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Tease: Part 1
He glared at me for what was probably the eighth time in the past hour, his mouth set in a straight line. I laughed silently, making sure the boys didn't hear me. Harry decided to invite his band members over to play on his new XBOX. Me, not being interested in whatever stupid games they were going to play, called (Y/BF/N) and asked about a girls' night out. The plan was great, him with his friends and me with mine...until (Y/BF/N) came down with the damn flu. So now, I'm stuck here, listening to Niall scream at Zayn for not passing the ball when he was supposed to, costing them the winning point. Halfway through the day, I grew very bored very quickly. So I had an idea; an evil idea, but an idea nonetheless. I went to go sit in Harry's lap, and decided to mess with him while he played the game.

PART 21: He walks me to my car and I unlock the door and get in as he leans through the window "okay so just follow me out and we'll be there in roughly 10 minutes" "okay Harry" I smile tossing my hair with my fingers while he taps at the window frame and walks to his car. I watch his long lean built figure walk to his car and turn around to look at me before getting in. Shit he saw me staring. I smirk as I buckle up and turn on the radio letting Harry start up his car and drive over to me to get to the exit. He rolls down his window "and we are off" he yells to me what a dweeb, what a hot dweeb, what a hot, sexy dweeb who's house I'm going to right now. The realization hits me that I'm going to his house and I mentally congratulate myself. I turn up the radio and get lost in the music as I follow Harry's car. I smirk realizing that I have the licorice and it reminds me that what's happening is real. The neighborhoods get nicer as Harry's car slows and we pull up to a huge house, what the hell hes rich? He parks and I do the same as I grab the licorice and meet him on the side walk I decide not to mention how I didn't realize he lived in a fucking mansion. I shiver realizing how cold it's gotten "babe it's cold out here let's get inside you look freezing." He called me babe. I nod as he shuffles me in the door and turns on the lights in his house. "You need anything? A jacket or blanket to warm you up or anything?" "No I'm fine thanks though Harry " I smile as he gives me a caring look that warms me up instantly. "Well let's get started then" /// hi long time no see, love you guys tho ❤️


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