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He couldn't do anything independently, thought he had been abducted and was living on a different planet. He didn't know who I was or that his father had passed away.
It's important to see where he's been to understand how far he's come.
#MattDavisRecovery #DitchtheChair

I'm sick of people glorifying brain injury like its this powerful, strong thing.
I want to see more of the crap and less of the "so amazing, so inspirational, so incredible." Just because a story makes you feel a certain way, doesn't mean that's what it's like to live in that reality.
#MattDavisRecovery #DitchTheChair

My sister has been in Thailand for the last 10 months. She came back early and surprised Matt tonight!! @leajosey
#bestfriendsreunited #MattDavisRecovery #DitchTheChair

Time for a brain check.

#MattDavisRecovery #DitchTheChair

Matt just finished The Goblet of Fire!! The fourth book in the Harry Potter series!
He is very proud, this one took him forever.
#MattDavisRecovery #DitchtheChair

Stop complaining about things you can control.
If you want something to change, make it happen.
Be brave.
#getinthearena #DitchtheChair #MattDavisRecovery

Heavy eyes.
Cold hands.
Firm foundation on shaky ground.
I take stock of my body when I feel grief.
I don't do "out of control." Grief is a sneaky bitch.
It comes out of nowhere and is looking for a fight.
I give in.
I don't like to do the expected.
My heart starts to race and my mind wanders.
Searching for a moment to quell the ache in my chest.
Exhausting laps of moments that never happened.
Of people long forgotten.

My heart slams against the cage holding it together.
And I remember this time.
He was late for work.
I wanted him to stay with me.

He always gave me what I wanted.
Nothing mattered more to him than 5 more minutes with me.
My heart slows and I exhale.
To know what it means to be wanted.
I invite grief.
It always comes bearing gifts.
#MattDavisRecovery #DitchtheChair


Continuing to make strides this morning. Balancing forward on an unstable object, getting closer to showing control in a body forward position #DitchTheChair

Whatcha gonna do when you get home🏡 ? Sit down?? How about ditching the chair tonight and try some floor sitting👇. Here are 3 positions you can try out. Keep cycling between them to stay comfy and introduce some movement to your sitting. Great 👍 for the hamstrings and hip flexors that get short and weak with too much chair time. #floorsitting #ditchthechair #movemore #stockbridgeosteopathicpractice #osteopathyworks #osteopathyrocks


It will force you to keep a correct alignment of your spine and your core and stabiliser muscles will stay active. That will improve your balance and facilitate the blood circulation. The result? You will feel more energetic at the end of the day. It will also make you change position more often leading to more energy burned, which will help you to lose weight. And it’s fun!

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Sit on the floor ditch the sofa and chair! #ditchthechair #hipmobility

Ahhhh... so delicious! After a crazy early morning and a day of travel, getting back into my body to unwind the all the sitting was exactly what I needed to feel grounded and light again ✨

Grateful to have arrived to a cozy cabin nestled within a verdant green redwood forest with my boys 😍

Some shots of our stylist Naomi doing hair at today's Pop-Up Braid Shop in @easttownesquaremall for Talk It Up Tuesday! #hairEON #communityEON #mequon
#repost @a_grateful_head ..................... always fun getting out with @erikofnorwaysalonspa for a Pop-Up Braid Shop! there's so much more to hair than behind the chair 💈#braids #popupshop #braidinspo #hairinspo #ditchthechair #outandabout #letmyinspirationflow #mkehair #mkestylist #milwaukeehair #milwaukeehairstylist

always fun getting out with @erikofnorwaysalonspa for a Pop-Up Braid Shop! there's so much more to hair than behind the chair 💈
#braids #popupshop #braidinspo #hairinspo #ditchthechair #outandabout #letmyinspirationflow #mkehair #mkestylist #milwaukeehair #milwaukeehairstylist

Do you even wait for the train in your bottom position bro? Spending time in a resting squat was first suggested to me by @weightlifting_101 as a way of improving my squat position and later by @portal.ido Not only will this help improve /maintain the joint health of your hips, knees and ankles, it will also strengthen the blood vessels in your legs and may even improve your digestion. When I first started practicing this it felt challenging after 60 seconds. Now I am comfortable for 10+ minutes at a time. #squat #restingsquat #developingphysicality #nofucksgiven #digestion #ditchthechair #ankledorsiflexion

After looking at our goal board every time he's been in for the past few months, Mike finally added his own

Today I decided to 'go public' and floor sit through a training course. I decided I cared more about my body health than people thinking I was weird (which incidentally they didn't!). This resulted in getting a 6 hour floor movement session whilst learning first aid. It also inspired another person in the group to ditch the chair and go to ground! Bonus 👍🏼✨ #movement #floorsitting #movementculture #nutritiousmovement #health #movnat #yoga #squats #ditchthechair #naturalmovement

When you need to practice walking but the only walkers on-hand are too short
Dropping the cross-member on the @roguefitness #yoke got it to the perfect height for Mike and simply attaching a strap to the uprights allowed me to pull from the front so he could focus on his feet

Does anyone else's work provide them with a sit-stand desk? I used to use it more often when we first got them but haven't used it in a while. I'm committing to standing at least an hour or two a day. #standup #ditchthechair #standingisgoodforyou #workflow #isitfridayyet #thankfulforajob #standup #sitstand #sitstanddesk

From @meilin_mcdonald thank you @CrossFit these are just a few clips out of a 7min film
He never gave up on me, so I will NEVER GIVE UP.
I am thankful to be able to share my story with the world, @CrossFit just released my story, and I am super excited to see how God uses this to impact those who see it! I hope and pray that you are encouraged by this to NEVER GIVE UP. Most of all I pray that God will be glorified. He has always had a plan for my life and I am so glad that my plan never worked out. Now I choose to serve Him and use my story to glorify Him
@jethorson @faithrxd

Words cannot express how incredibly inspired I am by this girl... NEVER GIVE UP!
May she be an inspiration to you as well! #hope #faith
Be sure to watch @meilin_mcdonald video now available on YouTube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fczssFdeVWA
#ditchthechair #nevergiveup #crossfit

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