So I’ve been trying to become more of a morning person. It may never happen, but I am making progress in having more productive mornings. A big part of that is a better bed time. I am one of those people who can seriously stay up all night working, writing, doing whatever. I often get a second wind around 2 am. This wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t have to function in a diurnal world. (In case you didn’t know, diurnal is the opposite of nocturnal... #wordoftheday )
Anyway, a major component in improving my bedtime routine is getting my bedroom sleep-ready. For me, that means no electronics or at least having electronics on the other side of the room from my bed, dim lighting, and my diffuser loaded with scents that help me sleep. Right now I’m loving orange and sage. It is so calming and comforting and helps me transition into a nice sleepy mood.
Better nights = better mornings

Health is a journey. Don’t consider the steps you take toward health as deprivation—consider them discipline. You are strong! #disciplinedlife #hearthealth

My sweethearts and I, discipline into action!

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Start a new habit.
Eating a healthy breakfast = increased metabolism = maintain or lose weight = enhances mood = stimulate intelligence.

Mornings are gross.
I am not a morning person. At all. Never have been. Over the years, I’ve tried to become a morning person occasionally. It never really stuck. I might be great at it for a little while, when motivation and excitement are high, but the slightest break in routine and it all comes crashing down. And it only ever worked even a little bit when I had to be out of the house at a ridiculous hour. If I’m in the house, it’s a big fat nope.
I had recently been feeling like I wanted to try to be a morning person again. I wrote out a routine to follow, complete with times to stare at nothing (seriously, I know me). I taped it on my bathroom mirror... and totally ignored it. Then someone I very much admire (@goodnessgathering ) introduced me to the book The Miracle Morning*. “I feel inspired,” I said to myself with an overly dramatic flair! And then morning came and... Mornings are gross.
I’ve learned that I cannot be in my bedroom in the morning. If I’m even in the room, I will helplessly fall into the bed and be sound asleep in seconds. Not helpful when you’re trying to have better mornings. My bathroom is right across the hall, and the magnetic pull of my bed is still pretty strong, so I try to stumble down to the kitchen as quick as I can. I sit at the bar, stare at my fake flower arrangement, watch the sun filter in the windows, and drink lots of drinks. If you know me even a tiny bit, you know I love coffee. Fun fact: coffee does not help me wake up; I drink it because I like it. If drinking coffee actually helped me wake up, I would’ve been a morning person ages ago. So I drink water and a supplement drink creatively named “red drink” and douse myself with oils. Once I’ve nearly drowned myself in water and red drink and I’m so oily I nearly slide out of my chair, I’m actually a little bit awake to enjoy my first sip of beautiful coffee and some homemade muffins.
Thank you, kitchen, for being a bright, sunny room with no bed to help me become a better morning person. #workinprogress *Full Disclosure: I have not actually read this book yet.

Tuesdays with Court @courtappointed

We are BOTH Nursing injuries at the moment-Hamstrings for her and Groin Muscle for me😕
But we put in some work Regardless!

Eventhough I avoided most lower body work,
I could still feel the groin muscle when doing reps on my right leg.
One-leg deadliftS and Renegade Rows(10lb DB)with a modified pushup are GREAT TOTAL BODY moves!
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I am a natural born procrastinator. I’ve read that procrastinators are perpetual optimists, intellectuals, creatives... spin it how you want, procrastination is not a beautiful habit. That’s not to say I disagree with all those positive attributes... I suppose I am an optimist, if by optimist you mean I always think I have more time than I do. I will claim intellectual; I love thinking. I have definitely experienced the “creative” aspect of procrastination; some of my most profound work develops in the final moments before a deadline. I like to call it “marinating.” But the reality of procrastination most of the time is that it allows things to pile up in our lives. Or worse, it allows things to pass us by.
My pastor made this statement in his message today, “Procrastination is gambling with time.” The idea has stuck with me all day. I don’t gamble my money; it’s a wasteful habit. Why am I okay with gambling my time, which is arguably more valuable than the few measly dollars in my wallet?
One thing I’ve been working on this year is cultivating greater discipline. That has naturally resulted in less procrastination in certain areas, but overall, I am still a major procrastinator. This reframing of procrastination as gambling will not magically rid me of my procrastinating heart, but it will help me refocus and take another step forward. Know better, do better.
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What is YOUR #why? I remember the first time I ever heard this question. I was kind of at a loss as to how to answer it. I had gone through much of life people pleasing and not stopping to think much of what truly inspired me.
God has taken the past couple years to truly show me what my why is. It may sound simple, but truly, it is to make a #difference...to help #lighten others loads, not feel so alone, discouraged. Whether I reach one person or many, my #goal is to #love on as many people as I can and bring #light into their life. That is one of the main reasons I started this instablog adventure❤
As an introvert, and someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, this can be a daunting task. However, last year God showed me beyond the shadow of a doubt He wants me on this earth and is not done with me yet. So, I stepped out in #faith...started getting up at 5.30, meditating, having my quiet time and devotion, letting God point me my post for the day, recreating a graphic for the quote, and posting it along with my own revelations thus far. It takes about an hour, but I have become super intentional about it and look forward to what will be revealed to me every day.
My point is, #goals require #hard work and #determination, but you CAN do it. Tell yourself you can, repeat it like a mantra, and see what happens ❤

You people are amazing thank you is just not enough to show you my gratitude...every comment is driving my confidence level so high that I am unstoppable in my fitness journey. I am so happy today, fitness has become part of my life ever since I realized how overweighed I was due to which I suffered from chronic back pain. Today, I can feel my progress that I am so proud of. I am able to cope with any kind of pain with ease because workouts gave me strength. My only goal is that I want to reach out to people who think workout is only possible in gym but you can even do at home with disciplined diet like the way I do 😊 its possible to lose weight and stay fit all you need is have patience and be consistent. #fitnesschallenge #workoutismytherapy #healthiswealth #motivateyourself #disciplinedlife #fitnessdiary #myfitnessstory #fitnessregime

One of the biggest things I've learned in this process is that I had the power all along to change my own life. I mean, I knew it, but I didn't KNOW {ie believe} it. Even after the first month of losing 16lbs, my thought process was skewed. "Oh, it's just water weight. There's no way I'll continue to lose." But each day- I focused on that day and that day alone. Take more steps. Drink more water. Watch my salt and sugar levels. Eat more greens. Eat more healthy protein. Rise, grind, repeat. Then I found the confidence to walk back into the gym I had quit two years ago. {And now I can say I've been to my gym 43 out of the last 56 days.} What if I had listened to my self loathing and gave up after the first month? What if I had listened to my fear about walking back into my gym after previously quitting? Nothing would've changed.
YOU have the power, the ability, and the strength to change your life, but you have to choose it. Noone else can make a healthy lifestyle click with you. Noone else can make you workout. YOU have to want it. Conquer yourself first and changes WILL happen. ❤️ #morningmotivation #riseandgrind #chooseyou #choosejoy #youareworthit #naturalweightloss #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlossblogger #fitfam #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fattofit #changeyourmind #changeyourlife #conquerself #lifestylechange #getoutofyourcomfortzone #loveyourself #loveyourlife #mindovermatter #healthygoals #disciplinedlife #motivateyourself #retrainyourbrain #youhavethepower #liveyourdream

F**ck it! Let’s do some late night sit-ups! Good music always helps!
Dancing to my own beat! •

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Happy July 1st loves ❣️

This month, I know for myself, will be a month of digging deeper. Learning and applying key strategies to strengthen areas in my life regarding self discipline.

For those of you aware of my 31 day pescatarian challenge, I will be starting this challenge July 9th. However for those of you ready to start now, all blessings and courage to you! Please post and tag me in any healthy food inspo pictures, I’d love to be a part of your journey!

Lastly, starting today I am officially starting @simplicityhealthstyle “Be More Don’t Settle” course. If anyone is interested in starting this plan, please don’t be afraid to reach out to @simplicityhealthstyle or myself! And of course, when signing up, please make sure to list me as your referral ❤️

Let’s continue this growth journey in 2018. Make this month (and year) count 🙏🏽💪🏽

💥Change is hard. But staying the same is equally hard. Choose your hard.💥

Discipline is the one thing that is a must have for any dream worth making a reality.

Day 8 is done!!! Pilates challenge with @thebalancedlife - day 8 - is completed✅✅✅
Today was a bit harder than expected. I really thought I won't be able to make it. Praise the Lord... I did make it though. 😊
I had the time, but I really wanted to finish Don Whitney's book, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life. And I did....👏❤️🙌🙌. And I have to tell you this:
You have to read this book. If you are a Christian...... you have to read this book.
If you're not a Christian, you should still read this book. ~~~~
So much incredible and great information. Now, Lord willing, I will put into practice as much as possible. ~~~~
And to show you how amazing is God and how He works in our lives in ways we least expect.... >>>>>>
>>>>>> I found that smaller green book (from the 2nd picture) in my library last week. A book I added to my collection a few years ago and "somehow" now I just saw it. Now --- when I am into learning about spiritual disciplines. Also, now, when I've been praying for discipline in life in general (for a few months already). 😉🙏🙌 See how The Father works??!! I'm still amazed .... Day by day!!! ~~~~~~
I was talking about Pilates though....changed the subject, but I couldn't help it. And I'm not sorry....😉😉😊
2 more days for the challenge.... yeyyyy!!! ~~~~~~~~~~
Pilates, day 8 ✅
Spiritual Disciplines book ✅
Encouraged ✅
Blessed ✅
Loved ✅
Daughter of the King ✅
In Christ always......❤️❤️❤️
~ read the book ~
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#christalways #christislife #spiritualdisciplines #obeytheLord #loveGod #discipline #disciplinedlife #christianlife #glorytoGod #praisestotheLord

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