One of those days, where all the diabetes supplies fails and when you call the company for help they tell you there is nothing they can do because you moved countries and they won’t even send you the sickies to keep their very expensive, life saving equipment on your body!!! Boo!!! 😰
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GARDA NAWACITA, Komitmen Kubu Jokowi Wujudkan Poros Maritim

JAKARTA (Realita)
Dalam nuansa Hari Maritim Nasional yang jatuh pada 23 September, tak ada satu pun program atau bentuk sosialisasi pemerintah terhadap hari bersejarah ini.

Penyerap 23 September sebagai Hari Maritim Nasional dilandasi peristiwa bersejarah yakni Musyawarah Maritim Nasional pada tanggal tersebut di tahun 1963.
Ketua Garda Nawacita, Abdullah Kelrey mengutarakan kekecewaannya pada pemerintahan Joko Widodo yang memiliki visi poros maritim dunia.
“Mana komitmen Pak Jokowi termasuk pendukung-pendukungnya itu yang katanya punya visi mewujudkan poros maritim dunia,” ujar Kelrey hari ini.

Baca selengkapnya👇👇

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That's not food 😑

HUDA BEAUTY PRECIOUS STONES OBSESSIONS PALETTE | REVIEW & TUTORIAL I'm so Disappointed with the Sapphire Palette. I was so excited about this palette but disappointed. Other hand it hurts my eyes. Always nothing but honest Review on my channel ❤️❤️❤️ Link In My Bio #disappointed #hudabeauty #hudabeautyeyeshadow #hudabeautynewpalette #sapphirepalette #hudabeautypreciousstones #youtubebolgger #youtubevideos #youtubetutorial #youtubemakeup #youtubemakeupreviews #youtubemakeupturorial #obsessionspalette

Been with this network marketing/direct sale company a year.... just celebrated my 1 yr anniversary on September 15th as a matter of fact. No email, no postcard, no phone call, no social media shout-out, absolutely NO acknowledgement from the company OR my "uplines". Disappointing. Every other NM/DS company I've ever worked for has at least sent me a postcard in the mail acknowledging my company anniversary. And when I asked them on social media about it, they simply deleted my question without answering it. It just makes me feel unappreciated as a person and as a company consultant. 😞😞 #epicfail #disappointed

#Disappointed about missing my show tonight, but making the best of listening to my body by wearing mom’s pj pants and snuggling up with my #furbabies to read @katespencer #TheDeadMomsClub 🤧🤓😢💯💪🏻🦋🙏🏻 #deadmomsclub #mommysgirl #fuckcancer #iloveyoumommy #iloveyoumom

Whatever the purpose, to get ahead or to make a come back they can't ignore there is no time to rest.
Straight back on it with more #determination and #focus to prove them wrong and show them what #hardwork and #consistency can do.

Didn't get the result I was hoping for yesterday and #disappointed is an understatement.
Got some good #feedback from the judges though (although this only makes me question the results even more when you compare this with the class criteria!) Safe to say that placings were not consistent with criteria but an awesome line up of girls and tough competition, all of whom have worked just as hard to get on that stage.
I will not be beaten though. On to my off season to work on the areas the judges mentioned and they better watch out for me next year. Back to the grind on Tuesday to make some serious progress for next year (and to.undo the damage of the copious amounts if food i am.eating in these 2 days off!)

When my mom sees how I be living
#not #good #disappointed

Waste of money. I don’t usually write anything negative about a venue, I usually choose to keep my mouth closed and just not return. Today however, I was SO disappointed in our meals at the Fisherman’s warf tavern at Main Beach. I ordered a $33 steak, hoping for great things. No great things. Meat was cooked to well-done, and under seasoned- I asked for medium. The chips were as bland AF, no salt, salad was drowning in raw onion and too much dressing, and the “mushroom sauce” literally tasted like red rooster gravy, with zero hint of mushroom flavour. What a shame. If it was $10 lunch special I’d still feel disappointed.
I won’t go on, but none of our meals were good.
We won’t be back, I’m afraid 😞
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I am disappointed because my workout regime from March until September wasn’t enough to get me some packs... ☹️ #nosixpack #workout #stayingstrong #stayingfit #stayinghealthy #climbing #nofilter #disappointed #losingweight

Should really open a fresh juice shop in TST, couldn’t bear with this juice, too sweet and with high sodium, not healthy at all #disappointed #carrotapplejuice #citysuperhk #wontbuyagain

Is it half full or half empty? When you heard good things about @stuffedsg but it fails you. My sis told me she used to be stuffed by stuffd cos they literally fill up the box. What happened to the minimum weight? :/ This is from hillion’s branch btw. BOYCOTT!!!! #ernienoms #disappointed

Basil Hayden’s
My wife loved the way the bottle looked, so she bought it in hopes that it would be a great find and she had read it had more Rye than a traditional Bourbon ( She is a huge fan of Rye Bourbon) Lucky me 🤪 or so I thought! To tell you the truth we are a little disappointed with this bourbon, it lacked taste and seemed a bit watered down. The Basil Hayden bottle does looks good on my bar. Side note; Jim Beam Black almost taste the same for a lot less money. After thought is I always give it another try so I will give it a few days and hope that my taste buds are off today .
oak acetone vanilla caramel some spice
Light alcohol and some sweetness, hint of vanilla, spice
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