Shrimp and vegetable tempura on the @discitgrill. It was a delicious way to use up a few of the veggies from our CSA box.

Rolled out the double @discitgrill last night for dinner.

Hamburgers, onions, mushrooms, and of course my jalapeno grilled on the Disc-it.
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Can’t stop sharing pics of our new double @discitgrill! I feel like we’re celebrating the birth of a child or adopting a new pet! LOL!

The winds kicked up and drove Taco Tuesday inside. That’s one of the joys of living in the desert. These tacos look a mess, but they tasted great!

Homemade flour tortillas for Taco Tuesday!

Our first Taco Tuesday using our new double @discitgrill! Anything you can cook on the stove inside, you can cook on the Disc-it outside...and more!

Our new toy! A fully customized double @discitgrill! Two burners...one with a standard disc the other with a flat disc. Thank you Nevin Montano for this beautiful piece of art! “Cooking outdoors has never been better!”

We were craving some sloppy nachos. There’s chips under there somewhere.

Just a little Anchonero seasoned ground beef on the @discitgrill .

Brisket tacos. Chopped up that leftover brisket from Sunday, got it hot and a little crispy on the @discitgrill. A final dusting of our Green Chile Rub ensured it was packed with flavor. Homemade bacon fat flour tortillas stuffed with that tasty meat and topped with all the usual taco accouterments made these tacos pretty spectacular.

Leftover brisket getting the heat on the @discitgrill. Finally having tacos on a taco Tuesday.

Great day to work some ground. Call us for all of your vineyard removal and ground prep needs. #marthedalenterprises #grindit #ripit #discit

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