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TBT to my happy place. He is my Sirius sun. Thankful to the ancestors for aligning our frequencies. 👑💚 #DivineComplement #DaTruth #YOUHEARME #MyStarfish 😂

The joy I get from co-creating with this man is incredible. 💓 Come join us tonight at Lumeria for our weekly Sound Ceremony. I'll be leading our meditations, so prepare for the influx of Galactic frequencies! I'm thinking we should go on a little adventure together and retrieve some future memories. What do you think?
To join us please arrive to the yoga shala (aka the hanger for the Starship) at Lumeria at 6:15pm. Takeoff begins exactly at 6:30, and you don't want to miss the boat! $15 cash at the door.
See you soon starseeds!
#opulentsound #soundhealing #soundbath #sacredunion #divinecomplement #crystalsingingbowls #rememberinglemuria #gongbath #luckywelivemaui #lumeriamaui #lemuria #starseeds #lightworkers #magictribe #pastliferecall #rememberwhoyouare #youaremorepowerfulthanyouthink #starseedawakening #luckywelivemaui #mauilife #mauimagic #alohastateofmind #lethawaiihappen #letyourmagicout Photo by @teal.and.teal 🙏🏼

The work here is the choice to heal. You have to accept the despair of the pain and accept yourself completely. These are the roots of the relationship in love that you are in depth. This twin is you...as you are him... In the acceptance of this know that his healing is completely activated in your healing that you give to yourself. As you heal you drive the polarity to connect in overdrive! Without this you are only causing the delays or time to be a consequence of not making this choice. The waiting game is this...You either accept the choices of others and only see yourself as the choice or you keep running from yourself. When you choose to love yourself and the conditions placed on yourself the polarity has a very powerful effect.<3 #unconditionallove #divinecomplement #twinflame #heal #selflove #sacredspirit

When you get my age, all you want is peace in your life...and sacred sex from your divine complement.♌️✨💚✨ 😜 I gotta keep this workout going and it feels fabulous! #goddess #workout #fitnessgoals #divinecomplement #firesigns #sagittarius #leo #god #specialk #eastcoastwestcoast 🔥🔥♌️♐️😍👊🏾💪🏾👍🏾

Q&A: #TwinFlame Conflict – Why Do I Have To Do All The Work?❤️❤️🔥🔥Did You Know Even The Most #UnawakenedTwin is as a Soul Busy Behind The Scenes Pre-Paving Meetings, Info and Timelines? Many Twin Flames are in the situation of being one of a pair where their #divinecomplement is “running”, not open to spiritual methods, or simply not physically present to help… I get so many questions about how to handle this. About why the Twin Flame connection seems to be like this – where one Twin does all the “work” while the other isn’t contributing…
I completely understand the frustrations this can cause. I’d like to remind everyone again that #energyclearing tools do work for both Twins – even if you’re only doing the work “for your own sake” your Twin will be impacted positively by your increased #vibration. You can even experience energy clearing at no cost with my Free Help Kit for Twin Flames.
#HighVibrational Answers To Solve the Stalemate:
As this week’s question is a complex issue and I know that it can feel like an “impossible” one to solve, I’ve asked spirit to answer with me this week. To read the full channeled answer go to the link in bio.
If you feel your relationship with your Twin soul is imbalanced, there are a few things you can do to adjust this situation:
Adjust your mindset and your intention, as this in itself will shift your energy field to invite in more help. If you need to have a break so you’re not “up against the wall” of the situation, please do so.
Take some time to just focus on yourself – at least set that intention when and if you do the work, you’re doing it for *you*.
The “martyrdom syndrome” many human beings have, only serves to reinforce the negatives. Those who give, give, give and never get back – it is because of the energetic intention, a skewed pattern.
Have you always been the “giver”, never the “receiver”? Have you always worked hard while others let you do all the work? These patterns of imbalance often go back to childhood... ... keep reading at twinflames1111.com/blog (link in bio)
#twinflames #twinsouls #lightworker #twinflamerunner #archangels #twinflameunion


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