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I’m so happy for the people who went to the signing!!! If you guys have pictures dm me I’ll give credit💖 idk who’s photo this is but if y’all know comment it so I’ll give it credit❤️ @megdonnelly @milomanheim #megdonnelly #milomanheim #disneyzombies #disneychannel

The cast of #disneyzombies @milomanheim @megdonnelly at the soundtrack signing party 🧟‍♂️💿💚💗#DisneyZOMBIES

— zed:)
i don't have very many
zed scenes, so this is short..
and this is a scrap. it's terrible,
but zed isn't:)💚
dt. everyone who voted zed
on my story<3
my coloring!
(had to repost)
@milomanheim @megdonnelly
#zed #milomanheim #zombies
#disneyzombies #disney

#Disneyzombies #meetandgreet #thegrove our conversation before the picture milo hi me hi meg hi what’s your name Cody milo what’s your name me aurora me I just wanted to say I’m really proud of you guys for following your dreams meg wow thanks milo hank you me I want to become an actress one day I do acting meg wow we both have the same passion huh milo yeah we all do takes photo both of them say thank you for coming #Disneychannel

I’m so proud & happy for meg & milo omg :”)
#megdonnelly #disneyzombies #milomanheim

when i watched this scene i was so sure they would kiss, but they didn't!
@megdonnelly @milomanheim #megdonnelly #milomanheim #disneyzombies

He is so cute he almost chocked bc they were taking the pic while he was drinking water #milomanheim #disneyzombies

@megdonnelly @milomanheim I wanna hold your hand and send you gifts and send you drawings and see your smiley faces in person and I hope one day in person I'd be able to make my dream come true. I love you endlessly I'll die for you. You make my heart sing and filled with so much love joy and happiness. I stood up for myself today and the movie inspired me so much to do it and I usually don't stand up for myself cause I get shy. So thank you for being such a big part of my life. This isn't my meet and greet picture but I edited it. Credit to the person who took it. ❣️ One day "someday" I'll meet you. #disneyzombies #zombies #disneychannel

I CANT AHSBABSABBA THEY ARE SO CUTE 😭😭😭😭 guys , this is definitely their year and I’m so happy and proud of them 😭😭😭💕💕💕💕 @megdonnelly @milomanheim - #milomanheim #megdonnelly #disneychannel #disneyzombies

Underrated relationship tbh 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ @milomanheim

💚i literally was laughing on Milos live today. I don’t even have any idea who was does guys, but all i can say it was funny. hope you guys have a good night!💓#DisneyZombies #Disney #DisneyChannel 💘

my heart oml the m&g pics r so precious 😫
#disneyzombies #megdonnelly #milomanheim

guys i don’t think you understand how proud i am of my beautiful lil beans. They have gotten so far. They just both recently hit 100k and now they are doing meet ups and signings etc:). I’m so proud. guy i cried 6 times tonight bc i was so proud of them. I wish i were there but i like in tennessee sadly:( I will always love and support them and hopefully (figures crossed) i’ll get to be an actor and actually get to know them some day. They are definitely my idols and i’m incredibly proud of them. They have gotten so far and this is the beginning. Also for how popular Zombies has gotta it would shock me if they didn’t make a second one. I’m so happy for my lil beans and can’t wait to continue to support them throughout their journey:) much love for them:) tag them if you agree or just wanna tag them,, it’d be much appreciated:)<3 @megdonnelly @milomanheim @megdonnelly @megdonnelly @milomanheim @milomanheim @megdonnelly @megdonnelly @milomanheim @milomanheim @megdonnelly @milomanheim @megdonnelly @milomanheim @megdonnelly @milomanheim #lfl #fff #disneyzombies #milomanheim #megdonnelly

I loved this live stream video of Milo, i really don’t know if the guys behind the camera were Milos friends, but they’re so funny!😂💚#MiloManheim #MegDonnelly #DisneyZombies

Apparently, Sara is addicted to this Disney Zombies thing, and her mom surprised her with a CD signing / meet&greet! #disney #zombies #disneyzombies

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