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After a warm spring day's exploring on Maria Island, there's no better reward than a dip in the island's impossibly clear waters. @jakobdezwart did exactly that on a recent visit to this island national park, located six kilometres off the @eastcoasttasmania and a short ferry ride from the  township of Triabunna. The island has a rich history. Originally inhabited by the indigenous tyreddeme people, it has also been whaling and sealing post, penal settlement and an Italianate pleasure resort. You can explore Maria on foot or via pedal power with natural attractions like the Painted Cliffs and the peaks of Mount Maria and Bishop & Clerk the highlights. Looks refreshing, Jakob - thanks for tagging #discovertasmania.

Milky way rising over Lake Oberon and the Western Arthur Range. The moon can also be seen in the sky to the left of frame. Areas like these whilst spectacular are also extremely fragile. Walkers and photographers should always leave no evidence they were ever there, often said as "leave no trace" or "pack it in, pack it out". It's harder than it sounds sometimes, but it's essential so that these places are left as beautiful for everyone else to enjoy. Image taken on assignment with Australian Geographic. #AusGeo #NatureWeLove

Sunday mornings are for sleeping in... 😴 This is Iris the baby #wombat - isn't she beautiful?! She lives on @flindersisland in @tasmania and is being hand-raised by the devoted Kate Mooney, aka. 'The wombat lady of Flinders Island'. Kate fell in love with #FlindersIsland as a teenager, then visited again at age 20 and never left. She now plays mum to the island's orphaned wombats, devoting endless hours to hand-raising and releasing them on her 40-hectare patch of paradise on this beautiful rugged island in @northerntasmania. What a heart-warming story! Photo: @flindersisland #discovertasmania #northerntasmania #wildlifephotography #travel

'Star trail over Lake Adelaide on day 3 of the Walls of Jerusalem walk... freezing cold but very still night. Grateful to my hiking buddies @heatherleeollington and @soccanannie for roughing it out with me - well worth it I think.' - @vikkisiliato

Shot Notes:
EOS 5DsR with a EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM Lens
ISO 640 | f/4 | 218 x 30" exposures.

We know it is undignified to boast so we won't say anything about this snap shared by @carmelboyd_. We won't mention how warm it is in Tassie right now or how this water is so incredibly crisp and clean and how it really is true that you can find a beach and practically have it all to yourself. Nope, we shall remain humbly quiet and just keep it all to ourselves 😉

After a long day of checking out potential sunset spots we decided on a beach on the West Coast. After the sun went down we collected drift wood and made this little fire. The perfect way to end the day.


@devita_davison has been a whirlwind of knowledge, passion and hard work during her trip to @tasmania. She and @lukecraven brought smiles and energy to every event and I look forward to your return. Particularly because @honeychild_oz is cooking.... #food #community #mytassiefooddiary #gelato #thankafarmer #eatlocal #shoplocal #lovelaunceston #discovertasmania #detroit

My name is Preben, I am a Brazilian Macaw and have been sailing with the Nash/Lassen family on board their Danish sailing vessel Yukon for the last 14 years!

I have been keeping a quiet eye on the family and their many guests from the safety of my perch on the stern davits all this time.

We have crossed many oceans and visited many islands together, when we visited the Galapagos Islands a few years ago I had an admirer, a rather enchanting Pelican who used to come and sit for a chat each morning, I knew it couldn’t last!

Now we all live in Franklin down in the beautiful Huon Valley.
We go out cruising on the river most days, it’s a busy life;
Black Cockatoos, Swans, Sea eagles, Goshawks, Seagulls, they are all dropping in to say hello as Yukon glides down the serene Huon River.

Sometimes we sail around the south coast of our island home and visit my old friends the Orange Bellied Parrots at Port Davey

This week I am up here in Hobart for a city break, @hobart_travel_centre
it’s great,
but hectic I think,
I would rather be sailing …. #parrot #huonvalley #discovertasmania #hobartandbeyond #tasmania #southerntrovetasmania #sailing #franklintasmania

Checking out the Hobart Waterfront, a very short walk from the famous Salamanca Markets. Thanks @jetstaraustralia for making this last minute trip so easy to book. How about this weather, mid to high 20s so no complaints from me. #jetstaraustralia #jetstarpartner

💈 Mr Clyde’s Barber Shop now has gift cards ! Christmas presents or drop a hint that someone’s looking like a grub and needs to be sharpened up 🤘🏼😝

Bathed in afternoon light this 18th century farm cottage at Tunbridge, Tasmania, shows many years of desolation!
#tunbridge #tasmania #discovertasmania #wowtasmania #thinktasmania #cradlecoasttasmania #colonialsettlement #heritagetasmania #farminglife #farmhousestyle #abandonedtasmania #abandoned_tasmania

Oh gosh, it was a beautiful way to start the day - The breakfast cruise 🚢 with 4WD Variety Bash from sunny QLD yesterday was ah-mazing! #tassiestyle #breakfastcruise #earlyrisers #greateasterndrive #tasmania #eastcoasttasmania #discovertasmania #seeaustralia

☝️We're part of the Cradle To Coast Tasting Trail, and lucky us! There's so many treats to be savoured along the way.

More Tasting Trail info linked in bio. #discovertasmania

Calling all the raspberry lovers! Filled with raspberry custard, topped with torched meringue and finished with a sprinkling of toasted almonds and freeze-dried raspberries, the Raspberry Meringue Filled Doughnut has your name written all over it ❤️

The arch of the tasman bridge.

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