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Jody’s birthday jam was sooo much fun.....I keep telling people how much fun it was....but you’d have to have been there. #dirtworld #dirtworldbikepark #richmondbmx

The deep blue sea🌊
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Oh damn! Didn't expect to see myself on @dcypil ride! #dirtworld #stickerslap #TrentNotRidin #bmxlife

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Just woke up. I had a very long 10 hours drive home, right after brutal 2 days of racing. This win is the hardest from whole season. Not because courses was to difficult. No, it's actually was one of easiest courses I had whole year in my opinion. There was no nasty rocks, no crazy steep hills or downhills, it's was much more wide open courses. I didn't bang my handlebars against the trees. It's was very dusty and hot, had some nasty roots, lots of turns (which I enjoyed so much), and as race progressed, we had a lot of rots on enduro test. Cross test had a great flow, when it's got very bumpy, but it's was wide enough to pick a better line. So it's was hardest win, Because I had one of the worst weeks of my life. And I had to overcome so much to even, get there on my own. Without anybody's help. If you followed my journey you so how difficult of the time I had. With losing my favorite $300 watch. With my house hit by lightning, losing a lot of electronics. Working 16 hours shift at work. Driving 11 hours to get to the race, an 17 miles prior to arrival, alternator in my truck broke at 1 am. Spending a night in a Walmart parking lot. Fixing truck in a morning and racing 2 days. Then driving back home.
I'm proud of myself of overcoming all the obstacles and making home safe. Unfortunately life continue giving me lemons. So it's time to make a lemonade.
Thanks so much to all of my followers, for your love and support, kind words of encouragement. I wouldn't have done it without you all. You lift me up. And big thanks to all my sponsors.
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