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Celebrating finally not feeling like a feverish wretch with #kurosawa and #brewdog #elvisjuice with is frkken lush. #manfluisreal #manflu #survivor (not in any way to diminish the true and valiant stories of survival that may take place in that hashtag #disclaimer )

🗣️🚨⚠️ #DISCLAIMER This is where I'm at in life, where I've kinda been the past few years. I'm sort of like an #antisocialsocialite
#word #publicannouncement 🗣️🗣️🗣️ #myapologies #sorrynotsorry #focused

Ok ok. #disclaimer I JUST ATE THIS ENTIRE PIZZA. But I have zero guilt. 5 point breakfast. 16 point lunch. Leaves me with even a little wiggle room for dinner and still earn my 🔵 •
I have been wanting some pizza and was planning on it for lunch. But when I looked in the fridge not nearly enough pepperoni for a whole pizza. 😳 Hummm what to do 🤔 I had seen on someone’s Insta they did a chicken Alfredo pizza. Sorry I don’t remember who it was or I would totally give a shout out right now because it was THE BEST IDEA EVER. Added an entire chicken breast and mushrooms and it was perfect. I love weight watchers so so much because of things like this. I would have never felt like I could eat this on a “diet” but Free Style just gives so many options. I realize I can’t eat this everyday. But boy I enjoyed it today!!! 🍕 •

#weightwatchers #ww #wearebettertogether #wwfreestyle #beyondthescale #bettertogether #smartpoints #weightloss #weightlossjourney #wwfamily #weightlosssupport #losingweight #weighlossgoals #wwcommunity #wwfoodjournal #becauseitworks #wwsisterhood #weightwatchersfreestyle #icandothis

If you ever see something #ridiculous on any of our #socialmedia platforms it’s safe to say @xrabbitearzsx did it. 😑
#ohwow #wow #ok #disclaimer #warning #safetyfirst #smh #nerds #rabbitearzs #blackguystudios #mrpickheadtoldu #quotes

So yes I’m that person...the person with a public page, who if you follow me (or even like something) I am going to thoroughly check out your page to see if I want to follow you back and if I even want you following me! If you are out here spouting hate about my race or any race for that matter, sharing misogynistic views on women, talking against God, using God’s word to spout hate, or simply displaying stalking behavior because you want to know what I’m up to, I WILL BLOCK YOU! Don’t bring that negative crap into my space, I don’t care how wide the world and the web is! We all have a right to share our truths as we see it, but malicious intent does not fly with me and Is not right! Also, if your account is private when you follow me and I can’t have access to your account, automatic BLOCK! Thank you!
I love my followers and those whom I follow but I’m not out here seeking acceptance and high numbers on social media, I’m just doing what I love, connecting and communicating! #realtalk #publicannouncement #disclaimer

If there's one thing I love about music, it's unlike any other art form it tells stories that are not designed to entertain but just be true. The music is the entertainment, the lyrics are the artists truth.

In reggaetón that's a trend that, despite the growing global popularity, still remains true today and this track from brother Juan and Oscar Salinas, or Play-N-Skillz to give them their production name, is a great example of a great track which is just comprised of a simple story and a beat 🎵

Titled 'Cuidao' (Take Care) and featuring Yandel, the Boricua reggaetónero who has been destroying charts in the genre for over 15 years, and Dominican trap artist Messiah, who is finally seeing a more mainstream focus after blowing up the reggaetón scene in the DR and in New York for years ➡️check out a personal favourite from Messiah, Bien De To', on YouTube.

Lyrically this is an age old story, boy likes girl, girl likes boy, girls parents don't agree (pfft, typical!), girl ignores parents and sneaks out at night to see boy (my kinda girl). Like the best music, truth resonates across all boundaries, add a catchy hook courtesy of Yandel and you're good to go❗

The video was filmed in Cuba - which I guess is pretty obvious - and directed by Venezuelan Daniel Durán (@danielduran4). For those wondering about the woman who plays the aforementioned 'girl', Durán stayed close to home, she is Venezuelan 🇻🇪 model, actress and singer Kimberly Dos Ramos De Sousa (@kimberlydosramos) 🔥

🔊 Play-N-Skillz (ft. Yandel & Messiah)
📆 Released Mar 23rd

Check the link⬆️in profile for our reggaetón playlists 🎵 and videos 🎞️. 🎶

#ReggaetonUK #ReggaetónUK #Yandel #Messiah #PlayNSkillz @yandel @messiahgram @playnskillz #Cuidao #Reggaeton #Reggaetón #Reggaeton_UK #reggaeton #reggaetón #reggaetonuk #reggaetónuk

#Disclaimer/#Descargo : All music owned entirely by the artists or their record label. We encourage you to follow all artist feeds. All videos linked directly from artist pages. No se pretende intención o deseo de reproducir material protegido por derechos de autor.

Our engagement pictures with @foreverphotographystudio are here and we seriously couldn’t be any happier!! #disclaimer I’m going to be posting a lot of these... and I’m not even sorry about it 😍

#disclaimer asshole olduğuuzdan değil de kum fırtınasından gözümü açamadığımız için güneş gözlükleri bu havada
#ağzımyüzümhepkumoldu #komikmi😑 #yerevan #republicsquareyerevan

#disclaimer foto de 2016
antes de elogiar a perda de peso de alguém, lembre que tristeza, insegurança e depressão também causam emagrecimento. e que a beleza humana vem em diferentes formas que se transformam ao longo da vida.
as comparações (com outros e até consigo) podem gerar danos e frustrações.
nós somos além das aparências 🌵

I don’t think it’s much of a secret that I have OCD and at times, crippling anxiety. I try to be as transparent as possible on here! I was so anxious about this weigh in. I have literally been having stress dreams about it. I never thought about scales showing a difference when I bought myself the new one. It never crossed my mind. But when I first stood on it and it showed almost a 2 pound difference, I panicked. The accountant in me thought I could come up with an exact formula of how to figure the difference. I did everything I could think of. Weighed weights. Had other people stand on them. I never could come up with a answer to the exact difference they are. So, I’ve had to just let it go. I gave my old scale away and will just be going from the new one from now on. So #disclaimer this might not be a totally accurate number this week but it will be what I use going forward. Best I can figure it’s about a pound and a half off. Which still puts me in #onederland and I am not letting my anxiety steal my joy from that!!!! 2️⃣6️⃣⬇️

I know silly things like half pounds don’t matter in the long run. This program has been such a game changer for me. Three months ago I did not see a way out of the cycle I was living. I was sad so I ate. I ate which made me sad. I am praising God for the changes I feel. He delivered me from the chains of depression I was wrapped in. I enjoyed my trip and my birthday more than I can express. I was actually comfortable on the air plane. 💺✈️ Which is totally different from my trip to Vegas in 2010. If anyone is looking for an answer to help them lose weight, Weight Watchers WORKS. Yes. It takes some work. Just paying for the membership is not going to do it. And it won’t happen overnight but you will see results. •

I am proud of my week. Sunday was my accidental cookie overdose 🤷🏼‍♀️ and Thursday I came home from work, and was asleep by 6:00. I think my 3️⃣5️⃣ year old self had still not recovered from getting off schedule during my trip. I slept 10 hours that night. 💤 Needless to say, I didn’t eat dinner. So no 🔵 those days. •

#weightwatchers #ww #wearebettertogether #wwfreestyle #beyondthescale #bettertogether

We always go to Greektown in #Detroit to enjoy Chicago style #pizza at PizzaPapalis #thatmakesperfectsense

NEW ZEALAND • FIVE FORKS • We packed ourselves some sandwiches and tea and spent the day sleeping by the water and skipping stones #newzealand #fiveforksfarm #fiveforks #backpackers #travelphotography #travellers #travelnz #travelholic #perfectdayout #disclaimer:icantskipstones

“Not so random” click..!! P.S: the guy in the background was unintentional.!!🤣
#disclaimer #photobomber 😄

📣Full video released and added to our [Latest 2018] playlist on the YouTube 🎞️ channel❗

🔊 Revol x J Balvin x Bad Bunny (ft. Arcángel & De La Ghetto) - Dime
📆 Released Mar 23rd

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#ReggaetonUK #ReggaetónUK #JBalvin #BadBunny #Arcángel #DeLaGhetto @jbalvin @badbunnypr @arcángel @delaghettoreal @revolpr #Dime #TellMe #Reggaeton #Reggaetón #Reggaeton_UK #reggaeton #reggaetón #reggaetonuk #reggaetónuk

#Disclaimer : All music owned entirely by the artists or their record label. We encourage you to follow all artist feeds. All videos linked directly from artist pages. No intent or desire to reproduce copyright material is intended.
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Hey guys so um, I just remembered something me And @/stray_cactus talked about, I wanted y'all to know that the oc Fanta doesn't belong to me, she belongs to @/stray_cactus, people kept drawing Fanta for ME and tagging ME in drawings of her when the oc belongs to @/stray_cactus :') its sweet of you to do that but please mention @/stray_cactus in any drawings of Fanta you make because that oc is hers and I don't want to take credit for her oc and get into any problems, thanks for reading and I hope you understand :')
#WoWsDoodles #important #disclaimer #truth #pleaseread #oof

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