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The reality of #dissociativedisorders is tragic. Make sure you're informed on the differences and how to tell them apart. #stayinformed #mentalhealthawareness

Dissociation levels: 8.9/10
Blurry vision: 7/10
Disorientation: 8/10
Dizziness: 6/10
Out-of-body state: 10/10

Mental business is weird business. A year ago, I wouldn't say anything and hide away/sleep/have a panic attack/have a panic attack in my sleep. But now, I'm like Hey world, today is a bad mental day, deal with it cuz I am. (Also, I'm a superstar cuz...how am I typing this rn?! Autopilot for the WIN.) Stuff like today happens for me on the semi-regular.
If you'd like to know more about dissociative disorders, check out Google. It's this thing where you type in questions and get answers.
There's also a book called Stranger in the Mirror. (No, you can't borrow mine when I'm done, because I use it all the time and write private notes in it that are for me.)
Even though I'm spaced-out right now, I think I'll go write about how to be supportive to people with special mental stuff. Focusing on the asking of questions, which mainly stem from the well meaning desire to help, is not helpful. Not even a little bit. Not even at all.
#dissociation #dissociativedisorders

I am me; not her, or her, or him. Don't confuse us if you can. #didproblems #dissociativedisorders #dissociativeidentitydisorder #ptsd #traumasurvivor

The vagus nerve, emotions and the difficulty with mindfulness practices.

Happy #selfcaresunday ! How do you practice self care?

You can't forget it, even if you tried. No matter how many pills you take, substances you smoke, alcohol you indulge, sex you have, it'll creep towards you in the middle of the night, remind you through pictures you've seen, words you hear, music you listen to. Talk to someone you could trust, make it an appoint to see a mental health professional. Just as your physical health is important, your mental health is just as important. #mentalhealthawarenessneverends

Me trying everyday? 😁😬 #nostopping


Hi guys! This isn't a food post, but I felt the need to share this in this space. We spent the day very much in play today. I cooked while Amal napped and consciously let the dishes pile up and put the laundry on hold while she was awake. I felt the need to take her all in and be 100% present. I spend so much time with her yet sometimes I feel like it's not enough at the end of the day. Last night, after she went to bed, I was catching up on some news and learned of a horrific story of a mama who unconsciously left her 18 month old baby in the car for 6 hours, only to find her unresponsive when she returned. She was functioning on auto pilot, the baby fell asleep and she forgot that she was in the car with her. Apparently went to work convinced she had dropped her off at daycare. Apparently it's called dissociative amnesia or forgotten baby syndrome and it can happen to anyone. I can't fathom the thought and I don't know how it could happen but I'm far from judgemental and only full of compassion for this mother and others like her that we too often hear about. Are we to blame for constantly being distracted by work, life and social media? Is society to blame for all the pressure it puts on new parents to be perfect? I don't have answers. All I know is that I haven't been able to get the image of that little girl out of mind since I read the news. How she must have suffered from fear, hunger, thirst, overheating in a closed up car for 6 hours, only for her heart stop. What a tragedy. That poor baby. Those poor parents. I can't even imagine and all I want is to cuddle Amal and never let her go. But I'll let her finish her nap peacefully as I get back to preparing her dinner.

If you've read this far, thank you for your time. xo
#motherhood #parenting #reflections #mamalife #toddlersofinstagram #mamasofinstagram #vitadamamma #notonlymama #mamme #momlife #parenthood #lookbeforeyoulock #forgottenbaby #forgottenbabysyndrome #dissociativedisorders

We all need a power boost every now and then. Make sure you take care of yourself, too!
#PGYAT #MakingMentalHealthMatter

So excited about our new #logo #counseling #tree

Being that safe person, that holding space of acceptance, in a world of chaos, abuse, and stress is the answer for someone to start healing. #safety #abuse #mentalhealth

The #NBOM MCs!! It was such a pleasure sharing the day with everyone and becoming champions of mental health and wellness! Thank you all soo so much ♡♡

Sometimes we all just need a hug. #hug #mentalhealth #connection

Join us on May 24th, 2017 for the Northern Balancing Our Minds Youth Summit to smash the stigma, talk about mental health, and make an action plan! Registration closes tomorrow, so act now!

Registration link is on our bio!

In getting ready for some deeper work we took the time to reflect on what our center and therapy means for us...
Having the gift of reflection through another's eyes allows us to see ourselves in a new light, a bridge is created to our own internal wisdom, and we are seen and validated in a way that helps heal places inside, old wounds, and allows our journey to follow a new path... #sandtray #mentalhealth #bridge

Mothers Day brings up so much for all of us. Holding you all close in our hearts #mothersday #mentalhealth #thinking

So excited about our promotional video with @esegismundo from fylmit.com. Stay tuned!! #video #marketing #selfie

Anxiety, however debilitating it feels, is manageable! Here are some tips to help you through it!

A kind soul sharing her gardens first bloom with us. #roses #garden #bloom

Hope you all had an Easter weekend with tons of love, good health, family, and full bellies! Onwards and upwards, friends ♡

Growth know no size. #littleone #fierce #shakespeare

Happy #selfcaresunday ! How do you practice self care?

We never know which of our stories will resonate with another but that's the magic of connection. When we risk being our true real imperfect selves we can put each other at ease and connect. #scars #connection #mentalhealth

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