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Retirement goals in the northern Berkshire hills.

~ ”The arctic is changing faster than the rest of the world. Up here you really can see the big differences in shrinking glaciers & warmer temperatures which make you more aware of the effects of the climate change” ~ Ove, Head of ICOS Zeppelin Observatory station. #icoscapes @icosri

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Monopoli rappresenta, sull'Adriatico, uno dei porti più attivi e popolosi della regione. Il suo caratteristico centro storico di origine alto-medievale, sovrapposto ai resti di un abitato messapico fortificato già nel V secolo a.C., si affaccia sul mare circondato da alte mura.
Monopoli è anche detta la città delle cento contrade. L'agro infatti è diviso in varie località denominate contrade, i cui toponimi rievocano antichi casali scomparsi, la presenza di una masseria, di una chiesa o altri riferimenti storico-geografici.
La città di Monopoli sorge a ,9 metri s.l.m.lungo il litorale adriatico a 41 chilometri a sud di Bari, nella zona geografica della Terra di Bari, in particolare nel settore sud-orientale della Conca di Bari, il cui rilievo, man mano che ci si avvicina alla costa, presenta talora una forte inclinazione, formando un ripido gradino localmente chiamato Le Serre. Tale pendenza, rilevabile a pochi chilometri dal centro, delimita due paesaggi nettamente distinti: uno pianeggiante, denominato marina, che si estende verso il mare, e uno sollevato, sì da formare una specie di tavolato che si spinge verso l'interno fino ad una altezza massima di 408 metri, nella zona dei monti Carbonara in contrada Aratico.

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Early morning mist🌲🔥
Nikon D810 | 58mm | 1/100 | F/5.6 | iso 100

Mr.Pokee Xmas Sweater 🎅🏼🎄
I‘m so excited to finally show them to you!! I designed them myself & hope you love them! (Link to order is in my bio/description)
International Shipping!! But notice there are two campaigns, one for the US and another one for the EU. So, make sure to choose the cheapter option for you depending on where you live. ❤️
Ps. Every single picture you guys send me on Christmas wearing your sweaters will be featured! 📸 model: @fabiano.gross

This place is lit. 🔥
Seriously tho. I usually don’t get too excited about historic sites, but walking around Petra, a city entirely caved out of rock more than 2000 years ago, was something else. Hands down one of the most fascinating man made places I’ve ever seen. It’s quite obvious why it’s listed as one of the ‚7 Wonders of the World‘.
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Here we are my favorite kind of morning low deck level fog at battery Spencer! With @kaushiks83 @shashankkhanna @ig_escaype
I also offer workshops - one on one - or group photo tours. To help master your compositions and use of filters for long exposure, water or sky motion. I am sponsored by @leefilters - I have have been a Bay Area resident since 1979, so my workshops & tours also specialize in hard to reach locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can see my website for pricing and details. ----------------------------
All of my photos are cropped for instagram, if you are interested in the full version contact me. Offering acrylic face Mount and Metal infusion prints, and licensing!
Nikon D850
Nikon Nikon 14 x 24
Aperture: f9
Shutter: 100 seconds
ISO: 80
Filter: Lee soft grad
Sw150 system
Tripod: Really Right Stuff TVc34
Ball head bh55
White Balance Auto
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Ancient city of Xanthos in Kaş Turkey.

In a moonles pitch-dark night it is spooky to go into ancient cities where you know there are scorpions and snakes around. Especially when you know the history of this place, it becomes an experience of its own.
Civilization in Xanthos dates back to B.C. 700. This city has the saddest history of all the Lykian cities. In Year B.C. 546 when Harpagos attaced Xanthos, handful of lykians were defeted by the army of Harpagos. All the people (women,children and old) left in the city burned what they have and killed themselves before the enemy enters the city. This mass suicide happened twice; second one in Roman invasion in year 43. After that nearly 2000 years passed but we still share the same stars with the sad and proud people of Xanthos... Special thanx to my lovely and brave wife @didemarakon for modeling.

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Uno scenario da favola proprio nella nostra regione. Se ancora non avete avuto occasione di andarci...vi aspettiamo il 29 Ottobre al nostro photowalk #CanfaitoColors!

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This morning, with help from @melissacorinneb @de6rasse, @kingsleysc and @brittcrew we launched Toronto 2018: Track and Field in the 6ix. The North and Central American championships offer an automatic World Championship spot for all gold medalists, a huge incentive and another reason why the world’s best are coming to Toronto..... #explorecanada #passionpassport #natgeotravel #imagesofcanada #sawandmitre #timeoutsociety #vscocam @nakedplanet #discoverearth #streetsoftoronto #cleancaptures #unlimitedcanada @toronto_insta #seetoronto #DiscoverON #hypetoronto #6ixgrams #blogTO #visualscollective #visualtoronto #torontolife

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"Horses in my dreams
Like waves, like the sea
They pull out of here
They pull, they are free"

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