Waiting to get my blood drawn I realized this was the second time I noticed how much I love my shoes. The first time was thirty minutes earlier when I had asked my husband to pull over on the way to the hospital so I could throw up. I was sure people here on Instagram could relate so I took a picture. I’ve been on Instagram for a couple months now and I love that I’ve been able to meet other people with disabilities and even collaborate with them on larkbloom.com. I’ve only been catfished once!🤗 annnnd I’m learning about other lives... which is amazing. 💕

Here's a clip of my service dog handling practice session yesterday at Canine Companions for Independence! I worked with a wonderful dog named Ember. He gave me a little lick on our second lap (that's why people laugh in the video). I was super impressed with the whole organization, all the amazing volunteers and dogs, and the beautiful campus. Fingers crossed that I get an approval letter in 2 weeks! Thank you, @ccicanine for a long and lovely day in Santa Rosa! 💜
[ID: In the 1 minute long video, April, a white female with brown shoulder length brown hair, glasses, wearing a dark gray v neck shirt and black, magenta and teal leggings, in a manual wheelchair, goes in two small laps with an adult yellow lab named Ember. Then practices sit and down. In the background is a row of volunteers watching, some taking notes, on the handling skills.]

Smiling mid-clamshell.

I have been on a crazy kick of good health! I was looking back at my journal and realized that I’ve only had one bad health day in the last two weeks—it’s been a while since I’ve had a streak like this, and I am not complaining! I’ve been taking lots of long walks with my pup, socializing a bunch with friends, and enjoying this hot weather for the first time this summer. I’ve been doing my PT too, as in this photo 💪🏽

This streak has been all the sweeter because I know it won’t last forever. I know that my reality is a lifetime of ups and downs, flares and recoveries. And I know that after this good streak, the next flare will probably hit me pretty hard. So I’m enjoying these good days and preparing for the bad ones, because the one thing I know is nothing is forever.

[image description: Eliza is laying on the floor smiling at the camera, which one hand under her head and the other arm cocked jauntily to the side, à la pinup girl on the beach.]

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Welp this will go down in history, first time not being able to walk on my own 2. #handicapper #disabledandcute #bemycrutch #bored #takecareofme @laurenpalomino

Wow he sure can be ugly cute at times. ⚫️
Picture Description: Max is wearing a red lifeguard hoodie with a red amazon vest. On the strap on top of the vest is a stop sign, no talk, no touch, no look leash wrap. Max is laying down on the ground, but his head is up on the seat of my chair, in between my legs, looking up at the camera. Boop the snoot.
Did you know dogs like Max are banned and euthanised everywhere? Just because of how they look or their breed? Check out @behindbsl for more info!
Use MAX10 for 10% off your order at @lucky.animal.co
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It. Is. Friday. Y’all!!! Thank just about everything we made it through! I hope y’all have a great night planned, Paco and I are going to have a date night! Palettes: Juvia’s Place Masquerade and Magic with Stila’s Glitter n’glow in pearlescent. Brows: ABH’s Dip Brow in medium brown. Liner: Tarte’s Maneater and L’Oréal. Lashes: Icycheer. Concealer: Coastal Scents and Tarte’s Shape Tape. Foundation: Missha. Contour: ABH’s Cream Contour in Fair. Highlighter: ABH’s Aurora Glow Kit. Blush: Juvia’s Place Saharan II. Lippy: Stila Stay all day in Chianti. #makeup #missha #makeup #amputeegirl #anastasiabrows #amputeelife #anastasiabeverlyhills #disabled #disabledandcute #juviasplace #tarte #loreal #icycheerlashes #coastalscents #stila #stilastayalldayliquidlipstick

People with disabilities encounter these situations on a regular basis. It is in those moments that reflect the attitudes and behaviors towards people with disabilities, which results in discrimination and lack of inclusion in society. If you wonder why one of three disability Americans lives in poverty, it can be traced back to moments as shown in this post. Let us make people with disabilities more valuable by preventing these moments from happening in the first place. By doing so, we as a society can better tap into the many talents that people within the disability community have to offer.
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Sometimes, a fresh haircut or new hair colour can make you feel so much better! 💇🏼‍♀️ I'm also weird and like matching my lipstick to my Hair colour 💋

Hair dye used is @arcticfoxhaircolor in Virgin Pink, Wrath and Purple Rain.

Lipstick is @jeffreestarcosmetics velour liquid lipstick - Berries on Ice.

[Image description: headshot of a young woman with very pale skin who is looking to the right. She has wavy blonde hair, but the underlayer and part of her fringe are dyed redish-pink at the roots, blended into deep purple at the ends. The fringe section of her hair is pinned back. She has her eyes closed and is wearing thick, black, winged eyeliner and Purple lipstick that is the same shade as the ends of her hair. She has a black dress on with a white and pink pattern on it, and she is wearing a tiny star necklace with her engagement ring on it.]

Traditional Sickie Game: “Hide the Sticker.” How long will it take for anyone to notice these little jerks clinging everywhere? Because nothing says trust this hospital to save your life like hidden hoot-hoots. YOU’RE WELCOME
36 days without sky or sun, as of today it’s 30 days without even leaving this damn room. Should be “free” by Sunday but until then... still counting birds from the wrong side of the window. ———————————-———————————-
If you can spare even $5 to tell me I’m valued & help me find my way back into the world after a few especially hard months (& through the very hard ones still coming up), this link is clickable from my profile: gofundme.com/hannah-versus-mrsa 🙏
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Disabled power lesbian takes Drag Superstars 🌈

Soul care.

What feeds you?

Water has always fed my soul.
I’ve always felt called to water.
It’s where I’ve done most of my grieving and healing.
It grounds and cleanses me.
It softens my edges.
A fresh start.
It brings me home to myself.

What feeds your soul?

Also, how glorious is that baby belly?! .
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My weight lost journey over the years from end of primary school, to end of secondary school and to now. I’ve always struggled with weight due to tablets i was on i always feel hungry on them and would eat when ever i was hungry and this made me gain weight, in secondary school i become bigger and was a little bit slimmer at the end of year 11 but still was over weight. I’ve now learnt to control my hunger and have a drink of water before eating anything to see if i was hungry after drinking it and 9/10 i just needed a drink. I still aren’t at my target yet but I’m gonna get there. Just look how good a look on the last photo I’m so happy with myself so far just need to keep going and lose some more then I’ll be happy with my body. I can do it and i will do this watch this space

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