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dear future lover❣️
hi baby boy/baby girl. i hope you’re well & having a good day. if you’re not having a good day, please let me know so i can make you feel better. as much as i love sleeping next to you & waking up to you, the moments we spend aware are my favorite moments 🙈 i’ll do anything for you & i promise you i’ll pamper you each & every day of our relationship. you deserve the best & i’ll give you my best. i’ll make you feel like you’re good enough, because that’s what you are. i hope i make you smile as much as you make me smile ☺️ until then, be safe & love yourself, because you’re beautiful & you’ll always be good enough for me❣️
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{like and comment your name lbl for a tbh and fop}
athena may
5’3. a babe. boy and girl kisser. nobody’s mess. sub. kinkier than you think. has two sides: dark and light, no in between. horror enthusiast. spooky girl. likes midnight drives to nowhere. is actually a sweetheart??? loves to be kissed. very much enjoys attention. talk to her.

I'm still trying to decide who to be next

Name: Harry Hook
Age : 20
Home : the isle
Son of hook🗡
•only do one rp with love and only want someone who do one rp with love🙃•
Need mains/friends/love
Likes : horror, kissing, cuddles, sex, wine, champagne, party, the isle
Dislikes: cheaters
Rate tbh🙃
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Boy or girl dm me now 👅👅#dirtyrp

hi its MADELYN NOT averly shes dead but i just wanted to remind you that YOU ARE AMAZING and you deserge tje whole world and i love u so much and i cohlsnt ask for a better best friend okay? remember that thank you 💏💝💖💞💕💓❤️
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LIFE IS A NIGHTMARE ; hmph well no one cares
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— He sits alone on the rooftop of the old building. The only light visible are from the mini houses belowe him. He sat in silence. The air clogged up, almost becoming fog as he watches his breath turn into mist. He was not surprised. The only noises around him was the sounds of cars and old men fighting outside an old bar. He felt completely nothing. Resting his eyes, he felt the soreness around them ache even more and wanted to cry out In pain. Alternatively, he opens his eyes again, fighting against it. Against everything. Slowly, the wind swirled around him, swishing his hair at the slightest touches and that's when he turned his head, following the sound of someone's light, angelic footsteps. It was her. Everything seemed to become clear to him as she walks towards him. And he knew he was home.

comment for a dm

I’ll post my intro when I get out of school

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