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Negotiation is a vital- and fascinating - business skill and most people struggle with it. Learn to do it well - it will make you a better entrepreneur.

Worked hard to get this far...still a long way to go #disciplinedlife #gymtherapy

Bringing the Word on submission and authority! #presentyourbody #disciplinedlife

Wolves don't care what sheep think.

I've been maintaining, but now it's time to get back to SLIMMING 😎😉😎😉
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Every business is in the customer service business!

Passion comes after you put in the hard work to become excellent at something valuable... not before. -#calnewport
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Feel the fear and do it anyway.

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To succeed in life in whatever sphere you operate in, you will need a fine crystal clear, lazer sharp focus.
Having your goals outlined will encourage you to reach for the stars for them.
It will ignite your passion and 5 am starts will feel like nothing more than just another day.

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The doorway into experiencing God’s rest in our lives is faith. The gift of a Sabbath day- a day measured not by productivity but by relationship and worship- helps us remember and trust that life is given, not earned. #practicingrest #intentional #disciplinedlife #bestworkbeginsfromaplaceofrest

The opposite of play isn't work. It's depression. - @timferriss
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I just found my life theme song: “I’m in a hurry and don’t know why”. 😂 Have you all heard this song? It is old, by speaks to the insane speed at which we live our lives! #soundon
I know I’m not alone in being drawn into the “rat race”. It takes intentionally placing rhythms in our lives to slow down and be present in the activity we are doing or the people we are with. #remindingmyself
In other news, I am becoming more aware of how the movement of the snatch is supposed to feel. I love how God teaches me about life through physical activity. The way my natural tendencies are in movement are my natural tendencies in life. The song I mentioned earlier is about rushing and not knowing why. Without the training from my coaches and mentors the hurriedness would be more apparent then it already is. I have to vigilantly be aware of that tendency to rush & remind myself to relax and focus on doing the small things well. Don’t worry about the big things; focus on excellence in the small things.
Recently one of my coaches asked me about what I was doing to address my plethora of mobility/activation awareness issues. I responded, I’m doing stuff at least 4 times a week to address it. Then he asked if I was being consistent and I was like “I think I am”.
Afterwards, I realized I have only been focusing on one area, my T spine. I got so focused on that one area I literally stopped mobilizing and stretching everything else. As I processed this, it blew my mind, because I realized I had not been doing the small things well. When we are not faithful with the small we have not earned the right to be responsible with the greater responsibility of heavier weight. Or to translate it into life, if we are not intentional with doing the small things God has given us we can not be trusted with the weight of stepping into our life call. 🤯 #mindblown Let’s be intentional about doing the small things well! #makeyourbed #doyourdishes #beintentionalaboutthesmallthings
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I believe God has a plan for our WHOLE wellness! Our finances have been a broken part, so we’re taking huge steps to become financially fit. So overdue, but never too late! #livingfree #disciplinedlife #goingtogetthisright #daveramseybabysteps

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