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The show today at the Chicago History Museum went amazingly!!!my heart is so full of joy and relief!! Don’t fret if you missed it because we will be doing a repeat performance next week for free at the @evanstonartcenter for our (Radical Visibility Collective - me , @compton.q and @vogds ) residency with @shapeofnow !! 7:30 pm on Friday March 30! Here we have a photo by @sonnybunni of @carrieveryck and @giveusakiss5 ! Carrie is wearing a pink and purple scalemaille bikini and sheer panel skirt and Maegan is wearing a magical queer sailor moon dress with purple chainmaille skirt, harness and face harness!! #queercrip #disabilityfashion #accessiblefashion #qpoc #queerfashion #disabledandcute #radicalvisibility

Stolen from @strongerthanpots

#Grief. It can be so overwhelming. Numbing. Torturous. Grief over losing love ones, grief of losing a job, a relationship- or of losing a healthy body. Today I'm grieving, for my poppy and for my old body. Yesterday I lost him, felt numb to It- my brain couldn't handle the truth of losing someone who I love and who loved me so deeply. Today it's rushing at me full fucking force along with the reminder of how deeply incapacitated I am by my #chronicallyill body. People say I'm an inspiration but I don't see it- I'm barely keeping my head above water. The times I flourish is when I'm ignoring that I'm sick- which leads to an emotional and physical crash and I'm experiencing that right now. I fight my sick body on the daily. I regret and hate it so often, I'm bitter; acceptance doesn't come easily. Feeling trapped is such a natural response when you're juggling illness or disability- that's such a sucky but normal response. It fucking BLOWS. I guess what I'm learning and what today has uncovered in my eyes is that it's a facet of your experience but it's not you in your entirety- although it feels and often is all encompassing. People say you're more than your illness and I struggle to feel it- but I know it's true logically. We're all complex beings with emotions, personality traits, completely unique make ups with our own sets of values, strengths and dreams. Having an illness although impacts how we can express those things- doesn't change that they're there. You're still you at your core. Nothing can shake that x

Hello Bitches (streamandsupportCL) it's been a while

This was my glam makeup for going out to dj and dance. Super happy with how it turned out and got lots of compliments on my #sephora lipstick. Feeling confident in this look! #newtomakeup #newglasses #makeupaddict #selfcare #selflove #disabledandcute #bareminerals #toofaced #nakedcosmetics #urbandecay #thebalm #nofilter

I got to be in another @rebirthgarments show, "OUT at CHM: Celebrating and Contextualizing Queer". There's going to be another performance 3/30 at the Evanston Art Center. I'll see you there is you weren't here 😊
#queercrip #disabledandcute #disabled

Hey guys. 😘
I’m Going to try to give an update but I’m really struggling to get words together. Surgery day was pretty hectic. We ditched the car because our car couldn’t make it up to the hospital in the crazy snow. I hopped out with my dad and Nick and we trekked up a hill in 5 inches of snow with slippers on. My dad and Nick had to keep catching me every few seconds, but we made it!! 🎉 I didn’t end up rolling back for surgery until about 3:00pm and was brought out at a round 7.:30 so I ended up being about 4 hours. Surgery went well I was told, but haven’t been able to check in Dr. H myself. I am a little salty because the hospital lost my glasses,cane and bedazzled neck brace. Luckily, they found the glasses and cane but still not neck brace. This is extremely disappointing. It definitely sucks because it took a bout month for me to cut out some foam and make the brace form to my position and now I have to start all over in attempt to make it comfortable. ⭐️ I also received this awesome fruit arrangement. Delicious!💖 And the best part is that one of my favorite role models @amyzellmer came to see me and brought me a thoughtful gift!!
I also took my first post surgery walk today. I didn’t get too far, but hopefully tomorrow I will go further. I’ll do my best to keep updating. Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement!!💖💖💖
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I laugh in the face of people who say I should be ashamed to be fat and disabled. 🖕

Today’s #tbt are some video highlights from an interview at #WEF18 with the Malaysian network @501awani!
On another note, @kapwingapp is this incredible free resource that allows you to add captions to your videos, especially if you want to post to @instagram and @linkedin, which don’t have caption-editing tools (yet). The majority of social video content is consumed without sound, plus it makes your content accessible to the Deaf/hard of hearing communities. Shoutout to the #diversability community for introducing me to this, and I hope you’ll consider captioning your videos too!
#liveslow18 #davos50 #mookysadventures #davos #switzerland

The way hearing and abled people make jokes about deafness can be disrespectful. Such as the phrase "What, are you deaf?" It's often used in this harsh disrespectful tone when someone can't get something right, or yes, if they don't hear someone. But it unintentionally creates this stigma around deaf people that they're not intelligent or can't do things properly. I've had hearing people make jokes such as "How can you hear your phone go off?" I have it on vibrate, like almost everybody else. It just creates this idea that deaf people are ostracized and don't belong and they can't function like the abled people which can be really quite incorrect. [ID: A text post that reads "tbh I fucking love it when people pull the 'what are you deaf' crap on me because the horrified expression they make when I pull my hair back to reveal my hearing aids and quietly say 'yes' as if my heart is broken is the most beautiful thing like serves you right asshole I hope you feel shitty for the rest of your week and never do that to anyone ever again."]
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Modeling my new smartCRUTCH (junior)! I'm getting used to walking with it, and I've decided to name him Clarke. Many, many thanks to @smartcrutchusa for making these and for helping me with all my questions along the way! 🖤
#smartCRUTCH #smartcrutchjunior #spoonie #spoonielife #spooniestrong #ehlersdanlos #ehlersdanlossyndrome #zebra #zebrastrong #dazzle #chronicallyfabulous #disabledandcute #eds #ootd #selfie

Frida wants to send out a reminder to all you other spoonies out there that cats think it’s perfectly reasonable to nap all afternoon. In other words my cat has been very happy about me being exhausted in the afternoons lately and expresses this by sleeping on top of me. When I’m really frustrated about how I’m in bed and tired and painful instead of being productive, I remind myself that she sees this as something special. #chronicillness #chronicpain #fibro #fibromyalgia #catsofinstagram #selfie #naptime #selfcare #spoonie #disability #disabled #disabledandcute #invisibleillness #invisibledisability

fruity🍌🍒🍍🍎🍋 #disabledandcute

❣💋 I love good doctors appointments! Went to see my gastrointestinal specialist to follow up for my colonoscopy and endoscopy and since everything was all clear but I'm still in tons of pain we are trying a new medication; Robinul or glycopyrrolate. It slows acid production and is supposed to help soothe my belly. Doctor also agreed to follow up with my gynecologist and neurologist as I have a lot of other concerning symptoms ontop of my severe daily abdominal pain. (Dizziness , problems walking, tremors , electric shock like pain, numbness etc) Now its time to play with leela & rest a bit ❣❣ .

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