Bitmoji finally made a pic of my favorite buddy Max @disfoocray (RIP young blood), so I am posting it in memory of the chillest diaper dog that ever chewed the butts off toys. #disfoocray

I love this dual-sided #memoryquilt in honor of my baby Max @disfoocray (2008-2015). It reminds me of all the happy times he spent chewing and rolling around on these towels and blankets. Thank you Stacey @spiceonrice !! #disfoocray 😇

What you are eating I will have it now. #disfoocray

Happy #curlycomedytbt to a time when I wore bucket hats and had the best dog in the whole world Max (who acted a foo and was straight up cray) @disfoocray Thanks @indyinbk for finding it. #disfoocray

Planning a weekend getaway? Grab a copy of this week's Time Out New York and read my cautionary tale about a road trip with this bone head! #disfoocray

I will wait here with my foot on this squashed, foil foot pad. #disfoocray

My brown-eyed boy by @polychromatico via @PhotoRepost_app #disfoocray

My name is Lucy and I'm gonna high five your face! #disfoocray

Amazing floating dog head! #disfoocray

We love to singa #disfoocray

Creepy mash-up! Mam say Watson act just like our brudder Max (who went to doggy heaven before we come home) because him so quiet and need calm cuddles. But my bet we both would be good bosses of Watson together. #BullPeiAttention #DisFooCray

Creepy mash-up! Me and my brudder in doggy heaven Max. Mam think we look alike but she say I act real different. #BullPeiAttention #DisFooCray

Nov 6th marked the year anniversary of the passing of the Best Bulldog in all of Brooklyn™ Maximus. I was so happy to find Sherlock gnawing on the butt of a stuffed animal just like Max used to do. Watson doesn't do it, so it's nice to see a bulldog trait that makes me think of my old friend. #DisFooCray #BullPeiAttention 🐶😇💕

Mam say I remind her of our brudder Max who went to doggy heaven because we am always chewing stuffed animal butts. Thank you for making our house doggy-ready Max! 🐶💕😇 _____________________________________________________________
#BullPeiAttention #DisFooCray

I caught Watson sitting in Max's sunny spot for the first time. Wish they could have shared it together! 💗😔🙏🏽 RIP #DisFooCray #BullPeiAttention

Two of the friends in this picture have passed away (the dog and my shades), but their contribution to my life and Instagram will never be forgotten.
#DisFooCray #IlluminatiGlasses #curlycomedyshades

RIP my favorite sunglasses, the standout element of the (unnecessary) hashtag #curlycomedyshades and the ORIGINAL #IlluminatiGlasses - worn in my former profile picture starring Max @disfoocray the Bulldog. Okay that's enough attachment to material possessions. *digs patch of Earth for proper burial*

Has a quilt ever made you cry? Especially one made of old towels that you had to wash daily? This beautiful memory blanket of my dearly departed Maximus @disfoocray means so much to me. Thank you for working so hard on it Stacey!

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