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Ok guys... we may have just stumbled upon our *tiny* Dream home!

So if you or anyone may be interested in our *bigger* home... let me know!

2016 Forest River Salem
27 RKSS floorplan
Great condition!

It's almost time for the Flower & Garden Festival, so a bunch of topiaries are up already. Will you be visiting for the F&G?

We now have pumpkins and Bruno. (Dress still needs touchup)
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But, my dog does 🐾🐾🐾
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Let It Gooooo !!! 🀣 #frozen #obsessed #disneyaf #lol

Performing every day in the Magic Kingdom!

These are Nicole's Top 3. What would yours be?
You could argue glitter also tops the list for her, since all 3 are sparkling away.

Day 34/ 80!

Can’t believe how fast this program is going! Loving every day! By loving, though, I don’t mean... its easy, or I always am super excited to press play, or that I don’t struggle through sometimes... by love it... I mean... its one of the hardest challenges I have taken on, it makes me work harder and test my limits more than ever, and, yes, even question my sanity 😜 some days! Like today... 😏

But I know I am making the best choice for myself, my health, my strength... my body is getting stronger... healthier... and thats what it needs to keep away things like the flu and all those bugs going around... the stronger defense I put up, the harder for those ickies to get through! For me... thats a big deal... cuz when I get something, it takes longer than most to shake it.... I could blame the immunosuppressants... but I need them! My kidney πŸ’š needs them! Its par for the course... but I won’t settle, I’ll do what I have control over... and thats staying strong and healthy... thats pushing through this 80 days... I have not missed even 1 workout! My nutrition has been on point! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ and it feels good!
This cardio day is tough... but so do-able... with the right mind set! Wanna give it a shot? Just ask... πŸ˜‰

Both @livefastdiepoor and @ally.warren are just as nice in person as you'd expect! Obv Nicole offered Justin some gluten free info πŸ—πŸ°. Our night was made!

Well, that happened. #disneyAF

Long Live The King! #WakandaForever #INeverFreeze

πŸ’œ Family πŸ’œ

If anyone has talked to me in the last few months, they know that I have been beyond excited to wear this at Katsu with @clairebearcosplay! Based off art by @skirtzzz_art ❀️❀️❀️ #ravedisneyprincesses #ravegirls #disneyAF

What is everyone eating this weekend!? Cauliflower Nachos and Green Apple Nachos coming our way tomorrow! πŸ˜‹

Never a bad angle.

The first picture... me at age 4... some of you will recognize the fluid- filled- typical steroid- your kidneys are not looking so hot- round face... this was about 5 months after my diagnosis of FSGS... my doctors were talking maybe a transplant, maybe dialysis.... I had no clue... all I knew was I was so puffy, my skin felt funny and my eyes were heavy... Fast forward to our honeymoon a few years ago ( recognize that logo Disney loves??). Hawaii was amazing! It was a picture perfect vacation with my Love 😘... but I remember looking back at those pictures and being disappointed in myself... I had let it happen again... I was forever on that weight loss- weight gain rollercoaster... I needed a change! And fast! Look at the gift I was given! πŸ’š It was my responsibility to do everything in my power ( cuz lets face it... there are many things we can not control... so why not work our hardest at ones we can!) to keep my kidney healthy and going strong! This thing came from a πŸ‘©β€πŸš’! I have some big shoes to fill!
So 2 years ago was the end of re starting... it was the beginning of so much more than I ever expected! πŸ’šgot off the weight loss rollercoaster!
πŸ’šgot my energy back!
πŸ’šgot off one of my medications! πŸ’šgot my confidence back!

My body is healthier than ever... stronger than ever... and improving everyday!
How did I do it?
πŸ€ΈπŸ½β€β™€οΈregular exercise!
🍍clean food!
πŸƒ chocolate superfoods!
And my Team of amazing challengers by my side! πŸ‘­πŸ‘«πŸ‘­ Guys, if I made this happen, I KNOW you can too! And you are not alone! I am here with you every step of the way! There is no where to go but forward... closer to the YOU that you are searching for!!! I have 3 spots left this round... is one yours? 🌻 We start next week! 🌻


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