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The stencil from the Happy Planner has quickly become one of my FAVORITE planning accessories! And I've heard from a lot of you that you want them and can't find them or they're out of stock.
I have 2 stencil packs to give away! That's right! There will be 2 winners!
Open to everyone! Including all of you international planner babes too!
Want to Enter? It's Easy!
1️⃣ You must be following me @plansbyrochelle
2️⃣ Comment down below the coolest thing you did this summer β˜€οΈ or if it's winter where you are what's the coolest thing you did this winter ❄️
No giveaway accounts please. If you're under 18 please
Giveaway ends Friday, August 25th at 5:00pm EST. Winners will be selected at random and announced on my Instagram on Saturday, August 26th. Good Luck! .
*This is not a sponsored giveaway or affiliated with Instagram or the Happy Planner. All products were purchased by me.

#craftinganhourly // Another day another #dailyinsert 😍 Happy hump day friends! 🐫 // @the_happy_planner

I've tried all kinds of project planning sheets, but none of them worked...so I made my own (GTD inspired with a touch of intentionality!) #discboundplanner #bulletjournal #GTD #printables #projectplanning

Road trip to see my mom. Packed for a 4 day trip. Yep, this seems about right πŸ˜‰

The new William Hannah A6 leather notebook/planner, I love how compact it is, see my full review on Philofaxy #williamhannahuk #leathernotebook #discboundplanner

#mambiquoteoftheweek 🌸 Don't be like everyone else. BE YOU ✨

Week of July 31- August 6 after the pen.
#afterthepen #discbound #discboundplanner #happybulletplannerjunkie

Hello there pretty planner πŸ‘‹πŸ»

Thousands of stickers and a new #musicteacher #planner makes going back to school much easier! @caldwellorganizedchaos #happyplanner #discboundplanner


#midweekspread // Today was the first day of school for my cute nieces and nephews! I love this bright spread for this week 😍 // #halfweekhumping

For school work, I use a separate journal to keep track of it. Simply because I enjoy the disc bound system more. I can easily rearrange my pages and remove pages I no longer need. Here's my weekly reading spread for the semester, it's only partially filled out because some of my professors haven't sent out their syllabuses yet. The one I use is the junior size from Office Depot's Tul collection

Plan ahead in the year with these printable Future Planning pages!
Add your special dates and appointments that will happen months from now, in a "bullet journal" style planner.
We included both 2017 and 2018 in this listing. :) Future Planning 2017 & 2018 - Printable planner pages by RoseberryLand
🌹 bit.ly/rl-futureplanning 🌹

πŸ’‘We Love Planners!
#Repost @plannerladybrasil ✨ ・・・
O @ocadernointeligente como planner (disc bound planner) ❀️ Coisa linda que ficou com esses discos de ouro cromado 🌟 #golddiscs #planner #plannercommunity #planneraddict #plannergoodies #plannerjunkies #discboundplanner #planwithme #cadernointeligente

Punches make everything better! πŸ“’πŸ—‚

What projects do you have this week? If I don't write all of my projects down it's all just a mess! XD
Project Planner - Printable planner pages by RoseberryLand
🌹 bit.ly/rl-projectplanner 🌹

A rainbow layout for the week. 🌈 This one was fun!

One year ago today this ball of fire came into our lives and boy was his timing perfect. Our hearts were broken from loosing Laila and We knew our time with Trinidad was short and we weren't 100% sure we were doing the right thing bringing a puppy home. Little did we know about a week later we would loose Trinidad. Apollo would help us heal and show us that though our time with our fur babies on this earth is short, it's worth every smile, laugh, kisses, snuggles and joy they bring us.

I have not made the mini sticker book purchase yet BUT I used my favorite sticker book for this week's mini weekly spread. This book makes a weekly spread SO easy to set up. #miniplanner #minimaniamonday #happyplanner #planner #planneraddict #plannerjunkie #plannerstickers #plannercommunity #discboundplanner #colorcoordinated #stickerbook #washi #stickers #tombow #beforethepen #favoritebook

September set-up. Deep blue, like September skies; green like the trees before they turn.
I increased the size of the boxes in the #monthlylog calendar. The next couple of months will be crowded with holidays and guests, so I wanted the room. They're now 6x6 squares.
I added one more habit to the tracker, but I'll defer adding more until after the holidays. It's just too busy for that. I will x-out the squares I can't do because a holiday prevents.
I'm also experimenting with a monthly goals/ tasks page. Undated tasks I need to complete this month with one or two aspirational.
Tools are about the same. Bic Intensity, Crayola markers, Microns, mechanical pencil and a ruler.
#bulletjournal #monthlygoals #bujo #discboundplanner #jewishplanning

I've tried all kinds of project planning sheets, but none of them worked...so I made my own (GTD inspired with a touch of intentionality!) #discboundplanner #bulletjournal #GTD #printables #projectplanning

Kids went back to school today, and I'm just now getting my rear in gear (um, it's almost noon) 😬 Time to get stuff done!

My planner runs my world. #discboundplanner #diskbound

Plan your month on a bullet journal style planner page!
You can write the first letter of the day of the week in each of the squares on the left, and add all of your appointments and dates on each line. You can also use this as "One Line a Day" where you journal with just one line of text each day.
Two versions are included in this listing, so you can choose the one that works best for you and for your planner.

Monthly Log - Printable planner pages by RoseberryLand
🌹 bit.ly/rl-monthlylog 🌹

From #leuchtturm1917 to #happyplanner to a disc-bound Bullet Journal inspired by @my.life.in.a.bullet! And so far, I love it. It has the functionality and simplicity of a bullet journal with the flexibility afforded by the disc bound system. I have a section for large projects, my planner, and random notes. The covers come from art that I bought off #etsy, which I printed and then laminated. The paper is white card stock printed with a light gray dot grid, also courtesy of @my.life.in.a.bullet. The entire thing feels full and solid but is smaller than my Happy Planner (by a lot!). For the sake of simplicity and consistency, I'm also limiting my writing tools--black and mauve #staedtler pens and gray #zebramildliner. Easy peasy! So Temporary Planner Peace achieved! We'll see how long this lasts lol... #bujo #planneraddict #bulletjournalnewbie #happyplanner #bujojunkies #discboundplanner #dotgrid #staedtler #zebramildliner #plannernerd

I spent the afternoon making dividers for my planner and now I'm a little obsessed! It's so pretty 😍

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