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Sour diesel. 10G-130 OZ
Locally and a organically grown. Avail. With delivery

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Just down the freeway from Eugene is the tiny little town of Goshen. They have a medical only dispensary that has prices that make medicating affordable. The shop is cozy and the employees are very helpful! So go check out Green Therapy and tell them you heard it from The Picky Patients #ganjapixy #2jointjim #dispensaryreviews

Pink Kush - I can safely say that @ce_headoffice knows how to grow Pink Kush better than anyone else in Canada. It arrives perfectly cured and full of flavour. It burns a slow bright white every time. If you live in condo, all your neighbours will know you got the CE special when you crack it open. It provides the perfect balance between being stoned and high. If you need to get things done it's still possible. But if all you need to is watch Netflix, this is what the Dr ordered. Get some Pink while you can and tell em @torontoweed sent you.
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-- Girl Scout Cookies --
from: TheRoyalCannabisClub.com @TheRoyalCannabisClub_ ships by mail to all Canadians 19+
Product Description: "Girl Scout Cookies is an even balanced hybrid strain. This flower is known by its high levels of THC and even a small amount of this strain goes a long way. This flower perfectly blends the classic soaring sativa high with a sense of full body relaxation from its indica side. The high is very powerful, happy, and sometimes euphoric without the couch-lock body effects. Girl Scout Cookies tastes sweet and earthy with some spicy aftertaste and it smells much the same. This flower is very easy to identify again based on its light green buds coated in crystals trichomes and fiery orange hairs. Girl Scout Cookies is a truly impressive strain that has won numerous Cannabis Cup awards. Patients report that Girl Scout Cookies may also provide relief from pain, stress, depression, and nausea."-TheRoyalCannabisClub.com
It has good bag appeal. I love the smell. It reminds of Pine, Lemons, and Tangerines.
I ground it up and put it in a Raw Cone. It burned with a white and grey ash. I will try to include a picture of the burn for my flower reviews from now on. This GSC has a nice citrus and pine taste with earthy notes. It put me in a great mood after smoking this on a nature hike. It helped me enjoy a beautiful day. In fact when I got back from my hike I went on another hike to get munchies. I find this perfect for mid day, It kills my stress and pain but doesn't make me sleepy. I got a nice head high that was good to begin with but seemed to get better about 10 min after smoking. It also helped ease my aches and pains.
I have been happy with The Royal Cannabis Club across the board. This is another good place to get Flower, Edibles, and Concentrates. If you are a fan of GSC they also have a couple of good shatters I have been enjoying. One being Sunset Sherbet which is GSC crossed with Pink Panties. Another being Thin Mints which is a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies.

What we loved about the 99 Hightide Collective in Malibu, California: the under-the-sea decor and beach town vibe, the knowledgable staff, the massive variety of tinctures and topicals they carried, the attached “transformational boutique”, and the member service offerings including massage, Reiki, sound healing, and breathwork. A++ in our books. Full review up on our blog! #californiadispensary #hightidings #99hightidecollective

Never settle, you deserve the best, keep leveling up and watch your world around you change.
#brucebanner #3 brought to you by @leagledenver - where they are always raising the standards 🔥💪🏼
Mention High Inspirations for the special treatment 😉👌🏼
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My friends out at @avdcollective661 know the true value of cannabis as a medicine. I have not seen many collectives that have free cannabis oil sitting by the door for cancer patients. I obviously did not take the stuff setting by the door as I have plenty but they gave me this to try. I want to shout them out because I feel more dispensaries should do this. I also feel more people should make cannabis oi. Cannabis is life for many people. It is so much more than a way to escape or bond with your friends. This right here is #theelixeroflife and its maddening to me to be able to find wax at every turn but rarely can you find quality medicine. But at #avdc💎 you can find quality medicine,people that care and a shitload of great stuff to get high on. But my point is they care about patients as well and whenever I find a collective that is well rounded I like to shout them out! Plus they have @pixie_pipes !!! #bestdispensaries #dispensaryreviews #yesisaidthat #bethechange #phoenixtears #cannabisismedicine #medicalmarijuana #payitforward #realtalk💯


@nate_sbv was our very first winner and gives us great continuous support!! We never forget about the ones who support us! 💚

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Nice white ash on these cones from PreRolledCones.ca @prerolledcones 👍👍☺ #cloudsovercanada #cannabiscommunity #420 #bcbud #dispensaryreviews #HighTimes #prerolledcones #aaaa

#lasvegas has it all, including #topshelf #bunko weed, over dry popcorn nugs pushed as topshelf, there is no standard of quality between the 9 dispensaries I visited.

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Nice white ash on these cones from PreRolledCones.ca @prerolledcones 👍👍☺ #cloudsovercanada #cannabiscommunity #420 #bcbud #dispensaryreviews #HighTimes #prerolledcones #aaaa

Every once in a while, you find a dispensary that simply blows your mind. @peoplesorangecounty saved me on a day when I needed some very specific merchandise in a limited amount of time. The ambience was absolutely beautiful and the staff was so inviting and helpful, and even talked me into some goodies I would have never given a second thought to. This is what I want from the Cannabis Community. Clean, sleek, sexy. I love that it's female owned and just learned of their much deserved award from @dopemagazine ... From what I hear, their Friday Customer Appreciations are not to be missed. If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend stopping by. This is the future of cannabis. #dispensary #dispensaryreviews #dispensaryreview #cannabisreview #weed #womenofcannabis #peoplesoc #ocweed #womenowned #supportwomen #thefutureisfemale #keepcannabisclassy #highsociety #highersociety #goodies #treats #pickup #newfavorite #cannamom #thebestofoc #thebeatoforangecounty

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-- Strawberry Sour Diesel --
from: CanadianHolistics.com @canadianholistics ships to all Canadians 19+ years of age
Description: "Strawberry Sour Diesel, the child of 2 of cannabis’s most famous strains Strawberry Cough and NYC Sour Diesel. From these 2 parents we have a perfect hybrid giving users the ideal well balanced high. Strawberry Sour Diesel will bring you an energising high keeping you clear head to complete your daily tasks all while relaxing your muscles and taking away your every day aches and pains. Being a hybrid it is a versatile strain great for day or night time use those who suffer from insomnia love it to help them get to sleep, although novice smokers should take caution; this strain is potent, fast acting, and intense."
It has a pleasant gassy/pungent smell with a hint of berries. Nice looking well trimmed buds blanketed in trichomes. It has a thin sativa like structure.
It has a sweet gassy taste that sticks well to the palate. Part of the site description that I left out says it is a "smooth dense smoke" and I have to agree. It burned with a clean white ash. It is a well balanced fast acting hybrid. I was relaxed in both body and mind. I was also feeling stress free, and staring off into space thinking happy thoughts. Don't sleep on their flower menu, you won't be disappointed.

Im so fucking lit Im talking to a camera Lol. If I had a YouTube channel would you guys follow for terpy dab reviews, strain reviews, dispensary reviews from a non biased point of view? city to city and hopefully sesh with all my followers statewide? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 hmm... decisions @loudpackbenjamin #imnotayoutuber #instagrammyshit #realreviews #strainreviews #dispensaryreviews
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