✌🏽out terrible twos 🎂🍾

Further proof that Ms Wednesday was a bargain discount doggy on half price doggy day at the humane society. She forgets to dog sometimes. #mswednesday #dogs #dogsofinstagram #cutepuppy #discountdoggy

“Ma.. maaa.. iz u awake? need pets plz”
Everyday is #NationalDogDay in Theo's household 🤴🏽

Always make sure you have a buddy whenever you're out in the field!
Meet our extra buddy, Indy the adventure dog! She is a professional butterfly rustler, bear alert system, and hat model. She is very happy to be back out on adventures after healing up from her knee surgery!

@adventurescientists #pollinators2018 @indy_the_adventuredog

Snoozing in the backseat while I have my private chauffeur drive me around. I've even got a sweet @kurgo doggy seat belt to keep me safe!
#itsadogslife #treatedlikeroyalty

Do I have enough toys? No, the answer is no I do not!
Thanks to @barkbox for providing me with this cozy blanket of fluff and squeakers! Keep 'em coming mom!
#barkbox #barkboxday @barkshop

Just snuggling with my doppelganger. My parents brought it back from the @montereybayaquarium and told me not to eat it. I'll just wait until they aren't looking....there can be only ONE cute, fluffy, white pup in THIS household! #highlanderpup

He's kinda cute, but I think I'll just go stag to prom...I like to keep my options open 😆 #barkboxday

The doctor says I can't go adventuring yet, but I HAVE been upgraded to a 10 minute walk! How much of my territory do you think I can pee on in that time? #stayoffmyturf! #youtoosquirrels!! #cyborgdogonpatrol

At first I was pretty upset I couldn't go on adventures after my leg surgery. I've started to see that recovery isn't so bad after all...#livinglikeaqueen #icouldgetusedtothis #sunbathing

Even after major leg surgery, I'm all smiles! 🐶😄 Getting to lounge in my beautiful backyard sure helps...along with the heavy doses of pain meds 😉

I'm in surgery recovery mode now, but at least I got to go on a final adventure this past weekend! I sniffed and peed enough to claim the whole hillside for at LEAST a month.

I have to get knee surgery today to fix a tendon busted from all my adventuring. 🐶 I had the same procedure last year on my other leg, but it's still scary for me. 😓 Mom says it'll make me stronger than ever but I'll need to rest up for a few months. Wish me luck!! #cyborgdoggie #rebuiltstronger

Finally I'm being recognized as the royalty I know I am, this #barkboxday is the best! Only took over 4,000 years but Pharaoh Indy approves! #lookinggoodformyage #mummywrappinggreatformyfur #iatemyheaddress

I've gotten really good at guilting my parents into taking me on adventures after work! All I have to do I boop the door knob with my nose and we're off! #suckers 🐶

Can't believe my mom dragged me out of bed to go to work this morning! I guess being the office therapist is an important job, but the bed was reaaaaly comfy! 🐶💤💤

Doing my best unicorn impression! I love that all this green grass has finally shown up this spring, it offsets my white coat quite nicely don't you think? 🦄🐶🦄

I'm keeping an eye on this salty seabird today. I think he might try and steal all my treasure when I'm not looking! Keep a weather eye out all you barkaneers! #barkboxday ☠️🐶☠️

I sniffed out some buried treasure today on #barkboxday and felt pretty proud of myself - then mom tried to claim SHE'D found it first! Might have to make her walk the plank tomorrow as punishment ☠️🐶☠️

Yesterday was the anniversary of my adoption day! I think I'm pretty lucky to have ended up with my parents - I'll admit I was a handful at first (I nommed quite a few mattresses and pillows in my day) but I've grown into the best dog in the world according to them! I celebrated with some fancy steak and relaxed on the bed after a good tug a war session. I really hope all shelter dogs end up as fortunate as me someday, I have a feeling they are all very good dogs too. ❤️🐶❤️ #adoptdontshop

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