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Wake and Bake.
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Navy Dive Bombers in the Army Air Force: A-25 Shrike
At the same time the Army Air Corps placed an order with Douglas for the A-24, they also made one with Curtiss for their own version of the Navy’s SB2C-1 Helldiver. On 31 December 1940, an order was placed for 100 A-25A, the new Army designation for the SB2C-1. The Army quickly began to escalate their orders and by the spring of 1942, the Army Air Force wanted 3000 A-25s. The Navy balked at the idea, worried that the Curtiss plant in Columbus would be overwhelmed. So the Army’s Material Command ordered Curtiss to convert their St. Louis plant to production of the A-25 Shrike. The main differences between the SB2C-1 and A-25A was the A-25’s larger main wheels, pneumatic tail wheel, ring and bead gun sight, longer exhaust stubs and Army electronics. The radar and tailhook were deleted. To make production easier, the Navy ended up adopting the larger main wheel and and wheel well for their Helldivers. The first 10 A-25s has folding wings like their Navy counter parts, but all subsequent aircraft deleted this feature. By late 1943, A-25 production had hit its stride and the Army found itself in possession of an aircraft it no longer needed. Since the Army Air Force no longer needed the 900 A-25s it had procured before they shut down the assembly lines at St. Louis, they had to figure out what to do with them. 150 were earmarked for the Royal Australian Air Force, but like the USAAF, the RAAF found they no longer wanted or needed a dive bomber. Except for 10 test aircraft, the Australians refused the rest of their order. Finally, an agreement was reached with the Navy for the Marine Corps to take 410 A-25s off the USAAF’s hands. That also included the A-25s rejected by the RAAF. The USMC was to use the A-25 as a land based dive bomber and the aircraft were redesignated as the SB2C-1A. They never saw combat and were only used as trainers and utility aircraft. The remaining USAAF Shrikes were reduced to non-combat status and designated RA-25A to show their restricted use. They were assigned to secondary duties such as target towing and training. Contiuned⬇️⬇️

That face you make when someone crop dusts you at the gym......😝😝😝😝
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Watch your head! #divebomber #grabhim

Slowly becoming my fav exercise at the moment! #fitness #divebomber #gym

@pace_picante_salsa is coming in for @floridavertseries this Saturday. Here’s a shot of him at #floridavertseries Stop 1 this year #divebomber #indy

Just minding my own business, sending the morning peemails, and this annoying bird keeps dive bombing me! The nerve. #furisbetterthanfeathers #annoyingbird #divebomber #dogslife #ohbentley

Sometimes you just have to dive bomb your big brother!! 😹#crazybean #fluffmonster #divebomber

#DiveBomber named one of @TravelChannel top slides to ride this summer in the U.S.!


Hans Ulrich-Rudel

During the war, Rudel was credited with the destruction of 519 tanks, as well as a number of ships. He claimed 9 aerial victories and the destruction of more than 800 vehicles of all types. He flew 2,530 ground-attack missions exclusively on the Eastern Front, usually flying the Junkers Ju 87 "Stuka" dive bomber, and 430 missions flying fighter aircraft. Rudel was the most decorated German serviceman of World War II receiving the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Golden Oak Leaves, Swords, and Diamonds in January 1945; the decoration was created specifically for him. Rudel surrendered to US forces on 8 May 1945.

Rudel fled to Argentina in 1948. A committed and unrepentant Nazi, he founded the "Kameradenwerk", a relief organization for Nazi criminals that helped fugitives escape to Latin America and the Middle East. Together with Willem Sassen, Rudel helped shelter Josef Mengele, the notorious former SSdoctor at Auschwitz. He worked as an arms dealer and a military advisor to the regimes of Juan Perón in Argentina, of Augusto Pinochetin Chile, and of Alfredo Stroessner in Paraguay. Due to these activities, he was placed under observation by the US Central Intelligence Agency.

In the West German federal election of 1953, Rudel, who had returned to West Germany, was the top candidate for the far-right German Reich Party but was not elected to the Bundestag. Following the Revolución Libertadora in 1955, the uprising that ended the second presidential term of Perón, Rudel moved to Paraguay, where he acted as a foreign representative for several German companies. In 1977, he became a spokesman for the German People's Union, a neo-Nazipolitical party founded by the extremist politician Gerhard Frey. Rudel died in West Germany in 1982.

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Wake and Bake.
#Honda #S2kult #S2000 #F20c

Temple. @extremefitnesstraining
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I'm still feeling rough from getting back into running again, but that's no excuse to stop. My legs are beat the fuck up and today was like 90% legs.
If you're committed, you don't stop. I'm committed. I'm making the changes I want in my life, because I look at myself in disgust.
There is an image in my head of who I want to be, and when I look in the mirror, it doesn't match my vision. Put the work in.

Slowly becoming my fav exercise at the moment! #fitness #divebomber #gym

Aichi D3A of Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service 🇯🇵.
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Navy Dive Bombers in the Army Air Force: A-24 Banshee

The Army Air Corps took a belated interest in divebombing, prompted by the success of German Stukas in France. Since the Army Air Corps lacked the time or experience to develop their own design, the Army turned to existing Navy aircraft to fill its requirement. The Army requested 168 SBD-3 Dauntlesses from the Navy production order. Under the designation A-24, the Army version differed very little from the Navy’s SBD-3. The tailhook was deleted and a larger pneumatic tailwheel replaced the Navy’s solid rubber wheel. The aircraft were so similar that they were alternated on the assembly line at the Douglas El Segundo plant. The Army Air Corps only planned to use the A-24 as an interim dive bomber until the Army version of the SB2C Helldiver (A-25 Shrike) was ready for service. In November of 1941, 52 A-24s were sent to the 27th Bombardment Group in the Philippines. However, when the Japanese attacked the Philippines, the A-24s were diverted to Australia and were taken over by the 91st Bombardment Squadron. The 91st BS was deployed to the Dutch East Indies and saw very little success while operating the A-24. The 8th Bombardment Group operated the A-24 from Australia and they too saw very little success with the aircraft. On 29 July 1942, seven A-24s took off on a bombing mission to Buna. They were intercepted by A6M2 Zeroes and only one A-24 managed to return. That would prove to be the A-24’s last combat action before they were removed from frontline service. The only other unit to operate the A-24 in combat was the 58th Bombardment Squadron. The Army operated one further version of the SBD, the A-24A, which was the SBD-4 in the Navy. In total, the Army received 78 A-24s and 170 A-24As. A few A-24s remained in service in various utility or testing roles when the Army Air Force became the Air Force in 1947. When the Air Force got rid of the attach designation, the remaining A-24s became the F-24. Three A-24s are seen above in flight. Another A-24 is seen below with its propeller spinner removed.

Last known surviving SBD Dauntless dive bomber, or any combat vehicle to have participated in theatre changing battle of Midway. Favorite plane growing up. #history #vets #ww2 #battleofmidway #scratchoneflattop #dauntless #divebomber #navalaviationmuseum #pensecola #historynerd

The prettiest dive bomber tail gunner in the history of tail gunners. Flashback to that time we flew the SBD Dauntless dive bomber to the Big Bear air fair for the weekend. #SBDdauntless #divebomber #douglasaircraft #gunnerjudy #warbird #tailgunner #girlinback #GIB #f4ucorsair #wwiiaircraft #flyinghistory #battleofmidway #pacificairwar #worldwariihistory #slowbutdeadly #navalaviation #carrieraircraft

@pace_picante_salsa is coming in for @floridavertseries this Saturday. Here’s a shot of him at #floridavertseries Stop 1 this year #divebomber #indy

I wish the WX had been better (OVC 016), but here are a few from Friday afternoon's practice for the 2017 #CulpeperAirFest. Modified (to say the least) #BT13 to look like a #Japanese #ValDiveBomber and #TBMAvenger flying formation after a "dogfight" since no fighters were present for the show. #AichiD3A #Aichi #D3A #AichiD3AType99 #D3AVal #DiveBomber #Grumman #GrummanAvenger #GrummanTBM #TorpedoBomber #FlyNavy #USN #USNavy #IJN #MilitaryAviation #WorldWarII #WWII

Ju 87

The Ju 87 was designed for ground attack, and was used extensively to hunt tanks, anti-aircraft positions, and bomb just about any target. As a high precision dive bomber, it would go down on its prey at a very steep angle, release its bomb, and then climb out.

The Ju 87 was very heavy, had bad handling and poor defence capabilities, making it an easy target for allied fighters. Nonetheless, as a bomber, the Stuka, as it was known, would elicit terror for the civilian or soldier hearing it diving. It literally made a hell of a sound which had a terrible psychological effect on the troops. Still a reliable and rugged aircraft, it destroyed more tanks than any other plane except for the Ilyushin Il-2 Shturmovik.

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Itung-itung buat hiburan lumayan jg liat si meong
#RepostSave @buddys_adventures_ with @repostsaveapp ・・・ Sometimes you just have to dive bomb your big brother!! 😹#crazybean #fluffmonster #divebomber

Sometimes you just have to dive bomb your big brother!! 😹#crazybean #fluffmonster #divebomber

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