawofvibration #loa #meditate #focus #light #divine #divinelove #happiness #spiritual #connect #onelove

When your aura or arc of light is bright, clear, positive, and strong, it cancels out negativity & anchors positivity in your ten bodies, & to the earth. Create a beam of energy within yourself, a magnetism that radiates from within your being, a spark of awareness that links you with your own Soul, a steady level of consciousness that uplifts you & your environment, & an unattached sensitivity that, like the Sun, shines on All. {From The Gift of Womanhood by Guru Rattana Kaur, Ph.D.}

This week, you guys. It’s been a weird combination of triggers and feeling super present. How do those two things coexist? Who the hell knows, but apparently they do. I’ve been trying to hold myself as emotionally steady as I can while working my way THROUGH the triggers. I don’t want to be a slave to something that keeps me from my own healing. Not ever. But I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty emotionally fluid on the regular. So it’s been a week of humility and growth 😏

Ok, so you know how something sparks an old wound, or fear, or thought process and then you start to create a narrative in your head that has absolutely nothing to do with reality? Yeah that’s a spiral, man. The other day @joannbauernews said that the narrative in our heads is THE. EGO. KEEPING. US. FROM. BEING. IN. THE. PRESENT. MOMENT. Damn babes, she named that one real quick.
So I’ve been thinking about that and letting it shape the way I respond to a crazy week. I’m still reclaiming myself and that shit takes an intense kind of self honesty. It’s not always pretty. It probably looks kind of erratic from the outside. It’s always going to be a complete willingness to stumble my way home to myself. The best thing I have ever done for myself was giving myself room to make mistakes, to embrace the dignity of my own human experience. I’m gonna fuck it all up - and it won’t be the first time - but I’ll always keep showing up. I’ll always do whatever it takes to live clear, and free, and wild, and whole. Even when it’s been a spiritually exhausting week, I’ll still be here. Healing.
And tomorrow night I’ll be curled back up with this chick, souls open wide, and love growing bigger. Forward movement. It’s ALWAYS forward movement.

All is unfolding as it should be
In perfect order of divinity
For as thy fire continues to burn
The road its winds twists and turns
To lead thee to a place of peace
Inner harmony well within reach
For thy only place ye long to be
Is deep down inside of thee
As ye heart the mind and body so
Merge as one ye now knows
The power the beauty thy softened grace
That lies within this eternal space
Embodied now a force of love
Bestowed to thee from thy above
To be a ray a beacon of hope
And so it is she shall invoke
Thy power thy wisdom thy love and might
Guiding ye home shining the light

A-E 20th October 17

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Witchy Halloween New Moon blessings to you all. ↠ 🌑 ↠

Some thoughts + reflections about moving into the darkest time of the year are up on my blog.

Take a moment to slow down, read, and offer up your intentions for this mystical time of year. And, tonight, wild souls, is the perfect night to do just that.

Read more by clicking on the New Moon link in my profile.

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You are always working on my behalf 🙌🏼

Repeat as often as you like.
Loving you is so instrumental to being great.
No that ego driven, self-centered kind either.
But a pure, divine (Godly), light filled, kind and gentle love that will pour out of you and unto those around you. Filling this world with a much needed glow.
That type of love is the one that you should give yourself daily. ✨💜✨💜✨💜
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The universe never fails to amaze me. Some of you may know that I've been going through some hard times lately, and I've had a lot of fear from the things that have been happening. I've been praying everyday for about a week now, and ever since I started praying, I've been getting signs from Angels letting me know that I am safe and being watched over. Well, today a family member gave me this book out of nowhere. He said he saw it and immediately thought of me. 😇 #angels #guardianangels #spirituality #spiritualawakening #divinelove


TONIGHT! The New Moon is when we plant the seeds & set the intentions; Candlelight Yoga is your perfect opportunity to do so! 7pm 6139 Germantown Ave #philly
Drop in$15
5 class pass $60
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