Today we are featuring @murilobeniciooficial at #directorspotlight whose film #thekiss will screen at @iffnyfestival on Friday May 25, 2018 in New York.
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Chaerin Im is in tonight’s #directorspotlight! Chaerin uses animation to express gender and sexuality issues. Her featured film, “The Genesis” is an Eastern and feminine reinterpretation of the 7 days of creation told through tattoo, a primeval art itself. Will you be attending the #blackbirdfilmfestival this weekend? #youdontwanttomissthis #womenimfilm #animation

Meet our Director of Student Media, Mrs. Heather Leigh Stanley! While Jag Media is predominantly student run, Mrs. Stanley is the magical faculty member behind the curtain. Her professional experience after years of working in media make her the perfect leader for our organization. Her ties with Jag Media run deep; before becoming the first Director of Student Media at South, Stanley was the faculty advisor for 97.1 The Prowl!
#directorspotlight #facultyspotlight #JagMedia

Today’s #directorspotlight is on Neil Ira Needleman, an award winning filmmaker from Brooklyn who has also extended his creative vision to pattern making, sculpture, and installations. His featured film, “Scenes from a Visit” tells the story of a son who visits his aging parents and realizes how the years have caught up to his father. Come check it out at the #blackbirdfilmfestival! #film #youdontwanttomissthis

Today’s #directorspotlight is on a group of students at the Insitute for Documentary Filmmaking at George Washington University! Their documentary, “Life in Strides” is about a young man with autism. He overcomes expectations and takes part in his first competitive horseback riding event. Make sure to come check it out the #blackbirdfilmfestival! #youdontwanttomissthis #documentary #film

Nicholas Thurkettle is in tonight’s #directorspotlight! Nicholas is a writer, actor and filmmaker. His short film, “The Dinner Scene” is about a solitary screenwriter who battles frustration and self-doubt to craft the most dramatically juicy scene she can. Come watch what happens at the #blackbirdfilmfestival! #youdontwanttomissthis #film

Congrats Manuel Mercier✨! You’ve been chosen to be in today’s #directorspotlight! Manuel is a French director🎬 living between Paris & New York. His film, “In The Mirror” features Joëlle, who is rebuilding her life after a sex reassignment surgery, when her son shows up. Come see what happens at the 4th annual #blackbirdfilmfestival!#youdontwannamissthis #internationalfilmmakers #film

Repost from @blackbirdfilmfest @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost Nick Ronan✨ is today’s #directorspotlight, he is an IRNE-nominated actor and award winning writer🎞. His film “the secret nobody knows” is a war romance set in 1952, inspired by a poem by e.e. Cummings. 📝 #youdontwanttomissthis

Nick Ronan✨ is today’s #directorspotlight, he is an IRNE-nominated actor and award winning writer🎞. His film “the secret nobody knows” is a war romance set in 1952, inspired by a poem by e.e. Cummings. 📝 #youdontwanttomissthis

Congrats to Joe Loftus 🎉for being in today’s #directorspotlight! Joe is a director living and working in Dublin, Ireland. Come check out his animated film, “Wooden Child” which is about a man who hits a child with his car.. fund out the twist at this year’s festival!🎬🎥#blackbirdfilmfest #youdontwannamissthis #film #animation

Today’s #directorspotlight is Jennifer Dean✨! Come check out her film🎬, “The 2nd Sex & the 7th Art: Nadia Munla: Making Movies,” which is about the history and advocacy of women making movies in the US. 👩🏻‍⚖️👩🏻‍⚖️👩🏿‍⚖️#blackbirdfilmfestival #womeninfilm #youdontwannamissthis

Krit Komkrichwarakool✨ is today’s #directorspotlight. Originally from Thailand, Krit moved to Vancouver to pursue a career in film. 🎬His film “Freefall,” is a romantic drama about a couples' powerful love and their battle against ALS, is Krit’s featured film in this years festival. #blackbirdfilmfestival #youdontwantomissthis #film

Heather Edwards✨ is today’s #directorspotlight🎉 After 20 years of being on-set, she put her experience to use by directing her first short film!
Heather’s film, Strayed, is set in 1980 where a young girl faces life or death decisions involving a stray cat & her narcissistic “mother”. Come check out this comedy at the #blackbirdfilmfest #womeninfilm #directorspotlight 🎬🐱🍿

Jeanette Sears✨ is today’s #directorspotlight 🎥Jeanette is a New York City based cinematographer, filmmaker and editor. Her film, Happenstance, is about two cyclists finding themselves, in a city of millions, together in a crazy bit of happenstance. Come check it out!! #directorspotlight #blackbirdfilmfest 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🍿🎬

Today’s #directorspotlight is Lizardo Reyes Jr ✨, he was born in LA but received his B.F.A in film from Syracuse University. His film 🎥 “Still life with family” is about a teenager who realizes the alcoholism problem in his family and the damage that is left behind. 🏠🏚 #youdontwantotmissthis 🎬

Congrats to TWO directors! Misha Calvert and Zachary Carver, you’re both in today’s #directorspotlight! Misha is an actor, writer, director & producer. A lot of her inspiration comes from her life experiences in New York and London as a young, single female. Zachary studied film directing at Columbia University and his work has been described as “whimsical and inventive.” Their short web series, "Tinder is the Night," is a “traumedy” about online dating inspired by true events. Watch what happens at the #blackbirdfilmfestival! #youdontwanttomissthis #film #director #webseries #womeninfilm

Orges Bakalli is today’s #directorspotlight ! ✨He’s been recognized by the National Board of Review for Outstanding Filmmaking. His film, My Name is Somebody!
Is about when a forgotten figure emerges, Bruno must make amends with his past, before carrying on with his future. You’re not gonna wanna miss this! 🎞✨🍿 #blackbirdfilmfest #directorspotlight

#TGIF! Today’s #directorspotlight is on Alex Mendez Giner, a director, scriptwriter and professor at Syracuse University who has 2 films featured at this year’s festival! “The Book of Judith” is about a sexually repressed widow who has her life disrupted by a stranger. Alex’s other film, “Writer’s Block” revolves around a writer who receives anonymous packages with morbidly disturbing content. Who else is excited for the #blackbirdfestival? #youdontwanttomissthis #film

Ali Nidzgorski✨ is today’s #directorspotlight! Her film, “Toni the Triangle” Is a fantasy based drama that follows Toni, a triangular🔻 shaped person, as she desperately tries to fit into a society made up entirely of squares🔳. Come check it out at the #blackbirdfilmfestival! #youdontwanttomissthis #womeninfilm #film 🎬🎥

Today’s #directorspotlight is on Roxana Bazgoneh!✨ She is a French filmmaker and art director based in New York. Her featured film, "Time Left"⏳ takes place in 2037 and centers around John, a lonely teacher who acquires a new smartwatch that can calculate his life expectancy. ⚖️How much time does he have?Come find out at the #blackbirdfilmfestival! #youdontwantomissthis #film #womeninfilm

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