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Strolling down the road less traveled. #dirtroad
Photo by @ladyphotographic

This looks like a lot of fun, tag your friends you would like to do this...
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Sometimes shit happens that is definitely not planned. Case and point being last night's adventure.
We were aiming for a campsite beneath some waterfall far off the main road and well away from any remote civilization. We had been en route for over 5 hours, traversing some tricky mountainous river terrain in the dark. The trail cut into the treeline were we found some pretty serious mud patches. Unfortunately I picked the wrong line and ended up nose down in one of them with water entering the front of the cab. A quick tug got me out but at that point I was pretty done. It was 1a.m., we were all super exhausted, nerves were shot, a CV axle broken on another truck, rock damage to some degree for everyone and we were still 3 miles from camp. So we called it a night soon after.

You can either cry and accept defeat at these moments or chalk it up to a lesson learned and move on. I admittedly did both. But a new day brought higher spirits and the journey through Canada continues.


🌿 just some #dirtroad #deepinthebush Just thought this pic looked cool, fieldwork all last week for work, was a good week but allergies had me 🤧

When you're hammering out 100 miles over 12,424' of extreme terrain… you pack EFS and EFS Liquid Shot. 🚴🏽🚴🏽🚴🏽💨
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Down a dirt road in the mountains somewhere #colorado #tacoma #dirtroad #4x4 #jamestown #ward

Beautiful flowers on the side of a dirt road! That's the beauty of the adks! 🌿 #findmeintheadirondacks #adklife #adk #adirondacks #takeahike #girlsgetoutside #dirtroad

Had to climb a tree to get this shot...do it for the gram! 😂🤣 #sike #daddyoverland #homeiswhereyouparkit #rooftoptent

New video on my YouTube channel, check it out! Link is in my profile. Be sure to subscribe for more content. #myhippielife #lifeisgood #offthegrid #sugarpinelake #outdoors #jeep #dirtroad

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