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Precious metal. Does discolor. .
Did you know that precious metals do discolor.
All metals are prone to discolor if treated poorly, it's not the metal but the metals reaction to your skin, the water, your cosmetics, perfume, even the air.
A well maintained good quality plated item will stand the test of time and wear as much as a precious metal, they just need maintaining.
And stainless steel? Well open your cutlery drawer and decide for yourself😉
Pictured are some sterling silver jumprings I bought from an actual precious metal manufacturer here in Australia, exceedingly good quality, but because of improper maintenance (sitting in a bag for years) they have tarnished.
There are special jewellery polishing cloths available from a multitude of suppliers, I even have them as an optional add on when you buy any item from my store😉
Wherever you buy from, they are a fantastic investment, whatever the quality of jewellery, a quick wipe after each use is a perfect way to get maximum wear and look.
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More to come 💛

Textures, materials, details.
Art for me isn't just about my paints but what I photograph too.
Beautiful engagements detailsfor @lily_and_sage for Katie and Tom

I taylor made this dress for myself as I couldn't find a single dress I loved. I must have ordered about 10 over a period of 2 months and none of them fitted me (very annoying as nothing ever fits me) they were almost always too big or the cut wasn't right. This silk dress (its bright pink in real life!) and chandelier earrings I wore for my for a very special occasion . Perhaps the most amazing dress I've ever worn. when I wear a dress of any kind whether it's black tie or day wear it has to be comfortable . I'm very bohemian at heart and I love my floating dresses and clothes that I feel totally comfortable and free in.

One of my larger pieces. My pinks are going to look gorgeous for what I have planned for them! (Beautiful bags and dresses and watch this space!) This painting is awaiting having another layer of resin but otherwise finished. Created with raw pigment , spray paint, gloss paint, resins and mixed media. Something awesome is happening this year and I am finally finishing this set of paintings that will be my first range that I make into products and open my own shop online with limited edition products!

All the things I could never say
Will come pouring out of me
Through my broken teeth
The best and worst of me
#thefad #discolor #theremnants #foolheavy

#サルビア・ディスコロール 花言葉は、燃える思い、尊敬。 #discolor

Future house.. ⚡️

Panduan beli #LAMOUR skincare. --------------- kulit wajah berminyak
kulit wajah berpori besar
kulit wajah gampang berkomedo
bedak susah nempel

Paket whitening #oily --------------- kulit wajah kering
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kulit wajah kusam
kulit wajah kurang elastis

Paket whitening #normal ---------------- kulit wajah berjerawat
kulit wajah berminyak
kulit wajah mudah berkomedo
kulit wajah kusam

Paket whitening #acne
Untuk ibu hamil >> paket ibu hamil

Untuk kulit tipis, kelihatan urat2, gampang merah, gampang alergi >> paket kulit sensitif
Untuk yang pingin lebih #putih dan makin #putih

Untuk yang pingin hilangin FLEK dan bekas jerawat

PAKET sesuai jenis kulit + SERUM BRIGHT EXO
Untuk kulit tidak merata / #discolor pake
Untuk yang pingin tampak lebih #muda hilangkan kerut dan garis halus

Pake PAKET sesuai jenis kulit + TRIPLE COLLAGEN
Untuk yang pingin hilangin #komedo
Untuk yang sering outing / out door / kerja lapangan/ anter jemput anak sekolah
Pake PAKET sesuai jenis kulit + SUNBLOCK
Untuk yang pingin keliatan #cantik tanpa lipstik
Pake PAKET sesuai jenis kulit + LIPMOIST
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