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Congratulations to the 98 people who went public with their faith yesterday through water baptism! Live bold!! And shoutout to the 327 servant leaders who made all 4 services possible at #vouschurch Thank you so much. We can't do it without you. Big Sacrifice for a Big Harvest. #divineappointment #year2ismoreimportantthanyear1

Walking through DC with my son, Ty, and met a fellow believer, a government official, Jeramie. Prayed for each other on a street corner. Family in faith. #heavenonearth #divineappointment

So blessed by the birthday wishes from my sister @meilininini — Thank you so much for being who you are. Love you. Yes, I’m finally a rockstar! 😩😭😳😂 #HappyBirthday #divineappointment #KoaSeason

5 years ago yesterday, i met the girl that I would soon marry in this very spot. #divineappointment @jesipher17 @mercylounge

I met an 85 year old angel woman at the bus stop today. She turned my frown upside down. I was having "A DAY!" 😩 But she certainly made it little brighter. Hearing all she could tell me about her whole life in about 45 mins did my spirit GOOD! She asked me to write my name down on a bill envelope she had in her "pockabook" so she could pray for me. I'm claiming her as my NY Grandma Blanche! ❤️Also 85 where???!#divineappointment

T W E N T Y - S I X
years old.
Still turning Lead into Gold.
The real ones already know
that I'm grateful
for YOU
for making me feel special.
#Godspeed #DivineAppointment

Thank you for your prayers, Uganda was life changing. Flying back for this 3 Days Revival see flyer for details. Also Don't Miss Our last Miracle Monday this month on 18th Dec. Beginning from this weekend, you will experience the incredible!
It is YOUR time!!!

chilling out with this super cool guy 😎

#Divinejournals #divineappointment

Men’s Breakfast with my Christian Brothers (minus a few who couldn’t make it). #godsprovision #divineappointment @redeemerbtown @sara.easter.mac @bhbjj @galvaobjj #blessed #testimonies


Thank you for your prayers, Uganda was life changing. Flying back for this 3 Days Revival see flyer for details. Also Don't Miss Our last Miracle Monday this month on 18th Dec. Beginning from this weekend, you will experience the incredible!
It is YOUR time!!!

A Divine Prophetic INTERRUPTION ... Huntsville, AL. He's moving in the UNUSUAL & UNCOMMON! Keep your focus, hold your own, stand your ground!!! Don't miss God focusing on the unnecessary. This season requires focus not showing off, proving points, or going along! What's does it profit a man/woman to gain the world but yet lose his/her soul...you can take nothing with you but you when you're gone. #divineinterruption #revival #uncommonmovement #prophetic #apostolic #huntsvilleal #lawandapetersministries #lawandapeters LET'S CONNECT: www.LaWandaPeters.com #covenantpartner #covenantrelationships #divineappointment

How can I not be Merry around this one!
I can honestly say, if I had not met @arlenethen when she came to Chicago in 2016 with Apostle @guillermomaldonado I would have never come to CGC that year. The moment I met her she had told me with such enthusiasm that I had to go. So I did. My life was never the same since. Little did I ever imagine to even move to Miami that same year and become roommates exactly a year ago today.
I’m extremely grateful for this woman right here. There is no doubt that us meeting was a divine appointment from God alone.
Arlene, I thank you for saying yes to God’s call in your life.
I will forever treasure you.❤️ #roomies #ComeOn #ShesSingle #SheAight #WOG #ShesLikeAmazing #SuperCute #DivineAppointment #MerryChristmas #OMGItsNewWineArlene 😂

Don't let anyone tell you your fake because you don't act the same as you did before. Growing up, realizing your life is heading nowhere, the habits you've had for so long do nothing to prosper you, the thought patters and perceptions you had for so many years did nothing but hold you back from your true potential so you have no choice but to Let them go!! Renew your mind and take control of your own emotions and start heading down the path to a life that you deserve! People can call me fake, lame, "wanna be Virgin Mary" I don't give a damn! Damn right I've been acting different, your damn right I've been being distant if I notice you are only gonna trigger me to go back to my past harmful ways. The last thing I'm worried about is people being offended by what I am doing to make My Life better! I don't think I'm better than anyone at all, I believe every single person on this planet has the power to be someone that they never could imagine, I truly believe that for everyone! But I'm not the one that can make that happen for anyone other than myself, so that's what I'm doing, respect who I am or go on with your life because the last thing I need is fake friends that wanna evil eye me and put negative energy into what I'm building. Trust me when I tell you, I can literally FEEL the snickers and teeth sucking and eyes rolling behind my back! And all I got to say to those of you that do it is God Bless You! #divineappointment #divineplan #Prosperity #Limitless #Forgive #PrayForYourEnemies #Humble #boundries

@ladyallmysons10 I thank God for perfect timing. You have helped me open up a side of me that was hard to even reveal. I appreciate your sacrifice and on time WORD of support during my times of need!😇 #Godislove
#beautyseekrets #godsdaughters #kingdomcitizens #gratefulness #gratitude#Annstouch #allmysons #divineappointment #moments

What I've learned and still am learning is that EVERYTHING serves a purpose. From the way you grew up, the people you let in your life, the circumstances and struggles you've faced, everything... Life isn't meant to break you, it's meant to get you to where you need to be. Remember none of this last forever so stay present and be grateful for everything you've experienced.
It's easy to become bitter but when you understand "the why" you will learn to become better. That's when you can find peace.
Affirm:✨ Life always supports me.
I am safe.
Everything I've experienced is for my highest good.
I am not defined or limited by the things that I have gone through.

Yesterday was one of those days, especially at work. I avoid confrontation like a plague. But when someone is misquoting scripture and bluntly proclaiming out loud, almost out right boasting I would say. I can know longer sit back. ~
I spoke with truth and love even at times with a shaky voice I know, because way out of my comfort zone. Plus I was thinking what if I am wrong? But I knew I was not, the Holy Spirit inside of me, was urging me on. I knew things to say, scripture, I was just like where did that come from? ~
We ended on agreeing to disagree I am pretty sure. Because for one it was in my work place but also simply sometimes a seed is all that needs to be planted to bring forth fruit. And "Barren" is being fruitless and that is no reason to not go to church or do this or that. That is Rationalizing your sin. It's one of the ways, the stumbling blocks Satan uses to construct the strongholds in our lives. But you don't have to stay there in that stronghold you can break free, with Jesus, He will make you an Overcomer. No stronghold can survive that kind of power.
Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16
And for me, that utterance may be given to me, that I may open my mouth boldly to make known the mystery of the gospel, for which I am an ambassador in chains; that in it I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak. Ephesians 6:19-20
Lord, thank you for the answered prayer of the divine appointment for the day. May many more follow. May you always give words of scripture with boldness, truth, and love but with conviction to me and whoever the appointment is with. Even If my voice shakes I will speak of You and Truth. I love You Lord to much to remain silent any more!

Another #DivineAppointment in the books for today. 💚 In house services for wellness profiles, Shake-Tea-Aloe sampling which they both LOVED the flavors, and registering to become Independent Herbalife Distributor’s on my team. 72 hour plan will be in full effect to help this couple put $$$ in their pocket and build a team ASAP. 🎁

If you want to learn WHY my husband and I celebrate Hanukkah + all the biblical feast days, rather than the traditional American/Christian holidays, come watch us perform THIS FRIDAY! Feel free to direct message or email me if you have any questions or are curious... I love sharing the revelation I have received in the word of God!!! #hanukkah2017

Here at Queen’s West for my dad’s cardiologist appt. 😊
Have you ever felt the inkling that says “you need to go talk to that person?” And did you have the courage or no? This is courage...getting out of my own way.
I’m thankful I did. This brother said “I felt like God put me right here at the right time to meet you.” If I could help you earn an extra $500, would you be interested in taking a look?
My reading from John C. Maxwell, Chapter 2:
Priorities 👊🏽
#RecruitingNewBizPartners #incomeopportunity #herbalifehawaii #courage #divineappointment

This image speaks for itself for me, because I know the women who wear these tattoos and how they came to be in a tribe. Motherhood is a journey that takes you unexpected places, and some of the places are friendships you never saw coming. What a gift it is when God shapes our hearts to love others and let others love us through the good, the bad, and the ugly. ❤️ #lularoecarissagrossman #lularoephotoshoot #mywhy #motherhood #tribe #thisismotherhood #unexpected #divineappointment #myfriendsarecrazierthanyours #gratefulformytribe

God empowers you and others to be blessings!
it's exciting to see how and who God will empower to help n my divine destiny. #bible #divineappointment

So blessed by the birthday wishes from my sister @meilininini — Thank you so much for being who you are. Love you. Yes, I’m finally a rockstar! 😩😭😳😂 #HappyBirthday #divineappointment #KoaSeason

Thank God for those who stand to protect us daily. The LORD has appointed servants as these men and may the LORD continue to bless them for there heroic acts and selflessness. Please keep these men and individuals called to serve in this manner in your prayers! “Numbers 6:24-26-Amplified Bible (AMP)

The Lord bless you, and keep you [protect you, sustain you, and guard you];
The Lord make His face shine upon you [with favor],
And be gracious to you [surrounding you with lovingkindness];
The Lord lift up His countenance (face) upon you [with divine approval],
And give you peace [a tranquil heart and life].” #prayerwarriors
#prayforpeace #prayformiddleeast #love #notwar #grateful #meninuniform NYPD #nypd #officers #divineappointment

Join us for Divine Appointment service tomorrow evening. Ministering: Pastor J.T. Kalejaiye
#rccgchristchurch #diggingdeepservice

Yesterday was my birthday. Prior my husband asked what I wanted or needed. I couldn't think of anything really until I went to Shabbat service and received the greatest gift.

Presence....His presence.
In my 43 years, I can honestly say it was what I needed the most and when I needed it the most.
#divineappointment #presencenotpresents #greatestgift #thankyouabba #birthday #sabbath #godsglory #godknowswhatweneed #yahwehovermyway #yeshua #salvation

Woke up reflecting on 2017 before my workout this morning. Thankful for @jaynixon.thrivefitness @aka_buffy @sara.chiantera
#thankful #persistence #divineappointment #leadershipgoals

How does this knowledge impact your life today? In your parenting, at your job, how you talk to your spouse? #faith #God #divineappointment

Today is the day 8 of our Advent reading. What is God doing in your day? #advent #breakingpointstumin #providence #whoisincharge #divineappointment

Waiting for the manifestation of your dream is never easy! Infact sometimes it seems as if it will never happen.......be encouraged IT WILL COME TO PASS!.......Joseph had a dream and he had to go through the process of waiting, he probably even thought he had been forgotten but when his DESTINY MOMENT came!!.....It was MEGA!!.....Just ONE APPOINTMENT in the presence of Pharoah and his status shifted from a slave to a Prime Minister!!......May you receive your DIVINE APPOINTMENT before 2017 is over, there’s a PROMOTION with your name on it!!🔥 #DestinyMoment #DivineAppointment #MegaPromotion #ItWillComeToPass

Just Thiago sharing the gospel,changing peoples lives and inviting people to church, not a big deal.

Thiago: what’s your name?
Older gentleman: Dean my name is Dean
Thiago : like ding dong?! Dean:(chuckles) yeah close enough
Thiago: I go to church, do you go to church?
Dean: no, I just moved here from Oregon
Thiago: my daddy plays guitar and my mommy is working, are you by yourself?
Dean:(paused for a moment and looked at me and back to thiago)
Yeah but you see those clouds, my wife is walking on them right now
Thiago : ...and jumping?!
Dean : yeah and jumping.

After that Thiago went to the playground and I had a conversation with Dean about life in general; he moved to Arizona from Oregon, his wife just passed last month due to cancer and he’s here in hopes for warmer weather and a new chapter in life.

he also mention, “that little boy of yours is something else, let me tell you!” Let’s look around us, everyone is going thru something, be nice to people, ask questions ...silly ones, don’t be afraid of conversation share life, be like Thiago 😄


There is only ONE BODY. ONE SPIRIT. And ONE LOVE. in all situations it's not himself he is testing. BUT US. So always look up. The enemy comes to do the testing because that's exactly where God will provide the BLESSINGS. So always look above. Everything ABOVE and if u lack it in prayer he feeds us because if u keep your head down you just might MISS JESUS. No one knows the son except the father and no one knows the father except the son and those to whom the son CHOOSE to reveal him. (Matthew11:27) and AMEN 🙏🏾 #Dontmisstheblessing #DailyBread

Figured someone may need this new schedule alert to plan.
It is going to be a train of supernatural encounters. You don't want to miss it.

We go LIVE from this evening at 6pm.
#C3 #FreshFire #divineappointment #RICH

I don’t know this man, but I know I found him by accident when googling trying to find a sermon on line. God lead the way to him. Since that day I’ve listened to one of his sermons each morning, seven days a week. He’s helped restore my mind to remember eternal promises. I’m so happy again! I love hearing from men of God who know how to search out the secret veins of the Bible so I can enrich myself with Gods hidden treasures. This evening I wrote this man I letter to share with him how he’s help aid to growth in my life spiritually and how thankful I am that God lead him to me. #god #divineappointment #happy #grace #grow #believe #salvation #timschelling #nkb #salvation #bible #bold #bedifferent #bealeader #nkbc

This deeply resonates.
At my core I am #whole and #complete, lacking nothing. 💫
I am Love and Power Infinite.❤🌟
And as a #human I have stuff to #experience and clean up. 🙈🙉🙊
#divineappointment #spirituality #raw #notalwayspretty #lifesbeautiful #love #create #power #messy #spiritualpath #soulcontract #karma. #cycles #choice #clairvoyant #healing #healer #miracles #nomediocre

2018 has started early for us and for the first time in Limpopo Province and the city of Polokwane, our mentor and a man who has taught us not just with words but also with his exemplary life Pastor Andre Olivier will be opening 2018 for us. This is not just a Conference for us this is a visitation, divine appointment and above all a shift for our city. Please set those days aside in 2018, this is a conference you need to make plans to be there particularly if you live in Polokwane and its environs. #2018Conference #DivineAppointment #Shift #AllThingsNew

Such a beautiful weekend with these lovelies 💕😍😘 I am truly grateful! #meanttobe #divineappointment #sistersandfriends #girlsweekend #liveyourpassion #loveyourlife❤️

T W E N T Y - S I X
years old.
Still turning Lead into Gold.
The real ones already know
that I'm grateful
for YOU
for making me feel special.
#Godspeed #DivineAppointment

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