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It’s hard to see cause the mirror is so dirty, but…that hoodie was brand new when I put it on and just a few hours later it was a hot damn mess. There was lint, dust, dirt and at least three different colors of ink on the sleeves, front and hood by the time I finished today’s task. #dirtyjobs #allinadayswork #nowihaveashopsweater

Bobby is an experienced bicycle builder, athlete, and business entrepreuner. He works at @Turnerbicycles and also manages @thepedaltech - a local bicycle repair service.⠀
His work is top notch, and he is an incredible bicycle rider as well. Both on the road and down the side of a mountain.⠀
If you are ever in the SoCal area and need some bicycle help, we highly recommend his services. He recommends us, the least we can do is return the favor.
#TeamGripClean 🤝

"I'm Hot. And You're Not."

Come visit us at Downey High School. Saturday the 17th and enjoy the cheer and dance showcase!


1. Pet waste is NOT a fertilizer. Did you know that dog poop is acidic and its Ph level will chemically burn your grass and plants?

2. If you have physical limitations, disabilities like back pain it can be almost impossible or highly difficult to clean up after your dog.

3. Ewwww... worms? Dog poop can contain parasites. As gross as it is, this parasites can crawl ou of the poop and live in the soil for long periods of time transmitting to other animals or even humans.

4. Poop is a breeding ground for many varieties of flies that can carry diseases and bacteria into homes, onto human skin, food and other areas that will make people sick.

5. It’s Raining….WHAT? Yes, storm water can carry pet waste directly into waterways. Sip on that for a moment. YUCK!

And remember at stinkies there is NO CONTRACTS TO SIGN and service can be customized according to your needs.

My wife @mathwithclaudia and I got a chance to hear @mikerowe speak at a conference, and he was just as engaging in person as you’d think he’d be! #mikerowe #dirtyjobs #findyourpassion #hardwork #teachersoninstagram #teachersofig #iteachtoo #scienceandengineering #votech #vocational #math #maths #discovery #discoverychannel

Got my dirt work in today. #trencher #trenches #nunya #dirtyjobs

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