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Our Stylists are also parents, spouses, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and advocates for play! Follow along later today (Dec 13) with Stylist Crystal Becker @crystalleighbecks as she takes over our Instagram Stories. 📸#playingwithpb

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In a room full of art
i’d still stare at you 🗝

Don’t forget about all the ways you can shop small this holiday season! 🎄 I know it’s tempting to order everything online from your favorite brands, however, when you shop with a local boutique or someone in direct sales, you’re going to make a huge difference in their family’s lives! Even small purchases make a difference! 🎁

✨My #excellence bracelet was custom designed from my Keep Girl @jbohnbish
✨my tennis bracelet is from Stella & Dot
✨I personally specialize in awesome stocking stuffers for all the skin care and make up junkies in your life!
✨my bestie @lularoemichellebailey is my go-to legging girl!

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From now until January 26, 2018 you can have a taste of what’s to come if you hit International Marketing Director level with our NMD Car Bonus incentive!
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Ok since we got 100000 dms.. e mails,screams,we got yelled at....😢about these ☝🏻going sold out so quick... 😒we put 25 more in stock..... we will figure out how to get the fabric! #allforourbabes
If you want them 🙌🏻BYE BOY washed denim print get then like NOW!
link in bio ☝🏻 available with elastic transparent stripes or full print! ♥️
Code: SPECIAL gives you 20% off! They are amazing! Seriously Amazing! 😌swipeeee for more!

"Successful entrepreneurs are givers and not takers of positive energy." —Anonymous
Be the source of inspiration and positive vibes. Infect other souls with your passion and good attitude.

Customers are your business!


Do you have direct sales questions you've always wanted to ask a top leader? Now's your chance! I'm getting ready to start a new series and I want to know what you want to hear.
Leave your questions below!
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Nothing makes me happier than a freshly organized house. Yesterday I tackled my makeup drawer and closet. #declutteryourlife #organization #makeupaddict #lipsenseaddict

Advent day #11. So many things to think about as I dig deeper into this Christmas season! #redbird #cardinalbird #adventseason

Levante la mano quien quiere maquillaje 💄🛍🙋🏻😉😍👏🏼😃💯🙌🏻❤️ www.youniqueproducts.com/ileanaDiaz

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Hey beauties!💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️✨ I’d like First of all to thank you all for following me! I grandly appreciate it 💖 Remember, you are all helping me grow my business as a full time stay at home mama to a beautiful little boy ❤️ ✨✨✨✨✨✨ HERES THE GOOD NEWS!!! I AM GIVING A FREE GIVEAWAY AT 💯 FOLLOWERS! That means we are only a few followers away from the grand prize! Please share the message and follow away!🌸🔥✨

⭐️The most overused word EVER to our generation. I don't proclaim it. I don't adopt it. I don't feel it. I don't address it. But if you're sitting there telling yourself that YOU are TOO BUSY to rock you're business I'm going to have to call bologna on that. Busy IS a blessing in business. If you subscribe to a busy, hectic life then take advantage of all those interactions, exchanges and new people. Have samples at the ready on you always as you never know when the conversation will turn to your advantage to share. Use your busy for the betterment of your business and watch your mindset shift and your connections triple! xx
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Pink velvet sneakers! These are to cute..check them out link in bio

"Successful entrepreneurs are givers and not takers of positive energy." —Anonymous
Be the source of inspiration and positive vibes. Infect other souls with your passion and good attitude.

Roseberry is my jammmmm. Perfect date night color everrrrrr.

TIME-SENSITIVE ANNOUNCEMENT! I’m so excited to announce that the full 12 colours of our LONG WEAR LIPSTICK 💄 💋 are now available for a limited time...while supplies last!
✅All day wear 💋👱🏻‍♀️💋👩🏽
✅ONE STEP application 👌🏼
✅Smudge and drink resistant 🍷
✅Kiss resistant 😘
✅Food friendly 🍎
✅Made with Kaolin to support lip colour (clay base rather than drying alcohol)
🚫No long term drying effect from harsh chemicals! 🙌🏼
🚫Less likely to feather or bleed=Less touch ups
🚫No special expensive remover!!! 👋🏼Say goodbye to peeling or flaking 🚫No liner needed-Highly pigmented-Metallics or Matte
COMMENT 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 or MESSAGE me ASAP for details on how YOU can order some for yourself💋. ACT FAST...We have already sold out of the 12 packs, and a couple of the individual colours!

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Can you believe this??? I know I can’t! One of our most popular pieces at the lowest price I’ve ever seen!! Even better than I imagined! I’m definitely adding the black one to my collection! #addtocart #timetoshop #livesparkly #supportsmallbusinesses #unbelievable #12daysofgifting

On the eighth day of deals my Pure Romance consultant gave to me personalized
pheromones that make me confident and irresistible with Basic Instinct! You’ll want to carry this roll on with you everywhere!! Pheromones are a natural mood elevator and make people like you and you don’t even have to change your personality! Great for those that work with customers, your coworkers, or people who work in the service industry for tips!! Buy one for yourself and some for your favorite hairstylist, nail person, barista,
bartender or other service industry professional - they will thank you! *Price includes tax!
No limit! Comment or PM me to claim yours!
Deal end tomorrow at noon!
Deals must be claimed and paid for in the 24 hours hours
$7 shipping and handling fee will be added to the first deal you buy! All other deals will be included and ship together after the 12 days is over!
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Rise-up from where you fall. Life is a matter of giving ourselves another chance to try.

🎁🎄Free shipping & free gift wrapping this week! Get your orders in & join me on fb live tmrw tonight (Dec 14 @ 9:30 mst) for holiday makeup fun 🎋🎊
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Get your special one the gift of wellness. DM me #mlm #younglivingessentialoils #essentialoils #directsales #momboss #yoga #toxinfreeliving #toxinfree #health #healthyliving #cinchshare Are you ready for essential oils? Follow my link to get signed up today! http://tinyurl.com/yc86bnu5
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to see how.

Being a @ctmhofficial Consultant has enriched my life in so many ways I never dreamed of. I truly love my job for so many reasons. CTMH just came out with a new consultant kit that is AMAZING. I wish I could purchase it! The kit costs just $75 and is full of over $200 in materials- including a $50 shopping spree! And as if that wasn’t enough- during this month of December all new consultants will receive the exclusive “Through The Year” Calendar kit for FREE. This is a $58 value! I would be honored to have YOU take advantage of this fabulous offer and join my team. If you have any questions and/or would like to hear about the very special offer I have for the first person to become a CTMH Consultant and join my team please contact me! #directsales #beyourownboss #opportunity #memorykeepingmatters #cards #stamping #job #crafts #consultant #ctmh #specialoffer

🎵Puoi ritrovarla in un attimo Chi sorride anche nel buio lo sa, non si tratta di dividere un atomo, è più facile,facile la felicità🎵

I am so excited and honored to announce that I have partnered with the badass, powerhouse of positive change, @benita_robledo This kind and compassionate soul is hosting an INCREDIBLE giveaway right now. See this gorgeous necklace pictured? This is one of the many ethical gifts included in her giveaway. Hop over to her Insta and get yourself entered (super simple) before 12/15. .
Want to shop ethical fashion that’s creating community and opportunity for bright young Ugandan women pursuing their dreams and continuing their education? Benita has joined in on earning our Sole Sisters in Uganda badges to help us earn their bonus scholarships to university. This is our final push before the end of the year to earn badges and be able to not only double, but quadruple our sisters scholarships. You can shop using her link in my bio and become part of the Sseko story. Together, we have the ability to bridge the gap between the way things are, and the way they could be. Shift your focus to beautiful gifts with beautiful stories this holiday season. 📸 credit: @ssekodesigns
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LAST DAY!!! GET THEM WHILE THEY LAST!! These are some great prices!!! (Don't forget about the Gotcha Camera Stun gun and the concealed carry purses that are being discontinued. I do have the tan purse that is crossed out in my personal stock, so if you would like that one, let me know!) #damselindefense#pepperspray #stunguns #nonlethal #digitaldefense #damsel #safety#safetytips #realtor #nonlethalweapons#concealedcarry #digitaldefense #onlineparty#directsales#safetytips #nonlethalweapons

When your hubby notices you are whackadoodle, and sends you off for Starbucks.❤️❤️❤️

Just a girl hanging out in the #SassyCon18 hotel lobby. In 169 days, the joint will be overrun with socialites ready to take their business to the next level! Who’s already got their tickets?

The #DirectSelling channel creates many entrepreneurial opportunities. @Britney_Vickery, CEO and Founder of @Initialsinc, shares a “lightbulb” from a teaching experience she had at the @UniversityofGA. @ugafacs #uga #universityofgeorgia #DirectSelling #DirectSales

As I posted that tip, I knew I could make it. I knew I had a way to keep going.

Growing my following. 
Developing fabulous content. 
Creating passive income products.

Suddenly became attainable.

Even in the midst of all the other distractions.

My fulltime job.
Grad school.
Keeping my family functioning.

All the things that often stood in the way of me pursuing my dreams and building the company I knew I was meant to build weren’t things I resented anymore.

It was no longer about deciding what piece of life had to be given up.

Building a side-hustle, while managing everything else can be one of the most challenging things you take on.

But it doesn’t have to be.

I've done it the hard way. And I want to help you not make the same mistakes.
Imagine, not only continuing on at your 9-5 because it pays the bills, but to see it in a whole new light as you build your side hustle.

What would it be like if you built a business designed to function as you live your life, instead of reformulating your life to fit your business?

Wanna know what that tip was that changed it all? Drop an emoji and I'll tell you ✨

Money is awkward to talk about, I get it, so I’ll make this quick: within a year of starting my business with Young Living, I have grown it from first covering my oil order (100-200$ a month) to covering my car payment, oil order, insurance payment (450-650$ per month). While it has not been the same every month and I will fully admit that it dropped a few months (which coincided with me not working or helping my team so 🧐, makes sense) it has without a doubt continued to grow. I have continued to grow. And I am 162901615% sure I am better off, financially and as a person (wellness, mind, soul) since I started my business. When you want to start growing some residual income, bettering yourself, meet amazing people or just making some fun money, please, come talk to me. I will always have a place open for you on my team ❤️ (FYI, I’m sitting at a strong Executive right now, with my 👀 on Silver).

To make it as easy as possible to use our #networkmarketingmanager planner we’ve included a guide section within the planner itself. This page is designed to help you make the best use of your planner possible. Still need to get your 2018 Network Marketing Manager planner? Check the link in our bio to get yours today!

Day 3 on the Monat Blow Out Cream 😍 check it out 💋 silkysofthair.com #monat #monathair

On the 12 day of Gifting, O2 gave to me - one heck of a deal, that’s what!!!! I am IN LOVE with my watch (es.... I have it in black and silver😅😅) and this deal is AMAZING!!!!! Customize it with your favorite stardust and charms, plus you can pick up our holiday face and leather band to make it even more you!!!

Stop spending money you don’t have.
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“The Pros & Cons of Using A Laser Cutting Service” has just gone up on my blog (click link in bio, then Blog). This is a great article if you’re trying to decide whether a laser cutting service is a good fit for your business. As always, if you have questions email me. 😊

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