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The universe always...always delivers...but do we have the courage to receive it?
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These are just the 111's I captured!
111 is
Creative expression
Inspiring others
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I do not know - but I have faith 🙏🙏🙏
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#Confidence #OnlyLove #Ultimate #Love

Let your heart ❤ be your compass. #heartshaped #divineguidance #universehasyourback

In all things...
There are requirements.
Whether big or small, important or not. .
Building this car with my oldest yesterday was such a relatable experience to all life events and changes. .
It looked so easy but challenging, turned out to just be the latter. (I assumed but took a bit to have Keaton agree)
At several points I was ready to give in for the day and call it.
And at 2 points he said the same.
HOWEVER ...In those times ironically, each of us held the other up in confidence. "Dad we're so close!" "We did all that other stuff, let's keep going!" These are what he said when I was thinking quite the opposite. And when he was ready to give in, I was reinspired. Ready to hold him in his capability and power. .
There is not a situation you will face, where using these guidelines or requirements really, will not work out.
And look at that face, that was the look of willingness to learn! And gratitude! .
Having someone to mentally, and or physically, hold you when your worn down, when you are distraught, when your ready to say fuck it all, is CRUCIAL. Part 2 of that equation, is those requirements I listed. .
Do you have the support you need for those times you are steps from the promise land but just can't seem to make it? I love nothing more, than being a support, and a leader that pushes even when times are tough, for my clients and those I care for deeply (obviously clients are included in that) .
Reach out and let's connect, right now, right here, to form that unbreakable foundation, and show you the fucking magic you are made of...❤❤🙏
1 hour for you, and me, to connect and establish your vision, at no cost to you, EXCEPT, those requirements...😉
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Just shot a promo video with the mama aka @drchristianenorthrup for a new product she's created. Now we're all buffed and puffed, perfect for grocery shopping in Maine 😉

When we take the time to listen to our intuition, we're taking time to connect with the Divine (God). God is always leading you and guiding you to divine connections and places. Take time daily and go within and see where God is trying to lead you! You just might be surprised where you will end up! 😉🙏💓

Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near!
Saw this white feather just now while I was walking home for my afternoon break. 😇
#feathers #angels #signsfromheaven #signfromlovedones #divineguidance #ibelieve #iamblessed #thanksdad #myangel #ineededthat #bestdadever #stillwatchingoutforme # imissyou #butmostofall #thankyou #iloveyou ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

‘Раз в Крещенский вечерок
Девушки гадали .. ‘
asking for divine guidance and performing the ritual of pulling the Angels cards together with my sister, on camera. we used the cards ‘Healing with Angels’ and ‘Messages from your Angels’ by Doreen Virtue and we got our beautiful messages. 🙏🏻💗🌟 #angels #sister #love

Good morning, our card for #friyay is #devotion
Today we are reminded to focus on our values, truths and beliefs. This is how we stay on the right path for us and not get sidetracked by outside influences. What do you believe to be true and important to you? What drives your spirit? Devote some time to connect to your guides through meditation and prayer to help you answer these questions and make your next step.

Have a beautiful day 🌟☄
Today's card comes from the #maryqueenofangels .
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Heh.. but seriously one of the most loving things you can do for yourself is cut people out of your life who are narcissistic, who use you and drain your energy. Setting boundaries for what you will and won’t allow in your life invites a higher frequency of people to hang out with. It is also the most loving thing to do for them, as they get to learn that people won’t put up with their bullshit and have the chance to be better humans. #onlyacceptthebest #selflove #happiness #detox #nobullshit #truelove

Archeia Annunciata is the Angel of Hope and she wants you to lift others up. When you speak your truth, you inspire others to do the same. Speaking your truth actually lives others up and gives them the confidence they need to be true to themselves. It is not easy and can be uncomfortable at times, but she is here to help you find your voice and to give you the courage you need to help others live their truth.
#divineguidance #archeiaiguidance #archeiai #archeiaiannunciata #angelofhope #hope #angelsofinstagram

❇️The daily practice of tuning into divine guidance is an integral chapter in my upcoming book✴️
❇️It’s quite an effortless art to cultivate instantaneous harmony, purpose, and trust in your life 🌅
❇️Divine guidance comes in many forms and may be perceived in a myriad of ways✴️
❇️For me, symbols such as this Hamsa (the hand of God that watches over and protects you) have been following me around ever since I committed to the spiritual path✴️
❇️I like to think, or perhaps feel deep within, that guardian angels are placing these symbols in front of our path as reminder that we are not alone in this adventure✴️
We are truly being guided🙏🏻
In each and every moment🔮
Through our every-moment experience (the “good” and the “bad”) we are being brought to the exact next step we need to embark on next🚶‍♂️
Your soul knows what you came here to do,
And is working in unison with the turning of the stars and planets to see it through 🌌🎆
So when you see your signature symbol,
Whatever that is for you,
Turn within,
Know that you are being guided,
That every moment is perfect,
And everything you’re going through, all the stories, all the dramas, all the unexpected twists and turns, everything!
is setting you up to be the Highest Expression of Yourself you Have Ever conceived✨
Tune into this Epic Journey that you are currently on! 🌎
Tune into the Divine Guidance!🌀
Use whatever reminders you must!
For we only suffer when we forget,
That we are here for a reason,
And that we are divine beings,
One with everything and everyone,
Awakening from the dream of suffering,
To the Truth of enlightened infinite abundance and unconditional love
For all eternity 🙏🏻

Feel a Little Brighter Today
Today's the day when we're all meant to be feeling the January blues! If you're feeling a little blue and things are looking a little grey, here are 5 ways to make you feel a little brighter today:
- Watch something funny.
- Cook your favourite meal.
- Turn on some feel good music.
- Plan something to look forward to.
- Imagine sitting under the sun, feel the warmth, the light, the joy and take the sunshine into your day. 💟

Being in circle with other amazing women will change your life in ways that will amaze you.

Circling with women ... taking time to listen and be heard... this is the root of BEING the women you are in the deepest parts of your heart... and perhaps have silenced for too long.
Your voice is needed NOW.
Let’s do this ... Doors close on 1/22/18 🦋http://bit.ly/StepInsideTheCircle🦋

#circle #womenscircle #divineselfcare #divineguidance #DivineSelfCareCircle #expand #magic #sacredceo #creative

Happy Friday blessings.
Miracles are instantaneous, they cannot be summoned but they come of themselves, usually at unlikely moments
and to those who least expect them.
May today be filled with endless miracles and blessings.
#kiwilightworker #spiritual #reiki #angels #crystals #love #live #dream #affirmations #positivity #goals #liveyourlife #lovemylife #life #soul #pure #divineguidance #heaven #eternity #blessed #heavenlyfather #thebestisyettocome

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